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Lorne Scots Brochure


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A project that I scanned, composited, layed out, brokered the print, processed and produced for recruitment purposes.

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Lorne Scots Brochure

  1. 1. Training Basic Eligibility The Lorne Scots parade (work) Thursday 17 years of age evenings (1930-2230 hrs) and a minimum (with Parental Consent) of one weekend a month. Once you join the 15 High School Credits unit, you will be expected to parade as Free of any Obligations The Lorne Scots many Thursday evenings and unit weekends to the legal system as possible. However, before you are allowed Canadian Citizen to parade you must complete your basic (Peel, Dufferin and Halton Regiment) training courses. Documents Required to Start Your Application Non-Commissioned Members Birth Certificate To become qualified as a trained private, you must complete three courses of High School Transcript approximately 20 days each. This training Social Insurance Card will be conducted either locally or at a nearby training base such as in Meaford, Primary Location which is located near Owen Sound. CFRC Mississauga 33 City Centre Drive Officers Mississauga ON Three courses totaling 90 days will be (905) 803-2474 conducted at a training base in Canada. or 1-800-856-8488 To be considered as an officer Company Locations applicant you CFA Brampton must have 12 Chapel Street completed Brampton ON L6W 2H1 or be enrolled in a (905) 451-2741 q university degree CFA Georgetown CFA Oakville programme. 91 Todd Road 90 Thomas Street Georgetown ON Oakville ON (905) 877-3311 (905) 844-0604 Part of Canada's One Army 00002 LORNE Brchr 1 5/7/05, 11:22:15 AM
  2. 2. We Are Your Local Army Live The Adventure! Reserve Regiment! The Lorne Scots offers the opportunity The Primary Reserve will also teach you many skills that you can carry over to your for members to receive military training, civilian life, such as self-discipline and the part time employment and educational ability to work under stress. grants for applicable programs while We will teach you to work as a attending college or university. member of a team - a critical Primary Reserve training is a skill in any workplace. worthwhile experience that We provide the provides exciting physical and opportunity for you mental challenges. to grow with us as a person and as a citizen of Canada. 00002 LORNE Brchr 2 5/7/05, 11:22:19 AM