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5050 project update


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50/50 is a collaborative experiment, a platform of 50 little bets: digital projects created and run by individuals and teams of makers. Each project aims to engage a network of supporters to help spread the word and generate as much money for famine aid as possible.

A seemingly impossible challenge first hatched by Good for Nothing and Made by Many, 50/50 is open to everyone. Whatever you decide to do, do something. All funds go directly to UNICEF

Published in: Technology
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5050 project update

  1. PROJECTS UPDATETuesday, 20 September 2011
  4. InstaEarth Nathan Dicken from Modea has developed InstaEarth, a way to explore Instagram photography via Google Maps and to connect with Instagram users around the globe. The app allows you to search by username, tag and Google Places, and also gives you the ability to share any page.   Were looking for a way to use this awesome app to bring awareness ? to hunger around the world via Instagram photography in a way that will drive donations. Initial ideas include hosting where people are Instagraming things tagged #5050good, or show where donations are coming from, or where projects are based, or to do something coordinated and live @instaearth @instaearth #Tuesday, 20 September 2011
  5. #PHONE2FOOD Hank, Justin and Emily are a team based in LA, who work at Saatchi and TeamOne - and are alumni of BDW and VCU Brandcenter.   Their idea is to partner with a buyback service and organise a donation mechanism whereby the buyback cash is donated to UNICEF via 5050 rather than being sent to the customer. The numbers on this are massive - we would only need 7,400 phone to make a $1m - and with the iPhone 5 coming out later this year it seems like an awesome opportunity. @HankLeber #Tuesday, 20 September 2011
  6. @DrSamuelJohnson Tom Morton lives in New York and leads strategy for Euro RSCG. His alter ego is @DrSamuelJohnson on Twitter. Tom wants to help. We’re still not sure how but maybe by backing every 50/50 project with tweets in Dr Samuel Johnson’s inimitable style. @DrSamuelJohnsonTuesday, 20 September 2011
  7. Give-a-Gram A Made by Many idea - originally by Paul Sims. We need to find someone to make this. @saulpims @giveagram # #giveagramTuesday, 20 September 2011
  8. Chain Funder A Made by Many idea - originally by Mike Laurie. Mike is now making this. Combines the best/worst aspects of a chain letter with email and online donation. Leverages the social graph to raise pay-o-la @mikelaurie @mikelaurie #Tuesday, 20 September 2011
  9. Africashback An affiliate Amazon store selling the top 50 bestsellers in each category with a brief intro and image and, most importantly, an Amazon affiliate link. Click the item you were going to buy anyway, 5-10% goes to East Africa. Mike Overthrow is a digital marketing specialist at Ecclesiastical Insurance in Cheltenham, Glos by day. Tired dad of two and cover version collecting wannabe DJ/occasional blogger by night @coveritupsounds # #africacashbackTuesday, 20 September 2011
  10. The Fat Planner Alejandro Lozada (aka @lacreid) is head strategist at Cheil Mexico, and formerly a client at Unilever (regional and global brand work for Ponds, Sunsilk and Vaseline) in Mexico, Buenos Aires and New York City. And hes eating exclusively what an African refugee would for 50 days. @lacreid # #DontFeedThePlannerTuesday, 20 September 2011
  11. Facebook Famine Pledge money to stay off Facebook. Facebook Famine is the brainchild of Public House - a group of eleven Hyper Island students whove come together to converse, collaborate, evolve and achieve. # #facebookfamineTuesday, 20 September 2011
  12. TWITTER SWEAR-JAR Imagine getting fined a quid every time you fucking swore. Thatd make so much cunting money! Oh shit... Thats the thing that Albion London are making: a social swear-jar for the digital age. @albionlondon # #fuckfamineTuesday, 20 September 2011
  13. W HI LE BBH New York FO R A R O JECT ET P A SECR H IS IS T @saneel @griffinfarley #Tuesday, 20 September 2011
  14. TOILET TO POCKET Swiss agency Relax In The Air, have created a project that exploits the daily rhythms of nature to drive giving. By donating for famine relief in East Africa every time you go to the toilet, youll remember that youre lucky enough to process food and drink. To participate download our toilet tracker dashboard, count the number of times you go to the loo and how much youll donate per visit. On 16 October donate the total amount to famine aid. We are all consumerists. The more you consume, the more you reject. @mccasal @sdufaux @mccasal @sdufaux # #toilettopocketTuesday, 20 September 2011
  15. 4WORDS 4Words challenges you to create a short video inspired by the 4 words Help For A Change. Upload it to our site and send it out to Twitter and Facebook from there. Users will visit 4words and see information on the project, recent uploaded videos. They can select where on the East Africa region they wish to take over and login using their Facebook credentials. Well then ask them to upload a video that encompasses the 4words Help For A Change. Once uploaded, and with the users permission, well post to Facebook and Twitter links to the users video on the website. #Tuesday, 20 September 2011
  16. SPACE FOR CHANGE Space for Change is a website that will provide life-changing ad-space, where a brand can donate a current piece of video content that allows consumers to view the content and make a difference at the same time. In return, we ask the brand for the promise of a financial donation if we guarantee views of the content. Every view will help to change the lives of those in East Africa.Tuesday, 20 September 2011
  17. I GIVE A BUCK NOW YOU GIVE A F**K Make a donation of a buck and an automatic tweet will be sent to the media asking them to give a fuck. Every re-tweet gets more donations and the more people we get to donate, the louder our disruption will be. The project was created by Peter Hamilton and Heidi Kikoler of Disrupt4Good @Disrupt4Good # @GiveabuckTuesday, 20 September 2011
  18. AFRICA NEEDS YOU A website that targets celebrities who tweet brand endorsements for cash. The platform lets you send prewritten tweets, urging each celebrity to donate to the cause and tweet to their millions of followers. Jack and Paul are two designers turned advertising creatives, who have produced work for brands such as Sony, Converse and Diesel. Enjoythis are a creative production studio, specialising in all things digital. #Tuesday, 20 September 2011
  19. DARE-BOT DareBot uses social media to help people raise money by doing stupid, difficult or disgusting things. DareBot allows people to support stupidity by collecting all the supporter donation promises and totting them up until the darer hits their target and does the deed. We think this really trades on the very asynchronous nature of Twitter, especially when theres someone with lots of followers who want to do something for charity.  We could imagine people like Graham Linehan or even Ashton Kutcher daring to do things and keeping track of all the people whove supported the dare. The messaging is very clear - I will only do THIS THING, if you lot promise to donate X amount. Heres how it could work; • Someone defines a dare for themselves (or its suggested to them by a friend) • They say how much they they want for UNICEF to do this dare • They authenticate with Facebook or Twitter using OAuth • They customise their dare page a little e.g. bio, talk about the dare and perhaps upload some videos and change some colours  • Once the target is met, the person doing the dare films or takes a picture of themselves and uploads it to their dare page • Once they have submitted their email DareBot sends out emails/ FB messages/DMs to all the people that said they would sponsor • Everyone uses the API to donate via UNICEF  @malbonsterTuesday, 20 September 2011
  20. POUND-LAND FOR EAST AFRICA An online shop for the East African famine where everything costs £1. An ironic twist on our own consumerist culture, the contents of the shop are products that famine victims really need - bags of rice/sanitary ware/ medicines/ tents. This gives people a better understanding of how their money is helping and shows £1 really does go a long way.   It allows people to donate as little as £1 or add more products to the cart and donate as much as they want  - the cart being the part that would connect with the donation engine.   We could highlight certain products to show the story behind them using the typical language used in high street pound shops. E.g.: • This weeks special • Managers choice • Best deal • Buy one get one free - 2 for a £1 #Tuesday, 20 September 2011
  21. EAT FOR HUNGER # #eatforhungerTuesday, 20 September 2011
  22. FOURSQUARE TIPS TAKEOVER Arnold Worldwide in Boston have hatched a plan to jump-start a grassroots awareness campaign in Boston using foursquare’s tips system. They are finding as many places as possible in Boston on Foursquare in that sell food. For each location theyll add a tip directing people to a website where theyll explain how its done and provide assets and guidance to help others do the same for their local communities @arnoldworldwide #Tuesday, 20 September 2011
  23. GIVE IT UP FOR EAST AFRICA This project comes from JWT in NYC. Its a project they were already working on. The idea is that you put a request out for a chilli recipe, or to learn juggling, or an essay on the metaphysical property of ping pong and say that you are willing to donate $10 (or whatever) for that service. Someone then sees that request and fulfils it - giving you the chilli recipe or whatever for free but asking that the $10 goes to East Africa famine relief. #Tuesday, 20 September 2011
  24. BUTLER SHINE BSSP in San Francisco held an ideas hack to generate a project for 5050. They want to make a web app that integrates with Google Calendar and iCal, and allows people to send each other a meeting request for a lunch date at a given restaurant. But instead of actually attending lunch, both parties would donate the money to E Africa famine relief. @cotton #Tuesday, 20 September 2011
  26. FALLON LONDON W HI LE FO R A R O JECT ET P A SECR H IS IS TTuesday, 20 September 2011
  27. THE SOCIAL PRACTICE/ THE KALDOR GROUP A child dies of starvation in East Africa every 6 minutes. Donate just 6 minutes of your salary to make a real difference. Use our app to calculate what 6 minutes is worth to you and donate it to an urgent and heart breaking cause. This is a joint project between The Social Practice and the Kaldor Group. The Social Practice is a full service, fully integrated social media agency, while the Kaldor Group is a new venture based on building beautiful apps and HTML based platforms for publishers and advertisers. @social_practice @PatsMc @social_practice @PatsMc # @sixminutesTuesday, 20 September 2011
  28. GOOGLE HANGOUTS Tom Gibby and Syd Lawrence from London contacted 5050 with a project called Hangouts for Charity. Theyve built a website to do this and are now working on the design. It works like this: Spaces for a 10-person Google Hangout with a celeb will be auctioned to the highest bidder: • 1 space to be used by the celeb • 1 space to be used by myself or Syd Lawrence to record and live-stream the hangout • 7 spaces to the highest bidders • 1 space randomly selected for any user that has donated any amount of money - so if the cheapest pledge for one of the top 7 spaces stands at £3000, then even if I can only afford to donate £5 then I still have a chance of winning the space on the hangout. @adverplannerTuesday, 20 September 2011
  29. TODAY I EAT FOR AFRICA Koen and Evert in Belgium contacted 5050 with an initiative to called "Today I Eat for Africa". In Koens words, "We want people to have a look in their own plate, decide what it is worth and donate that money. We all take our daily meals too much for granted without realizing the need of others, that kind of idea..." Theyve got a beta site live,and will be collaborating with Belgiums umbrella aid collection organisation 1212.BeTuesday, 20 September 2011
  30. THE SUPERHUMAN RACE Andy Newman is organising a global event where we all dress as a superhero for day. This may evolve into a "Super Sprint". A 100 metre dash around a landmark of note in your area which could be the worlds first super-hero relay.Tuesday, 20 September 2011
  31. GIVE YOUR LUNCH TO AFRICA Ewan from Grey London had already set this project up, and have now asked us to add it to the 5050 platform. It asks people to donate what they would normally spend on lunch to the appeal.   Money from this page will go direct to the Disaster Emergency Committee, and the amounts are tracked in the same way as other 5050 projects who are giving to UNICEFTuesday, 20 September 2011
  32. 15 Million Elephants FIGHT THE FAMINE A couple of guys at Effective UI have been building a campaign support platform that allows user to get widgets and badges and to insert promos into modals to drive both awareness and donations.Tuesday, 20 September 2011
  33. NYC HACKATHON Farrah Bostic is holding a hackathon in NYC on the 23/24 September at :Cos new Grind offices, and the even is sponsored by AppFirst (and a local brewery!).Tuesday, 20 September 2011
  34. AND BIG THANKS TO... VICTORS & SPOILS CHILLY GONZALES MINT DIGITAL UNICEF THE BEAN CAST UNICEF helped us write the APIs V&S have put us on the front page of Chilly donated the music for the Mint developed the code that helps us Bob at The Bean Cast let us to integrate with their donation their crowdsourcing platform launch video integrate with JustGiving plug the project on podcast #166 back-end, and with advice CHAMELEON CONVIO SHESAYS BECAUSE STUDIO WE ARE SOCIAL helped us to write the helped us to write the API SheSays have helped us by telling their Loz at Because Studio helped us with We Are Social let us blog about 5050 API to integrate with UNICEF in the UK to integrate with UNICEF in the US network about 5050 & blogging the video and the 5050 brand design on their blogTuesday, 20 September 2011