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Extrapolation with Periodic Consumption


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Extrapolation with Periodic Consumption

Published in: Technology
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Extrapolation with Periodic Consumption

  1. 1. Extrapolation with Periodic Consumption Recently a query was raised in SDN. pasted it below for followup. Query in SDNThis was an interesting learning as I didnt have any idea that we had such an option available. :)Below screenshots and subsequent text show how it works. Probably it shall help others (as it helped me)as would the SDN post in getting clarification on how this is done.
  2. 2. The BAdi is ‘ISU_USE_EASTE’. Method is ‘USE_EASTE’. Use transaction SE18 to check this. BAdi ISU_USE_EASTEUse Transaction SE19 to create an implementation for the above BAdi. BAdi ImplementationUse Transaction SE24 to open the implementation class.
  3. 3. SE24 : Class BuilderEnter the following code in the method ‘USE_EASTE’. Code in the MethodActivate everything now. Now let’s check with a master data. The Contract is a new one, so the first meterreading would anyways be a ‘periodic consumption’. Move-In on 01012011First Reading estimate.
  4. 4. First Meter ReadingNow the second reading estimate. Second Meter ReadingSo for the second reading also it estimates based on periodic consumption. Now I havedeactivated the Implementation.
  5. 5. Implementation not ActiveLet’s check again. First reading would anyways be ‘periodic consumption’. First Meter ReadingNow lets the check the second reading.
  6. 6. Second Meter ReadingSo with the Implementation deactivated, the meter reading is extrapolated with the past meter readingresults. So the BAdi works.I think we can try many things in here. Again interesting learning. :)Anyways credit to people involved in the SDN post, no copyright infringement intended from my side. :)Blog: