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DM Estimation in Consumption Registers Based on Past Meter Reading


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Estimation in Consumption Registers Based on Meter Reading

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DM Estimation in Consumption Registers Based on Past Meter Reading

  1. 1. DM : Extrapolation for Consumption RegistersPresented By : Rakesh DasguptaContent at :
  2. 2. Agenda1.Terminologies2.Extrapolation in Consumption Registers3.Screenshots4.Demo5.Questions .
  3. 3. TerminologyWeighting Procedure : Internal System procedures that are applied to existing meterreading results ,period consumption/demand values for determining expectedvalues for extrapolation/proration.Weighing Key : User Defined weighting keys are allocated to predefined weighting procedures. Used in Operands and Register GroupsWeighing Unit : Is ia fixed Value. The periods for the distribution of weighting units are always indicated by the month or day and is year independentEx. Weighting Unit for the month of Jan = 200Weighting Units for the whole Year = 1000Weighting Portion (%)for the month of Jan = (Weighting Porting of Jan/ Weighting Units for whole Year)*100= (200/1000)*100 = 20%Period Length of Portion : defines the interval for billing the associated contracts.Defined in PortionMinimum portion in Percent : This is multiplied by the period length to determinethe period for which the meter reading results should be available for the system toextrapolate based on existing meter reading results.Base Period Category : This is present in the Installation.This helps to control whether to extrapolate the expected values based on theprevious period or the previous year.
  4. 4. Determination whether a Period is Representative For determining whether a Period is representative : Minimum portion in percent * Length of meter reading period = Minimum length of base period Or Weighing Portion of Period = Minimum PortionLets say the Minimum Portion is 30%The Period length for Meter Reading is 365 days.So the Minimum length of base period = 30% of 365 = 109.5 daysSo if the period between the two MR is less than 109.5 days then the Period isnot representative. If the weighing portion for the period between the two MRis less than the Minimum Portion then also the period is not representative.When the period is not representative ,extrapolation is based on the periodicconsumption rather than on Meter Reading results.
  5. 5. Extrapolation for Consumption RegistersHere I shall only be discussing the scenario of “Forecast from pervious periodswith minimum portion” Blog :
  6. 6. Period Consumption : 100 units for 10 days
  7. 7. Weighting Units for Used Defined Weighting Procedure
  8. 8. Register Group : Weighting Key defined
  9. 9. Operand Used with Weighting Key
  10. 10. Minimum Portion in % : Defined in Rate
  11. 11. Base Period Category : Installation
  12. 12. First Meter Reading Entered : 160 units on 31012011
  13. 13. Meter Reading Estimated 408 units on 30042011
  14. 14. Meter Reading Estimated 336 units for 31032011
  15. 15. Meter Reading Estimated for 30042011
  16. 16. Meter Reading Estimated for 30062011 = 514 units
  17. 17. Change of Periodic Consumption
  18. 18. Estimated MR for 30062011 changes
  19. 19. Demo
  20. 20. Questions