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Past tense pp caleb


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To review Simple Past and Past continuous.

Published in: Education
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Past tense pp caleb

  1. 1. Past Tense: What were they doing?
  2. 2. What were the Simpson´s doing on this bench? To sit Sitting They were sitting on the bench.
  3. 3. What did people do in these homes? To live To sleep To cook To clean
  4. 4. What were people doing in this resort? To lay To swim To sunbath To play ______
  5. 5. What were they doing on the playground? To play ______ To swing To ride ______
  6. 6. What were people doing in the 1940´s? To ride a tram To walk on the streets To buy ________
  7. 7. What were they doing in Springfield?
  8. 8. What were the Simpson´s doing?