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The Secret Recipe to Show Extreme Value to Your New Buyer: The CFO


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What You'll Learn:

- What CFOs really care about in today’s environment
- How to reposition your value-prop to “CFO-proof” your deals
- Tips & tricks to increase your impact with intentional, value-driven meetings
- How to use extreme preparation to “earn the right” to engage with your buyers

Published in: Sales
  • This was one of the better webinars I've attended. Thank you for the thought you put into organizing some extremly helpful information.
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The Secret Recipe to Show Extreme Value to Your New Buyer: The CFO

  1. 1. The Secret Recipe to Show Extreme Value to Your New Buyer: The CFO WEBINAR
  2. 2. Today’s Speakers RANDY DEHAAN RVP of Sales JON-DAVID HAGUE SVP of Sales, Marketing and CS, Cerego SCOTT BARKER Head of Partnerships & Moderator, Sales Hacker
  3. 3. The New Buying Process The Recipe for Extreme Value How We Do It Agenda of the Webinar
  4. 4. The New Buying Process
  5. 5. The New Normal is Here to Stay
  6. 6. CFOs joining 91% more calls than before Deals are under more scrutiny than ever before. Your team has to drive real value, really quickly AMOUNT OF CFOs IN CALLS +91% The Buying Process has Changed FEB MAR APR MAY JUN
  7. 7. PAYMENT TERMS MENTIONED We’re seeing a gradual return to 30-day payment terms, but longer terms popping up at the end of the month. FEB 100.0% 30 DAY TERMS 75.0% 50.0% 25.0% 0.0% MAR APR 76.7% 72.2% 27.8% 68.8% 31.2% 62.1% 37.9% 61.4% 38.6% 56.4% 43.6% 56.2% 43.8% 58.0% 42.0% 60.5% 39.5% 63.1% 36.9% 76.7% 23.3% GREATER THAN 30 DAY 66.2% 33.8% 67.2% 32.8% 61.5% 38.5% MAY Longer Payment Terms
  8. 8. Director and executive-level management joining significantly more sales conversations Over the past five weeks, leaders joining their seller’s calls were up significantly vs. the baseline. Vs. Pre-Covid Baseline: +72% EXECUTIVES MORE LEADERS JOINING CUSTOMER CALLS +88% DIRECTORS EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR JAN 20 JAN 27 FEB 3 FEB 10 FEB 17 FEB 24 MAR 2 MAR 9 MAR 16 MAR 23 MAR 30 APR 6 APR 13 APR 27 MAY 4APR 20 MAY 11 May 18 Sales Leaders Joining More Customer Meetings
  9. 9. The Recipe for Extreme Value
  10. 10. Creative Deal Packaging Extreme Preparation Reposition Your Value Prop Have Intentional Conversation
  11. 11. Extreme Preparation ONE C-Suite Impact Uplevel convo from use case to business case You Must be able to show 5-10x ROI Make Your Software an Essential Service
  12. 12. Reposition your Value Proposition TWO Overall ROI Time to ROI Long Lasting Behavior-Change and Benefits What do they care about?
  13. 13. Intentional Conversations THREE Why are you meeting right now? Meeting Structure Stick to Showing What They Need to See Powerful Empathetic Conversations
  14. 14. How We Do It
  15. 15. How We Prepare Reps provide info within 24 hours of scheduled meeting. Incorporate all data into your CRM, including your recordings and/or notes ONE TWO Coach your champion. Ask for access to power earlier Determine the key phrases that keep coming up THREE
  16. 16. Thoughtful Execution Clearly Defined Role in the Deal, Meeting, and Company Names Clearly Visible ONE TWO THREE Cameras On Brief, Very Brief, Introductions FOUR Testimonials from Customers Like Them Engaging Moments FIVE SIX SEVEN Open Ended Questions
  17. 17. Impactful Coaching Mandate a set of critical questions Create a T Chart. Their Objectives and Your Objectives ONE TWO THREE Intentional, consistent practice Be a painkiller not a vitamin FOUR
  18. 18. Uplevel Your Value Prop With Market Intelligence Show You’ve Earned the Meeting Show Immediate and Extreme Impact Key Takeaways
  19. 19. Email Randy DeHaan at for any questions or to request a demo Email Jon-David Hague at to learn more about Cerego
  20. 20. Thank You