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Question 1 evaluation


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Question 1 evaluation

  1. 1. The title name of my magazine‘Pulse’ I chose this because I feltthat it would be a good andcatchy name as when you listento a song that is up beat you getinvolved into the song and youfeel more alert and there foryour pulse will be at a higherrate.
  2. 2. The Masthead design was that Igot the font of my magazine and I used thisas it looks like pulse is travellingthrough the word. The colour ofmy Mast head is black as myhouse style through the magazineis Red, Black and White.
  3. 3. Mise-en-scene: CostumesThe reason that I have chosen thesecostumes for my images are so that itshows that my artist is in with thelatest of fashions and will be an idolto his fans for them to want to beand dress as well He lookspresentable and eye catching. As heis a young and modern male most ofhis target audience will like to be likehim.
  4. 4. Mise-en-scene: Poses and Facial ExpressionsThe pose that my artist isexpressing is that he is confidentbut also cocky attitude. His facialexpressions are showing that he iscocky as will love the attention thathe once seeked. I feel that this wasthe best possible expression for thefront cover as it shows theindividual in his true light and hisnatural personality.
  5. 5. Mise-en-scene: LightingI have chosen to do the lightingcoming in and shiny in on his face asit will emphasis his expressions butalso his body as he is the main objectto be focusing on. I feel that this wasthe best option to place the lightingas it will show of my artist to his bestpossible ability. This is a Mid-Shot, allof my photos were taken like this asthe main focus is on his face and hisactions with his arms.
  6. 6. Mise-en-Scene: Props and SettingI havent really used any props for myartist as I am showing him naturally,my artist is a modern andfashionable individual. The setting ofwhere my photos where taken werein an all white room.
  7. 7. Title, Font and StyleThe font and style of my text willappeal to my target audience as it iseye catching and no other musicmagazine has font like it, it followsthe conventions of a music magazineas when they want something tostand out or to be noticed they willmake the font unique and differentto the other font on that page so thatit is noticeable.
  8. 8. GenreMy magazine genre is House, mymagazine shows this as it has a list ofthe top House artists up to date suchas David Guetta in my magazine. Ihave also got a list of a number ofother artist’s featuring in the samegenre such as Deadmau5, Madeonand Avicii. This type of genre isloud, up beat and gets everyone updancing.
  9. 9. Written ContentThe questions which I asked the artist was: What is JonCONN? What’s your sound? How did you find your love for this music? You have been compared to as a younger David Guetta What did your first live performance feel like? Reviews say: ’JonCONN’s live performance are like no other, something about them keeps you drawn in’ Please explain your secret Where in your career would you like to be in 1 years time? Who do you aspire to be like in the future? What are your hobbies and interests other than music? Who’s your favourite artist? What’s your favourite lyric? What’s your favourite song? At the beginning of my interview I followed the conventions of standard interview and introduced my artist first and said abit about them before I asked them the questions. The type of language that was used was informal as I was asking the questions on the spot and the artist answered them as he felt necessary. My editors profile is also informal as I have said what I felt and I have used exclamation marks to emphasis my point. Writing in this form means that the reader will feel like they are talking to the artist and will keep them drawn in and interested.
  10. 10. LayoutThe way that my image is arrangedon my front cover is that the writingis placed around it and that thepicture is the first thing that you seeand is the centre of attention andyour eyes will be drawn to it. Themasthead is at the top of the page sothat it is noticeable that is the nameof the magazine. Following aconvention is having the imagelayered over the masthead.
  11. 11. ContentsThe features that are involved withinmy contents that relate to othercontents are that its got a list ofwhere the reader can find what isgoing to be in each issue everymonth. It has picture of my artist asthe only image on the page. There isa detailed list of stories to choosefrom but the main one is first, theone you will see and read first.