International Awards - Leo Multiple


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International Awards - Leo Multiple

  1. 1. International Affairs Sadeepa Palliyaguru Past Multiple District President
  2. 2. Outline• International Awards• Club Twinning• Youth Exchange• How to develop international affairs
  3. 3. WhyInternational Affairs ?
  4. 4. Lions and Leos Are One Big Global Family205 Countries 45,500 Clubs
  5. 5. International Awards• There are many awards provided by the international• Each club / member is entitled for these awards• Few clubs claim / receive these awards• Our goal – To raise awareness about the awards and get the Sri Lankans to receive the awards
  6. 6. Leo of the Year• Leo of the Year Award honors Leos who have demonstrated superior achievement. A multiple district council of governors nominate one Leo each year for this gold medallion and certificate award.• Applications must be submitted to the Youth Programs Department by April 1.
  7. 7. 100% Leo Club President Award• 100% Leo Club President Award is presented by the Leo club advisor, with approval of the sponsoring Lions club president, to a Leo club president who meets specific requirements during his/her year in office.• Award criteria categories include leadership development, membership extension, administration, and Leo club activities. Certificates are mailed to Leo club advisors in March.
  8. 8. Leo October Membership Growth Award• Leo October Membership Growth Award may be presented to any Leo who recruits three or more new members in October.• To obtain this award, Leo club advisors must submit a nomination form to the Youth Programs Department by November 15.
  9. 9. Leo Award of Honor• Leo Award of Honor recognizes a Leo member who has achieved outstanding accomplishments during the year and who is nominated for the award by their fellow Leos.• The lapel medal can be purchased from Club Supplies.
  10. 10. Leo Completion of Service certificate• Leo Completion of Service certificate recognizes a Leos service to the club and community. The certificate may be used to waive the US$25 international entrance fee or the US$30 charter fee assessed when a former Leo joins a newly formed Lions club. To obtain a certificate, former Leos need to submit a requisition form to the Youth Programs Department.
  11. 11. Leo Club Advisor Outstanding Service Award• Leo Club Advisor Outstanding Service Award recognizes Leo club advisors who have demonstrated outstanding service in guiding and developing their Leo clubs.• A club advisor who meets specific requirements may be awarded this certificate by the sponsoring Lions club president. Certificates are mailed to the presidents of Lions clubs who sponsor a Leo club in February.
  12. 12. Leo Club Advisor Five-Year Service Award• Leo Club Advisor Five-Year Service Award honors Leo club advisors who successfully completed five years of dedicated service. Sponsoring Lions clubs presidents need to complete the application for this pin and certificate. Congratulations to all the current winners!
  13. 13. Leo Spotlight on Children Award• Leo Spotlight on Children Award – Leo clubs that complete a Spotlight on Children project to help children in adverse circumstances can apply for this banner patch award.• Individual Leos who provide a high level of support to a Spotlight on Children project are eligible to receive a Certificate of Recognition.
  14. 14. Leo Lion Serving Together Award• Leo Lion Serving Together Award– A banner patch featuring the Leo club and Lions club logos shall be issued to both the Leo club and its Lions club sponsor for successful completion of joint projects and other types of activities supporting Leo-Lion collaboration. Requirements for the award appear on the application.
  15. 15. International Club Twinning Award• International Club Twinning Award – Leo clubs that participate in the International Club Twinning Program are eligible to apply for a special certificate or banner patch as recognition of their participation.
  16. 16. Young Leaders in Service Award• recognize young people (suggested ages 12- 18) for their community service within a 12- month period• 50 hours of service = Silver Seal Award 100 hours of service = Gold Seal Award
  17. 17. Leo Club Excellence Award• Leo Club Excellence Award– All districts (single or sub) may endorse one Leo club to receive this prestigious award. The district Leo club chairperson must endorse the nomination. Submit applications to the Youth Programs Department by August 15. Winners will receive a banner patch and chevron in Leo colors.
  18. 18. Reading Action Program
  19. 19. Reading Action Program• The Reading Action Program is a call to action for every Lions club around the world to organize service projects and activities that underscore the importance of reading and address specific needs related to illiteracy within their own community.
  20. 20. MD 306 Achieves high
  21. 21. Successful International Project
  22. 22. One Heart One Challenge
  23. 23. International Twinning• Organizing an international Twinning program – Twinning Directory – Facebook• Joint Project Ideas
  24. 24. Youth Exchange Program• Initiated by a Lions Club• Leos / Youth takes part in youth exchange programs• Typically lasts around 2 weeks• Includes home stays / Leadership Programs
  25. 25. Going International• Get yourself visible internationally – Web Site – Twinning Directory• Explore the Available Opportunities – Leo Zone of LCI Web Site• Appoint a Director• Be innovative and start a program
  26. 26. Resources• Google• LCI Web Site• Facebook , Twitter• District President / Line Officers / Director International Relations
  27. 27. Think big.Start small.Begin now.
  28. 28. “Do good for people. Do good work Think good thoughts.And be good to yourself.Good things will happen.”