Linear Consumption Pattern


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Linear Consumption Pattern

  1. 1. www.sapisurdg.wordpress.comLinear Consumption Pattern This post has been pending for long. The idea is that we already have Degree day weighingprocedure in use. There are situations where for a particular period the user is not consumingat all. But the Utility firm still needs to get some consumption for those periods as well. So incomes “Linear consumption Pattern”. According to SAP definition it specifies the absoluteportion per day of total consumption weighted linearly during extrapolation/proration,regardless of the weighting procedure.So in layman terms it adds linear consumption to the already existing weighing procedureused. We can define this in the rate data during full installation as shown.There are 3 fields which need mention here.Consumption fixed value to be weighed linearly: This holds a fixed consumption which is tobe allocated for the period.Validity Period: This is the period for which the Consumption shall be valid for calculation.We mention the period in the customizing (path shown below). So here we mention the 4 charcode which we give in the customizing. The period mentioned for this example is for 1st Jan to31st Dec.Consumption as percentage: Here instead of a fixed value we can define a percentage whichspecifies the percentage of total consumption per year to be weighted linearly, independent ofthe weighting procedure, for extrapolation/proration.If this field is mentioned then we need not give the fixed consumption and the period and viceversa.
  2. 2. www.sapisurdg.wordpress.comIn the below example the impact of fixed consumption and validity period is only shown, not theimpact of Consumption as percentage.
  3. 3. www.sapisurdg.wordpress.comFirst the periodic consumption maintained is as shown below.The consumption for an installation without Linear Consumption Pattern is shown below.Let’s analyze how this reading came.First check is done on the base period of measurement. Base period as maintained in theInstallation is ‘Same Period previous Year’.So the period defined is 20110101 to 20120101 and the weight of degree days is 6204Now checking the relevance 6204/365 *30 = 509.91780821917808 = 509(truncated)This is more than the minimum portion maintained at the rate leave so the system takes thisperiod for estimation.Forecast Period is 20120101 to 20120131 and the weight of the period is 1053. As this is thefirst reading so of course periodic consumption is used to estimate the meter reading. PeriodicConsumption as mentioned above is 3700 units for 365 days.Now weight of the 365 days for periodic consumption per day calculation isPeriod is 20120101 to 20121230 with weight 9647. This comes to 3700 / 9647 =0.38353892401783Now we multiply this with the weight of the forecast period and then divide it by gas factor(volume correction factor and calorific value).0.38353892401783 * 1053 = 403.86648699077499
  4. 4. www.sapisurdg.wordpress.comGas Factor is 1.0998 * 1.017 = 1.11849660000000So 403.86648699077499 / 1.11849660000000 = 361.07976277332894 truncated to 361.Same scenario as above but now for this Installation we have Linear Consumption Patterngiven in the Installation structure. (Check Image below)This is the value maintained in the installation structure : 365 units for the period specified.Base Period is calculated in the same manner and is representative. Forecast period is thesame and so is its weight i.e. 1053. Periodic Consumption is also the same and so is the weightof the period for that year i.e. 9647. We have maintained 365 units for 365 days for LinearEstimation Pattern.SAP multiplies this to get 365 * 365 = 133225This is subtracted from the reading expected (periodic consumption)3700 – 133225 = -129525As this is negative so the system divides the periodic consumption with the weight (here its 365units). 3700 / 365 = 10.13698630136986 else it would have divided it by weight of the period(9647 in this case)Now the billing period is for 31 days so 31 * 10.13698630136986 = 314.24657534246566The gas factor is same as above 1.0998 * 1.017 = 1.1184966Register consumption is 314.24657534246566 / 1.1184966 = 280.9 units truncated to 281.Hope this was easy to understand. ☺