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Face to Faith flyer english

  1. 1. Breaking down barriers and expanding horizons by using new technology to connectyoung people of all cultures and religions around the world.
  2. 2. Face to Faith is a global schools programme,bringing 11-16 year old students together allover the world using digital technology.Students of different religions and cultureslearn directly with, from and about each other.Face to Faith prepares students for globalcitizenship in the 21st century. Through facilitateddialogue, students practice the key skills of conflictnegotiation and resolution so that they are ableto hold meaningful and respectful interfaithdiscussions - even if their views diverge. “The video-conferencing session with a school in Pakistan removed all stereotypes I had in my mind about Muslims. I came to understand that they are simply people just like us living across the border.” Indian student, writing on www.facetofaithonline.orgUsing free video-conferencing facilities and asecure online community students work togetherto investigate specific global issues such as theenvironment, health, art, poverty and wealth;discuss a range of opinions, values and beliefsand explore the reasons for similar and differentworld views.
  3. 3. How do you ensureglobal accessibility?Face to Faith gives students exposure to people,environments and cultures beyond their normal reach.Face to Faith uses flexible and low-tech alternativesto reach out to poorer schools without technicalinfrastructure.Local coordinators, with the support of LeadSchools, are available to help schools every step ofthe way - from registering, to training, to becomingactive members of the Face to Faith community.The Tony Blair Faith Foundation funds resource centresin areas where access to technology is limited.Active in 15countries worldwide Australia, Canada, Egypt, India, Indonesia, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Pakistan, Palestinian Territories, Philippines, Singapore, UAE, UK, US
  4. 4. Where does Faceto Faith fit intothe curriculum?Face to Faith is designed to enhance the existingschool curriculum not replace it.Face to Faith is an educational programme thatcontributes to a range of curricular subjects fromthe humanities, religious and cultural studies tosocial sciences.Face to Faith is accredited by the InternationalGCSE offered in 140 countries by CambridgeAssessment and recognised by the InternationalBaccalaureate Middle Years Programme. “After thirty years of engaging in religious education with the goal of promoting interfaith dialogue among different religious traditions and peoples, I have finally glimpsed a way forward without parallel. This is clearly a brilliant idea whose time has come.” Professor Harry Stout, Yale University
  5. 5. Supporting teachers& schools “The workshop gave me not only the information and skills needed to teach the programme but also the methodology and inspiration to do so in a way that I know will excite and engage my students.” Face to Faith teacher, UK• Bespoke teacher training workshops addressing country-specific challenges.• A comprehensive set of lesson plans and resources designed by an international group of 52 educational experts that can be adapted to suit teachers’ needs.• Co-ordinators and Lead Schools in each of the Face to Faith countries provide teachers with continued training and support to embed Face to Faith in their local contexts.• Experienced staff to help teachers set up video-conferences.• Students and teachers are given access to a secure, moderated online community.• Opportunities to take part in the Tony Blair Faith Foundation’s joint social action projects.
  6. 6. ContactInformationFind out more at:www.tonyblairfaithfoundation.orginfo@tonyblairfaithfoundation.orgUK correspondence address:The Tony Blair Faith FoundationPO Box 60519LondonW2 7JUUnited KingdomCanadian correspondence address:The Tony Blair Faith Foundation236 Avenue Rd, Suite 300Toronto, ON, M5R 2JSCanadaUS correspondence address:The Tony Blair Faith Foundation US409 Prospect StreetRoom S160New Haven, CT 06511USAFace to Faith Programme Manager - Dr Leila Walkerleila.walker@tonyblairfaithfoundation.orgTeacher Trainer - Mr Ian Jamisonian.jamison@tonyblairfaithfoundation.orgTony Blair Faith Foundation. A company limited by guarantee andregistered in England number 06198959. Registered charity number1123243. Registered office: 66 Lincoln’s Inn Fields, London, WC2A 3LH