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The Only SDR <> Marketing Alignment Playbook You'll EVER Need


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“Our inbound leads are ALWAYS unqualified, already in the pipe, or a current logo.” - Sales Manager.

“Why can’t sales just, like, close 10% of the leads from my webinar last week?” - Marketing Manager

Sound familiar? Yeah… you’re not alone.

Becc Holland, as the Head of Sales Dev at, felt the pain of sales & marketing misalignment too. So she set off on a year-long journey to fix it, and she did!

Learn the exact 7-step process that she implemented at to drive marketing results that her salespeople actually care about.

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The Only SDR <> Marketing Alignment Playbook You'll EVER Need

  1. 1. Sales & Marketing The ONLY Webinar on the Planet that ACTUALLY Closes the Gap Between Sales & Marketing Becc Holland Head of Business Development Scott Barker Evangelist Sales Hacker
  2. 2. Align Sales and Marketing in 7 Steps Not Accepting “Personal Emails” at Gate Redefine ICP Put in a Declined Lead Process How to Message Leads to Drive Conversion Re-Gear Marketing Spend Using a Data Redefine MQL How to KPI Marketing 1 3 2 4 5 7 6
  3. 3. ...Don’t Send Enough Leads ...Don’t Send Quality Leads ...It Just “Isn’t Working” What Does Sales Say Marketing
  4. 4. ...Don’t Follow Up With Leads ...Don’t Read Content We Have ...Don’t Use Appropriate Content ...Unaccountable & Unhelpful … Overpaid Glory Hogs What Does Marketing Say About Sales
  5. 5. Redefine ICP to Include Title
  6. 6. Define ICP as a Good Company Define ICP as Someone Who Has Downloaded Relevant Content “Lead Scoring” Define ICP as Someone Who has Downloaded a LOT of Content “Lead Scoring” What We Currently Do (That We Shouldn’t) The Result: An intern over at Oracle who is downloading a lot of content is “High Value”
  7. 7. What We Should Do Instead ICC (Ideal Customer Company) ICT (Ideal Customer Title) Based on Firmographic Criteria That Matter to Your Sellers (Ex. Company Size, Company Industry, Company Tech Stack) Based on Role & Title Criteria of Who You Best Sell Into (Ex. Not Individual Contributors, Managers, Directors, Head of/ CXO)
  8. 8. Redefine MQL To Exclude Lead Scoring & Companies You’ve Sold Into
  9. 9. Someone Who Downloads Content, Attends Webinars, Attends Events “Lead Scoring” Best Case Scenario hits ICC (Ideal Customer Company) Downloads a LOT of Content and/or Downloads Relevant Content “Lead Scoring” What We Currently Do (That We Shouldn’t)
  10. 10. Redefine MQL to someone we want to sell to Had the correct title (ICT) Hit Minimum bar you want to sell into (ICC) ARE NOT a current customer or already in cycle
  11. 11. Put in a Declined Lead Process
  12. 12. © 2017 inspirasignTemplateAll rights reserved 12 Sales Dev sends over a meeting “SQL” SALES DECLINE PROCESS Sales Confirms or Denies the lead is“Qualified” SAL / SQO or SDL / DOA Marketing sends “MQL” MARKETING DECLINE PROCESS Sales Dev Confirms or Denies the Lead is “Qualified” MAL or DAL Create a Decline Process
  13. 13. Not Accepting “Personal Emails” at Gate
  14. 14. Allow People to Download With Personal Email Addresses Don’t call. Just nurture, nurture, nurture. Consider Personal Email Address Leads “Junk Leads” What We Currently Do (That We Shouldn’t) The Result: Marc Benioff tries to download your content, puts in his personal address. Marketing defines him as a “junk lead” and nobody calls on him because he is “Unqualified”
  15. 15. What We Should Do Instead Require Work Email “Back-Enrich” Data Pop up message “Oops, we need a company address to download our content” Find a service that will thread names and databases together to source the company the personal email address is associated with OR
  16. 16. How to KPI Marketing
  17. 17. Measure Marketing Departments on MQLs Most Progressive Cases: Closed - Won Revenue Measure Marketing on Hypothetical Pipe What We Currently Do (That We Shouldn’t)
  18. 18. What We Should Do Instead KPIs Geared Towards Brand Awareness (Ex. 25%) KPIs Geared Towards MALs (Ex. 75%) Based on total attendees of webinars, event registrants, or people who downloaded content MALs that were confirmed MQLs that downloaded content, attended webinar, events etc. MAL Defined: ICT, ICC, & NOT a current customer or already in cycle
  19. 19. BONUS: KPI SYSTEM FOR MARKETING BASED ON POINTS 10 - 50 Reps 50 - 200 Reps 200+ Reps Head of, VP, CXO 3 4 5 Director, Sr. Director 2 3 4 Manager, Sr. Manager 1 pt 2 3 X Axis: Indicator of the Potential Size of Deal Y Axis: Level Of Role Of Your Prospect
  20. 20. How to Message Leads to Drive Conversion
  21. 21. POSTBOUND PREMISES Bucket #1: MENTION the Premise Bucket #2: DON’T MENTION the Premise 1. Content Downloads 2. Event Attendees 3. Webinar Registrants 4. Executive Churn (UserGems) 5. Firmographic Trigger: Hypergrowth 6. Common VCs 7. Demoed in the Past 8. LinkedIn Engagement 1. Dark Funnel (G2, 6Sense, Bomborad) 2. Firmographic Trigger: Company Funding 3. Firmographic Trigger: IPO 4. Email Opens 5. Website Views
  22. 22. PREMISE PAIRING Postbound Premise Bucket Premise Summary But more importantly
  23. 23. Sequence Steps: 16 Steps Over 21 Business Days No. Sequence Day Type 1 Day 1 LinkedIn Research 2 Day 1 Cold Email 3 Day 1 Cold Call 4 Day 2 Cold Call w/ V-Mail 5 Day 8 Re: Cold Email 6 Day 8 Cold Call 7 Day 9 Cold Call 8 Day 13 Cold Email No. Sequence Day Type 9 Day 13 Cold Call 10 Day 14 Cold Call 11 Day 18 Re: Fall on Sword Lite 12 Day 18 Cold Call 13 Day 19 Cold Call 14 Day 20 Cold Call 15 Day 21 Cold Call w/ V - Mail 16 Day 21 Break - Up Email
  29. 29. Re-Gearing Marketing Spend Using a Data On What’s Working
  30. 30. Base Marketing Spend on Original Campaign Source Spend On Marketing Initiative With No Data Spend on Volume of “MQL”s created or “Pipeline Generated” What We Currently Do (That We Shouldn’t)
  31. 31. Last-Touch Have SDRs log last-touch source for sequence. Post-Bound Data Volume of meetings set, % MAL resulted in a meeting, title, size of account, conversion rate into closed-won, closed-won revenue Back Into Results Back into Associate Cost of Effort, CPL, and Results Data-Based Marketing Use Data to gear investment decisions/Marketing effort What We Should Do Instead Predictable Rev Engine Turn into Input/Output Predictable Rev Engine
  32. 32. Lightning Round
  33. 33. Don’t Do This Create a Slack Channel named “New Postbound Assets” Do This Too-Long Internal Meetings One-Time Session Per Asset Ongoing Meetings
  34. 34. Q&A