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RIOXX and V4OA - Paul Walk


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Paul Walk's presentation on RIOXX and V4OA which was presented on Friday 2nd August 2013 at Repository Fringe 2013.

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RIOXX and V4OA - Paul Walk

  1. 1. Paul    Walk @paulwalk RIOXX and V4OA
  2. 2. • both  RIOXX  and  V4OA  were  developed  by  UKOLN  (working  with  Chygrove  Ltd.)   &  funded  by  the  Joint  Information  Systems  Committee  (JISC) funding
  3. 3. RIOXX • goals: • to  improve  on  the  quality  of  metadata  being  harvested  from  IRs • to  satisfy  reporting  requirements  from  RCUK • principles: • the  minimum  disruption  to  IRs  needed  to  approach  these  goals • pragmatism  over  elegance • an  interim  solution
  4. 4. RIOXX: current status • has  delivered: • a  set  of  guidelines  for  repository  managers: • how  to  describe  open-­‐access  papers • primarily  for  reporting  to  RCUK • a  metadata  application-­‐pro=ile  to  support  this • an  ‘authority  Qile’  of  funders’  names • plugins  for  EPrints  &  DSpace • has  reached  v  1.0  following  an  open  consultation • deQines  some  new  elements: • funder,  projectid,  support  for  ORCID  &  other  identiQier  schemes
  5. 5. V4OA (Vocabularies for Open Access) • closed  consultation  with  major  stakeholders,  intended  to  reach  consensus  on   either  the  selection  or  development  of  vocabularies • concentrating  on  licensing  &  vocabs/terms  to  indicate  ‘open-­‐accessness’,  e.g. • how  to  characterise  APC  payments • how  to  handle  embargoes • how  to  describe  ‘versions’  (pre-­‐prints,  post-­‐prints  etc.) • how  to  assert  types  of  access/permissions • consultation  will  move  to  open  &  public  phase  in  August  2013 • due  to  report  in  September  2013 • will  appear  at
  6. 6. RIOXX: potential for work beyond July 2013 • implement  outcomes  from  the  V4OA  project  (after  August  2013)  -­‐  RCUK  very   interested  in  this. • implement  a  CERIF  expression  of  RIOXX • implement  or  support  a  national  aggregation • however: • funding  for  RIOXX  has  now  come  to  an  end • although  Jisc  and  RCUK  have  expressed  a  desire  to  see  further  development,   nothing  has  been  agreed. • I  have  undertaken  with  Jisc  to  maintain  the  RIOXX  &  V4OA  websites  for  the  next   year.
  7. 7. Thank you! Paul    Walk @paulwalk