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Thanksgiving presentation


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To respect and give thanks.

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Thanksgiving presentation

  1. 1. To respect and give thanks THANKSGIVING
  2. 2. What is Thanksgiving? • It’s a holiday about giving thanks for the food you have. • It is a traditional family holiday. • A typical thanksgiving meal: • Turkey • Mashed potatoes and gravy • Stuffing • Cranberry sauce • Green beans • Corn • Pumpkin pie
  3. 3. Canada & USA celebrate Thanksgiving • USA: fourth (4th) Thursday of November • Canada: second (2nd) Monday of October
  4. 4. History of Thanksgiving • The Pilgrims came to America in 1620 AD. • They didn’t know how to get food. • The Native Americans showed them how to get food. • The Pilgrims invited the Native Americans over for a feast.
  5. 5. History of Thanksgiving
  6. 6. Thanksgiving Today