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GrBio Workshop talk


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Published in: Science
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GrBio Workshop talk

  1. 1. GrBio ideas @rdmpage
  2. 2. Problem 1: Linking specimens to evidence DNA barcodes DNA sequences Literature citations, “material examined” GBIF occurrences
  3. 3. Problem 1
  4. 4. Problem 1: Linking specimens to evidence • GrBio has rules for generating new specimen codes • Need retrospective rules for recognising specimen codes in literature/databases
  5. 5. Problem 2: GrBio and GBIF, why? Physical institutions Physical collections Physical institutions Digital collections HTTP Installations
  6. 6. Problem 3: Putting the bite into Bouchout Wikipedia (multiple languages) Machine-readable wikipedia Publisher, library, digital archive How open is the data?
  7. 7. Suggestions • Map to other identifiers (GBIF, Wikipedia, BHL, VIAF, Facebook, Twitter) • Live updates of digitisation (GBIF, BHL, GitHub) • User-editable structured data (e.g., Semantic Mediawiki)