SAP ISU: Out-sorting Billing Validation


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Billing Validation in Out-sorting of Billing documents for SAP ISU.
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SAP ISU: Out-sorting Billing Validation

  1. 1. Out-sorting: Billing Validation This post is on Billing Validations. It is used when we define the Out-sorting Check Group. Some of them are given as standard by SAP such as AMOUNT1, DEMAND81, MROCHK, ESTIMATE etc. Now I am not explaining what each one does or how Out-sorting works. Not in the scope of this blog actually. :P I am explaining a scenario where we can define a custom Billing Validation. The requirement is that if the meter reading is ‘estimated’ it should check if the amount calculated is inside the minimum and maximum amount receivable, a failure of this check would out-sort the Billing Document. If it’s an actual meter reading then this check is changed a bit i.e. minimum and maximum threshold is increased by a factor and then if the check fails the Billing Document is out-sorted. A simple enhancement of the standard Billing Validations: AMOUNT1 and ESTIMATE is all that is needed. Create a function module with the following nomenclature: ISU_VAL_XXXXXXX. Replace XXXXXXX with the name of the validation. I have given the name of the validation as ‘ZTIMEPASS’, so the name of the function module would be ‘ISU_VAL_ZTIMEPASS’. Once the code has been defined (copied from Standard FMs ☺ ) its ready to be used as shown below. ©
  2. 2. So any amount above $600 and below $10 should trigger out-sorting provided they are Estimated Meter Reads. First case: Estimated Meter read of 320 units multiplied with a price of $2 per unit. The amount comes to $640. Out-sort is triggered. Bingo. ©
  3. 3. Second Case: Actual Meter Read of 320 units multiplied with $2 per unit to get amount $640. Out-sort is not triggered. Third Case: The Estimated reading is now reduced to 300 units with the same tariff, so the amount comes to $600. ©
  4. 4. Out-sort is not triggered. Code snippet showing the check for Estimated Meter Reads is shown below. A lot can be achieved from these kinds of check during the execution of the ISU Billing engine, probably something to explore for future. ☺ Thanks for reading… ©