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DM Estimation on Meter Reading Control


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Estimation on Meter Reading Control

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DM Estimation on Meter Reading Control

  1. 1. ISU DM : Meter Reading ControlPresented By : Rakesh DasguptaContent at :
  2. 2. Agenda1.Important Points2.Screenshots3.Demo
  3. 3. Important Points IDuring Meter Reading Order Creation, one can control thesequence of Meter Readings of different categories.The different Scheduled Meter Reading Categories are and notlimited to01 Meter Reading by Utility02 Meter Reading by Customer03 Automatic Estimation04 Meter Reading InterpolatedThe scheduled Meter Reading Category can be controlled in 2places The Meter Reading Unit Using Transaction EL06 for mass generation of Meter ReadingOrders.
  4. 4. Important Points IIThe help site for this is here.The customizing link is SAP Utilities -> Device Management ->Meter Reading -> Basic Settings -> Define Meter Reading Control An Installation is only permitted for Meter Reading by Customeror Estimation if Meter Reading Control has been defined in theInstallation.Its not possible to change the scheduled Meter Reading Categoryin Transaction EL01 as there is no option to change it there. :PAlso during individual order creation, Meter Reading by Customer(02) or Automatic Estimation (03) is not possible because an orderfor reading by the utility is created automatically(01).
  5. 5. Customizing for Meter reading by Customer
  6. 6. MR control field in Installation
  7. 7. Mass Order Creation on 31012011
  8. 8. Meter reading by Customer for 31012011
  9. 9. Move Out & Move In in Second Installation on 28022011
  10. 10. Mass Order Creation on 28022011
  11. 11. Meter reading by Customer on 2802011
  12. 12. Meter Reading Results
  13. 13. Mass Order Creation on 31032011
  14. 14. Meter Reading by Customer on 31032011
  15. 15. Meter Reading Results
  16. 16. Meter Reading done by Customer on 30042011
  17. 17. Meter Reading Results
  18. 18. Mass Order Creation on 31052011
  19. 19. Demo
  20. 20. Questions