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Emerging RDM Services - Angus Whyte


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Presentation given by Angus Whyte as part of the Digital Curation Centre's Round Table: "How can other stakeholders support repositories on research data", which was led by Anna Clements, University of St Andrews; Angus Whyte, Digital Curation Centre; Robin Rice, University of Edinburgh; Sarah Jones, Digital Curation Centre. The Round Table took place on Friday 2nd August 2013 at Repository Fringe 2013

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Emerging RDM Services - Angus Whyte

  1. 1. Emerging RDM Services Angus Whyte Digital Curation Centre Repository Fringe 2 August 2013, University of Edinburgh
  2. 2. Emerging RDM Services We find Repository Managers taking active role in shaping ‘soft’ liaison roles as well as technical ones. So what RDM services should the repository deliver and how do these integrate with other university provision? •Figures from 1 Cox & Pinfield (N=81) 2 Corrall et al (N-82) Top 12 Service priorities 1. Rank by Top future Priority 2. Current (Planned) % Policy dev/ advocacy 1 17 (60) Advisory service 2 10 (40) PGR Training 3 = 14 (43) Early career awareness 3= Awareness reusable resources – data archives 5= 41 (20) Data repository 5= 37 (37) Data citation advice 7 41 (20) Copyright, IPR 8 Web portal, guidance 9 Metadata, data catalogue 10 DMP advice 11= 9 (49) External data sources – research & retrieve 11=
  3. 3. Issues Who does the repository need to interact with to address e.g. • Commercial data – licensing complexities? • Who deals with abandoned data in ‘active’ storage? • How to deal with data from retiring staff, unfunded groups? • When staff leave what should go with them? • How do we trust external repositories? • What new workflows and roles for data publication?