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Delegation (Comprehensive) PowerPoint Presentation 152 slides with Participant Handout


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Delegation (Comprehensive) PowerPoint Presentation
152 slides with Participant Handout

Effective delegation of employees will improve efficiency in the workplace. Delegation is appointing a person to act on one's behalf. The word "delegation" was first used to mean "the act of delegating" in the 1610’s.

PowerPoint Presentation Content Slides Include:

Definition/s of delegation
Learning objectives for this presentation
12 do's and don'ts and 12 points on benefits of delegation to managers and employees
The differences between delegating authority and tasks
The five stages of delegation and 9 points on when to delegate and when not to delegate
5 benefits of successful delegation
and 7 points on the barriers to delegating
Some words about micromanagement and 5 reasons to delegate
A comparison of mission vs. administrative work
7 points on common objections
and 5 points on misunderstandings
4 tasks that can be delegated and 2 tasks that cannot be delegated
3 tasks for the delegator and 3 categories of duties
3 ways to analyze a situation and 13 questions to ask yourself before delegating
14 points on effective delegation checklists
and 5 points on checkpoints
6 steps to effective delegation and 9 points on delegation opportunities
7 points on crisis delegation and 8 points on benefits
6 points on a model for realistic expectations and 5 points on flexibility
10 points on delegating to different ranks and 9 points on benefits and payoffs
6 points on delegation options and 4 points on selection considerations
7 points on 5 communication ingredients and 8 points on completion checklists
16 action steps and much more.

Also included are: 8 diagrams/charts, & 19 high resolution photographs.

Plus 24 Additional New Content Pages:

Etymology / (Page 8)
Delegation Diagram / (Page 10)
Do's & Dont's / (Page 11-14)
Scenarios / (Page 15-20)
Manager/Supervisor Benefits / (Page 23)
Employee Benefits / (Page 24)
Choosing a Delegate / (Page 25)
Delegating Authority vs. Tasks Venn Diagram / (Page 26)
Is Clarity Essential? / (Page 30)
When to Delegate (Page 34)
When Not to Delegate / (Page 35)
Barriers to Delegation / (Page 45)
Micromanagement / (Pages 46-48)
Managing Delegated Tasks / (Pages 75)

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Delegation (Comprehensive) PowerPoint Presentation 152 slides with Participant Handout

  2. 2. 2 Program Objectives ( 1 of 3 ) Delegation Understand the benefits of delegation. Define delegation, and identify its benefits and uses. Explain the basic methods involved in successful delegation. Explore the methods and techniques of delegation. Explain how to overcome resistance to a delegated task.
  3. 3. 3 Program Objectives ( 2 of 3 ) Delegation Recognize the steps toward effective delegation and the skills needed for it. Learn the key steps in the control process. Explain how to utilize recognition, rewards, and sanctions. Use two-way communication to improve the level of understanding.
  4. 4. 4 Program Objectives ( 3 of 3 ) Delegation Form a plan of action to increase your use of delegation and the success of the task you delegate. Practice delegating new tasks. Identify your own strengths and limitations in the process.
  5. 5. A CHALLENGE Please write a one sentence definition of EFFECTIVE DELEGATION.
  6. 6. 6 Definition Delegation Appointing a person to act on one's behalf.
  7. 7. 7 Another Definition Delegation Delegation is the entrusting of authority, power and responsibility to another.
  8. 8. 8 Etymology Delegation The word “delegation” was first used to mean “the act of delegating” in the 1610’s. It was previously used as “delagacie” in the mid-15th century. It is possibly from the French word, “délégation” or directly from the Latin word, “delegationem.” Online Etymology Dictionary
  9. 9. 10 Delegation Diagram Delegation Review Get involved Decide and agree on a goal Understand concerns, feelings, and suggestions Clarify objectives Understand and assess the task Model adapted from Leadership Champions
  10. 10. Do’s Don’t ‘s 11 Do’s and Don’t’s (1 of 4) Delegation Give reasonable deadlines. Give unreasonable deadlines. Expect an employee to do a task out of their area of expertise. Provide training on how to perform the task. Provide assistance and feedback. Micromanage.
  11. 11. Do’s Don’t ‘s 14 Do’s and Don’t’s (4 of 4) Delegation Provide written instructions. Expect the delegate to remember instructions that are not in writing. Ask for volunteers. Assign the job to someone who is unwilling. Give full credit to the delegate. Take credit for delegated work.
  12. 12. 15 Scenarios (1 of 6) Delegation Scenario #1: You have delegated a task, and you do not think that the person is doing a good job. What do you do?
  13. 13. 19 Scenarios (5 of 6) Delegation Scenario #3 You have delegated authority, and the delegate has been over-stepping. What do you do?
  14. 14. 21 Successful Delegation Delegation Makes work easier. Improves efficiency. Increases employee effectiveness. Develops employees. Ensures that the right people do the right jobs.