Sacred Heart School Library Redevelopment


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A presentation for the school community about what we have achieved over the past year on our library redevelopment journey.

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  • Sacred Heart School Library Redevelopment

    1. 1. Library Redevelopment: Stage 1
    2. 2. The beginning • Consultation with children • Small working group: BOT Chair and two parents • Inspiration for use of space and design • Meetings with Maxine Ramsey from School Library Services • Collection weeding • Consultation with School Community at School Fair
    3. 3. Consultation • Children were asked their opinions about the Library by BOT Chair • Children were invited to take part in a “Dream Library” competition as part of the School Fair • Community invited to share their ideas at the School Fair By Hannah Botting
    4. 4. School Fair: a chance to share ideas & see the Dream Library art competition
    5. 5. Childrens’ opinions I want our library to be bright, and have lots of colour. Visiting our library should take longer. I would like it to take a long time. It would be nice to be able to have a table or something where you could write down things from the books, and also a chair for if you are going to be there a long time. I would like the library to be warm. And cosy. And welcoming. And smell good.
    6. 6. I want to be able to reach all the books, because maybe they are good ones at the top. It would be great to have more books and new ones. What I want most is places to sit and read in the library. Maybe cushions but best would be chairs, but they cost lots of money. I would like a computer in our library, to find out things that the books we have in there can't tell me.
    7. 7. School Fair: a chance to share ideas & see the Dream Library art competition
    8. 8. Inspiration for use
    9. 9. Inspiration for design
    10. 10. Consultation • Read outside • Open afternoon for children and parents to come to the library together • Self checkout • Beanbags (inside /outside) • Comfy couches
    11. 11. Consultation • Cosy places for reading • Times for quiet reading • Geography of myths and legends • Colourful with beanbags • Posters • New display
    12. 12. Consultation • • • • • Check out own books Get cosy Read Study Research
    13. 13. Budget Incoming (received) • • • • $8000 (Fair) $2000 (Bequest) $360 (Donation) $750 (Carpark fundraiser #1) Fundraising in planning • Carpark fundraiser #2 • Chocolate Santas • Funding sources for books Outgoing • Furniture (4 x bean bags, book boxes, computer table, 3 X tables, 9 x chairs, computer cupboard, returns box) • = $5043.75
    14. 14. Stage 1 - what we have achieved • • • • • • • • A cosy, colourful library Chairs AND beanbags Tables to write and read at Computer space & evaluated online resources Lowered shelving Weeded out old books Continuing collection development Library webpage & resources for teaching & learning
    15. 15. New furniture! • • • • • • • Space creation Beanbags Tables and chairs Computer table Browsing boxes Admin cupboard Returns box
    16. 16. Online Resources! • Webpage developed • Library blog • Recommend a book • Online resources
    17. 17. Stage 2 – things to achieve • • • • • • New shelving New books Computers in the library Self issuing Student librarians Cultural / spiritual presence What other ideas do you have to help us create a great school library?