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Evaluation q1 2ndhalf


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Published in: News & Politics, Technology
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Evaluation q1 2ndhalf

  1. 1. People The people modeling for my magazine are suitable because they have the correct look for the magazine for example hairstyle, clothing and make up for thegirls. I told my models to purposefully not smile in the pictures to give off a moody vibe.
  2. 2. Title font and style• The font for the title of my magazine is suitable for the genre of my magazine because it looks gritty as if it was part of a wall. The wall also relates to my contents picture with the wall in the background. I used a different font for the exclamation mark from the rest of the title to make it stand out more as it is the unique part in my title.
  3. 3. Written content• I have written the interview so the artist being interviewed speaks slang so that the young readers of the magazine can relate with him., the interview covers the way in which the artist rose to fame, how he is dealing with his new fame, his aspirations and his upcoming album and single. This compares in many ways such as the layout to the article taken from Q magazine (left)
  4. 4. Music genre and how my magazine suggests it• My magazine suggests its indie genre in many different ways including the models looks and costume because of the blank expressions and leathery dark clothes, the type of font because it is black and yellow and it is chosen carefully to match the genre of the magazine. But most of all it is the actual content that gives way the genre of the magazine as the bands mentioned are all bands that the indie genre would be interested in.
  5. 5. Layout• My magazine follows the conventional methods of existing magazines with a main sell line in the middle of the front page with sell lines either side of it. The contents page also has a basic layout as all the main articles and page numbers are listed down the left hand side with the main picture on the right. This applies to the double page spread as well with a picture covering the whole left side of the page and the article on the right with a small picture in the middle.
  6. 6. Contents page• My contents page follows the basic layout of every contents page because I found from my research that my audience prefer a basic contents page that is very easy to read and understand instead of a fancy over the top one which is overcrowded.