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Study Smart Feedback

These slides present feedback to 2nd year cohort of medical students from University of Otago about a pilot online course called StudySmart.

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Study Smart Feedback

  1. 1. 54% ELM2 attempted StudySmart -voluntarily “Showing us how to use the databases is a VERY good idea I believe as this is an important skill, especially for the lifelong learning in medicine and being able to access respected journals readily.”Source: Sydney University
  2. 2. So, who did the course? 54% made an attempt (n=154, Moodle) 39% completed the course (n=111, Moodle) 76% of completed the StudySmart survey (n=217, Survey)Source: University of Nottingham
  3. 3. Did you learn HOW to learn? Summary of learning – StudySmart (%) 0 20 40 60 80 100 learned 1 something (a 2 lot or at least 3 one thing) learned 4 nothing new 5 6Source: University of Nottingham
  4. 4. Some thoughts about StudySmart “It was easy to follow, didnt take too long to do, exposed me to different search strategies that I wasnt aware of through the library website.” Source: University of Nottingham
  5. 5. Some thoughts about StudySmart “Finding out about HOW to find relevant and recent information easily through the various databases etc.”Source: Tulane Public Relations
  6. 6. Some thoughts about StudySmart “I have never had to cite anything in a research sense, and was not fully aware of copyright laws. This was really helpful to show me why and when I need to cite and then how also to do this.” Source: Svennevenn
  7. 7. Some thoughts about StudySmart “I didnt know how to use databases to find articles, but now I know how to use them which is super helpful.” Source: University of Otago
  8. 8. Some thoughts about StudySmart “Was good to know that I can access some of the course text books online. Also really useful to find out how to book study rooms because I was unaware of how to do that.” Source: Tulane Public RelationsSource: University of Nottingham
  9. 9. What’s next for StudySmart? I’m going have a chat with some of you, and make some tweaks to the course based on class evaluations and your feedback. Thanks for taking part!