Meter Reading Upload Interval :Used for uploading readings through IDocs


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Meter Reading Upload Interval :Used for uploading readings through IDocs

  1. 1. Meter Reading Upload Interval This post is on ‘Upload Interval’ field which we see in customizing.Path is SAP Utilities -> Device Management -> Meter Reading -> Basic Settings ->Define Control parameters for Meter Reading Data Processing.The F1 help for the field gives us this.I have done this only for Periodic Meter Reading ‘01’ and as shown below themaintained value for this field is 0.Below the schedule record is been created which has a schedule meter reading date as31st Jan 2012 and Schedule Billing date as 4th Feb 2012. So we have a duration of 4days in between.When using single entry EL28 I can enter my reading on any date (though the defaultdate given is 31st Jan 2012),I can change the date to 4th Feb 2012 or to 5th Feb 2012and the meter reading gets saved successfully.
  2. 2. But when IDoc is used to upload meter readings this gives an error as shown below.The meter reading and the actual meter reading date is 5th Feb 2012.When the meter reading date is chnaged to 31st Jan 2012 IDoc is successfullyprocessed.
  3. 3. Now what’s the impact? The impact is that the billing period is contained by the meterreading upload date. So if the reading is uploaded with date as 31st Jan 2012 so thebilling period also ends at 31st Jan 2012 even though my actual meter reading date is5th Feb,2012.Now maintaining 5 days as Upload Interval as shown below.IDoc has the below data and is uploaded.
  4. 4. As we can see that the system checks the from and to date limits by subtracting themeter reading date by the upload interval value (which is 5).5th Feb 2012 plus 5 days gives 10th Feb 2012 and minus 5 Days gives 31st Jan 2012.As the date of schedule meter reading 31st Jan 2012 falls in this range so IDoc issuccessfully processed. Even the billing period is shown properly.
  5. 5. If now the meter reading date is changed to 10th Feb 2012 as shown below.The date range now comes to 5th Feb 2012 to 15th Feb 2012.But this date range doesn’t have the schedule meter reading date of 31st Jan 2012 soIDoc fails.Chaning the meter reading date to 2nd feb 2012 we can check that the daterange isfrom 28th Jan 2012 to 7th Feb 2012.
  6. 6. The schedule meter reading date of 31st Jan 2012 falls in this range so IDoc getsuploaded successfully.So in summaryWhen uploading meter readings using IDocs this customizing entry needs to bemaintained. The proper value to be maintained here depends on the businessrequirements as the billing period duration matters.The schedule meter reading date is important as this is always checked.So when using IDoc ‘ISU_MR_UPLOAD02’ you get this error ‘No schedule recordfound’ look no further but at the schedule meter reading date and the upload interval.Do the plus minus thing and you would know that the meter reading upload dateshould be such that the range(after the plus minus thing) has the schedule meterreading date in its midst. ☺Want more details
  7. 7. The customizing entry is maintained in table te410. Field is intervuplper.The subroutine is mrorder_exists.The code isif xy_mrresults-mrreason eq co_gr_turnus.if xy_mrresults-targetmrdate is initial orxy_mrresults-targetmrdate eq space.* consider interval (TE410S)perform determine_tolerance using x_equnrxy_mrresultschanging xy_masterdatanumbdays.l_adatsollbis = xy_mrresults-mrdateforbilling + numbdays.l_adatsollvon = xy_mrresults-mrdateforbilling - numbdays.else.* if target mrdate is provided it is used to select mrodersl_adatsollbis = l_adatsollvon = xy_mrresults-targetmrdate.endif.endif.Debugging FM ISU_AMI_MTRREADDOC_UPLOAD during Idoc upload can lead youhere. ☺