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Global warming definitions_clil_ceip_pl_riadevigo_2017


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In this segment of our Global Warming project, we created definitions to define the causes and effects that our students had brainstormed earlier in the year. With dramatic pictures of Global Warming effects, we were able to show the severity of climate change.

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Global warming definitions_clil_ceip_pl_riadevigo_2017

  1. 1. Global Warming Definitions. CEIP PLURILINGÜE RÍA DE VIGO. Ana Isabel Ferreirós Rey. Caleb Morgan. January 2017.
  2. 2. Climate Change: O Cause: Greenhouse gases resulting from human activities… O 3/4 of the CO2 in the air is a direct result of greenhouse gases. O Greenhouse gas: energy production, fuel for vehicles, home heating, industry. O Effects: The unequal distribution of the impact of climate change between the riches and the poorest countries. The latter are more dependent on the land than developed countries and, so therefore, developing countries fall victim to climate change. Developing countries are not able to protect themselves against the impact of climate change.
  3. 3. Deforestation: Clearing or removal of forest that is later converted to non – forest – use.
  4. 4. Sea–level rise: expansion caused by warming the oceans and loss of land – base – ice.
  5. 5. Floods: Climate Change increases the change of some types of weather.
  6. 6. Ocean Pollution: The garbage and chemicals are spread into the Ocean.
  7. 7. The Great Pacific Ocean Patch: Being approximately the size of Eastern Australia or twice the size of Texas.
  8. 8. Pollution: When the natural environment is contaminated by man – made chemical substances.
  9. 9. Natural Disasters: A natural event such as flood, earthquake, or hurricane, that causes damage or loss of life. Natural disasters are caused more often, because of Global Warming.
  10. 10. Growing Deserts due to Global Warming: Human activities like firewood gathering and the gracing of animals are increasing deserts. Global Warming increases droughts, which dries up deserts. High temperatures increase wildfires, creating deserts as well.
  11. 11. Polar ice cap melting: If we continue to pollute like we are now, the ice cap will melt and sea levels will rise.
  12. 12. Extinction of polar animals: How are polar bears being impacted by Global Warming? Population size decreasing. Sea ice platforms moving farther apart and swimming conditions more dangerous. Fewer hunting opportunities and increased scarcity of food.