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Now we are six: Integrating Edinburgh DataShare into local and internet infrastructure


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#iassist40 presentation, Toronto, 6/6/2014.
Edinburgh DataShare, an institutional data repository, is six years old. It was built as a demonstrator in DSpace by EDINA and Data Library and has been given new life by the University of Edinburgh’s Research Data Management initiative. Following testing by pilot users in various departments last year, DataShare is confirmed as a key RDM service. Since 2008 much external infrastructure has grown around data sharing, and software developers, publishers and librarians are creating new innovations around the sharing and re-use of data daily. How can DataShare be shaped to fit in to this ever-more-sophisticated environment? A number of ongoing developments are helping us integrate the repository in the global context. DataShare is being indexed in Thomson-Reuter’s Data Citation Index. We aspire to attain the Data Seal of Approval for DataShare, a badge that confers trustworthiness through peer review. It is listed in and databib registries of data repositories. We offer via extension, peer review of datasets to our depositors by listing journals that publish ‘data papers’ such as F1000 Research. Locally, as Information Services builds new data services such as the Data Store, [private data] Vault and the [metadata-only] Register, we can focus DataShare on its named purpose.

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Now we are six: Integrating Edinburgh DataShare into local and internet infrastructure

  1. 1. Now we are six: Integrating Edinburgh DataShare into local and internet infrastructure Robin Rice EDINA and Data Library University of Edinburgh #iassist40 Toronto: 6/6/2014
  2. 2. The real Winnie the Pooh and Christopher Robin, 1927, @historicalpics
  3. 3. Overview Context • DISC-UK DataShare project, 2007-09 • Edinburgh DataShare current snapshot Looking inward • UoE RDM programme, 2012-14 (policy implementation) • DataShare and related RDM services Looking outward • Towards integration: Registries & harvesting • Towards trusted repository status, standardisation • Towards citation, peer review of datasets • Towards confederation, replication, specialisation?
  4. 4. DISC-UK DataShare project, 2007-09
  5. 5. DataShare snapshot
  6. 6. Supporting UoE RDM Policy “The University will provide mechanisms and services for storage, backup, registration, deposit and retention of research data assets in support of current and future access, during and after completion of research projects.” “Any data which is retained elsewhere, for example in an international data service or domain repository should be registered with the University.” • “Research data of future historical interest, and all research data that represent records of the University, including data that substantiate research findings, will be offered and assessed for deposit and retention in an appropriate national or international data service or domain repository, or a University repository.”
  7. 7. From Stuart Lewis, 2013: the-four-quadrants-of-research-data-curation-systems/ DataShare & related UoE RDM services
  8. 8. Towards integration: Registries & harvesting • Databib in USA • Re3data in Germany (these to merge by 2015) • Thomson-Reuters Data Citation Index • UK pilot national data registry
  9. 9. Towards trusted repository status, standardisation • Pursuing Data Seal of Approval as part of RDM Roadmap • Joining DataCite via British Library: o metadata-compliant o will offer DOIs shortly • COUNTER-compliant with next platform release via IRUS-UK (DSpace patch)
  10. 10. Towards peer review, quality assurance of datasets • 2013: Approached by F1000Research about enabling workflow for DataShare depositors wishing to submit “data papers” to a post-publication life- sciences journal in 2013 o 2014: Published new list of data journals for our depositors; working on where in workflow to alert them to opportunities to get credit for data as research output • Studying Data Quality Review by Peer, Green, Stephenson to see what we can do to make items in our repository more usable, reproducible
  11. 11. Towards confederation, replication, specialisation(?) • Members of UK-CORR and COAR repository communities • Member of Research Data Alliance Working Group: Long Tail of Data • Use of EUDAT replication service? • LOCKSS for data?? • Shared services for IRs, for example with different institutions specialising in different data???
  12. 12. Thank you (& no silos) Silos by Doc Searles on flickr: CC-BY-NC