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Responsible parenthood


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Responsible parenthood

  2. 2. EXPLOREActivity - Is this a responsible family?
  3. 3. The family of Vincent and Susie Vincent and Susie have been married for10 years; they were 18 and 16 when they gotmarried. Susie has been pregnant eight timesand actually has six children of eight, seven,five, three, two and the last of two months.Vincent works very hard. He is a carpenter butalso has to do other work to survive. Susie isalways tired and complains that Vincent doesnot work hard enough and that there is neverenough food to eat or time for anything butwork.
  4. 4. Most of the children stopped going toschool in order to work in a neighborsfields. The seven and five-year-oldchildren are still at school but will not beable to stay much longer because there isno money for the fees. The youngestchild was born too early and is verysickly.
  5. 5. At the moment he has baddiarrhea The doctor has told Susiethat she should not have any morechildren because her health is verypoor now. They did not plan thenumber of children in the familybecause they say, it depends ondestiny and customs.
  6. 6. DIRECTION• The leader starts off a discussion by first asking the individual group members how many children they would like to have. • He or she then displays a poster showing a large family under difficult conditions in such a way that all the group members can see it and reads the description on pages 27 and 28.• The group are then asked some of the questions from page 29 (or others the leader may wish to add).• The group discuss the need for responsible parenthood and the potential consequences of irresponsible behaviour.
  7. 7. RESPONSIBLE PARENTHOODDefinition:Responsible Parenthood is the spirituality ofthe family. From the very beginning ofmarriage, the spouses embrace a new heartwhich makes them a gift for each other.
  8. 8. Factors to Consider inResponsible ParenthoodThe ultimate goal of marriage is to raise a family.The implication relies on how parents assumetheir responsibility in caring and supportingtheir children to attain the best possible future.Preparing for parenthood requires a lot ofconsideration such as:
  9. 9. • 1. Parental role - to provide physical, material and continuous guidance to the children in order for them to become responsible members of the family and society• 2. Emotional adjustment - to be emotionally prepared and adjusted to cope up with the challenges of life• 3. Family Relationship - to perform each role and create a harmonious relationship• 4. Knowledge in child rearing - educated parents are better prepared to face the challenges of parenthood
  10. 10. Essential QuestionWhy is Responsible Parenthood Important?