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TGIF - 2012 - Semaine 50


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Retrouvez chaque semaine notre sélection des meilleures campagnes publicitaires ainsi que les temps fort du blog Reflet Communication.

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TGIF - 2012 - Semaine 50

  1. 1. RefletCommunicationStrictlyconfidential:DonotdistributeorreproducewithoutauthorizationThank God It’s Friday«Live it up! Could be our last one!!!!»#14Décembre2012REFLET COMMUNICATION*TGIF :)
  2. 2. TGIF#Christmas
  3. 3. RefletCommunicationStrictlyconfidential:DonotdistributeorreproducewithoutauthorizationREFLET COMMUNICATIONWill he make it!? :) Let’s hope so.#Santa-is-around-the-corner!
  4. 4. TGIF#Print
  5. 5. RefletCommunicationStrictlyconfidential:DonotdistributeorreproducewithoutauthorizationSAVE (Sexual Assault Voices of Edmonton) A similar campaign was launched in 2010, check out the new campaign «Don’t Be That Guy»:Don’t Be That Guy !REFLET COMMUNICATION#SAVE
  6. 6. RefletCommunicationStrictlyconfidential:Donotdistributeorreproducewithoutauthorization«When you smoke, your baby smokes».Made in Vermont, USATarget: Pregnant FemalesGoal: Prevent pregnant females from smoking because it also affects their babies!Don’t be selfish!Smoke BabyREFLET COMMUNICATION#Quit Smoking
  7. 7. TGIF#OutOfHomeWho said OOH is boring?
  8. 8. RefletCommunicationStrictlyconfidential:DonotdistributeorreproducewithoutauthorizationShoes Super artwork to demonstrate the power of Doom!! How many shoes equal the killing power of Doom? Check this out!Wall of ShoesREFLET COMMUNICATION#Doom
  9. 9. TGIF#December_21st_2012
  10. 10. RefletCommunicationStrictlyconfidential:DonotdistributeorreproducewithoutauthorizationAu revoir 2012!REFLET COMMUNICATION#2012D-6...In 1 week, on December 21st 2012, the world will end. How? apparently, it’s a surprise! Makesure to keep an eye on the countdown!While waiting for our next (last?) TGIF «End Of The World» of next week, It’s time to have a look back at 2012.Are you ready? get your finger on your mouse and start clicking! :) GREAT SCOTT!
  11. 11. RefletCommunicationStrictlyconfidential:DonotdistributeorreproducewithoutauthorizationCiao 2012!REFLET COMMUNICATION#zeitgeist 2012 Search Trends2012 according to GoogleIt’s time! What did the world search for in 2012? Whitney Houston, One Direction, Psy, l’iPad 3, Anonymous... Check this out!
  12. 12. RefletCommunicationStrictlyconfidential:DonotdistributeorreproducewithoutauthorizationGoodbye 2012!REFLET COMMUNICATION#20122012 according to TwitterEnjoy!
  13. 13. RefletCommunicationStrictlyconfidential:DonotdistributeorreproducewithoutauthorizationAuf Wiedersehen 2012!REFLET COMMUNICATION#2012 Your 20 biggest moments of 2012 on Facebook!Facebook lets you see the 20 biggest moments in your life this year and reveals the top trends of 2012«Revisit the 20 biggest moments on your Facebook Timeline A look at your 20 biggest moments from the year including life events, highlighted posts and your popularstories.» ............. and share it with your friends :)
  14. 14. RefletCommunicationStrictlyconfidential:DonotdistributeorreproducewithoutauthorizationZàijiàn 2012!REFLET COMMUNICATION#20122012 according to Youtube!Let’s end this with Youtube and their «The Top 20» Ads You Actually Chose To Watch On YouTube This Year. Check out the «top 3» as of Today! :)Nike - My Time is Now (20,937,432 hits)Pepsi - Uncle Drew (18,060,098 hits)Volkswagen - The Bark Side (17,758,290 hits)
  15. 15. TGIF#Artist-of-the-week!
  16. 16. RefletCommunicationStrictlyconfidential:DonotdistributeorreproducewithoutauthorizationLEGEN..... wait for it... DARY#Must see all of it! we really love this kid!REFLET COMMUNICATIONHwang Min Woo style!It is our «Coup d’<3» of this week!! Fantastic ;-)
  17. 17. Have a happy weekend..Thank youReflet CommunicationAgence Digitale«For every minute you are angry, you lose 60 seconds of happiness.» :)Turn that frown upside down!!
  18. 18. Reflet Digital NetworkNEW-YORK - LONDON - MOSCOWMUMBAI - SINGAPORE - HONG KONG - BEIJINGBELFORT49 faubourg de France90000 BELFORTTel : +33 (0)3 84 22 60 39NANCY38 rue St Jean54000 NANCYTel : +33 (0)3 83 30 91 40STRASBOURG2, rue Edison67450 mundolsheimTel : +33 (0)3 83 85 00 14Farewell... until the next time!