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Music magazine Deconstruction


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Music magazine Deconstruction

  2. 2. Magazine Genre• I have decided to create a magazine with the genre of ‘Charts and upcoming musicians’ I feel this genre has a very wide target audience because any gender and any age of person may be interested in this music. Also if an upcoming chart artist is a Reggae singer for example people who normally would buy this type of magazine and reggae lovers will buy the magazine this month.
  3. 3. Shake Pulse Tunes Vibe Insight NAMES Sync Major Beat Melody GO BaseFirstly I had to think of a name for my music magazine so Ibrainstormed some ideas. I chose Sync.
  4. 4. WHY SYNC?• I have chosen the name Sync because I think that the name is original in the world of music but relates well to the reading of exclusive information of singers and stars.• When I think of the word sync the things that come to mind are when I am syncing music to and MP3 or iPod. Also the name is short and easy to remember.
  5. 5. MASTHEADS These are my initial ideas for mastheads on the frontcover of my music magazine. I have chosen these coloursbecause I feel that they look modern and sophisticated as the word sync is a technical term the colours and font needed to be sheik.
  6. 6. • The colours I have used for these mastheads are suited to both male and female which widens the target audience for my magazine.• Another idea for my mastheads are to have an arrow in between the gap or the circle in the C of Sync.
  7. 7. MAIN IMAGE On the left is my image without any cropping to suite the cover. I decided to flip the image and then crop it towards the face because I feel that this sort of image is mostly found on magazines and therefore would I chose this image because make my magazine I feel that it most suites look more professional my genre and my design and like the others on for the magazine as she the market at the would be looking down at moment. her name.
  8. 8. FONTS There are 3 fonts I have chosen to use on my cover so that the magazine doesI have chosen these not look messy and it looksfonts because they are sophisticated.clear and eye-catchingtowards the audience.The purple on the rightis a pull quote from themain article in themagazine and the fontsuites the artist andthe style of her music.
  9. 9. HOUSESTYLE AND MODE OF ADRESS• The house style of my music magazine will be a continuous swatch of colours being rich , dark purple, light natural tones and grey. I feel these colours suite both genders. I have chosen these because the colours are contrasting against each other and stand out.• The mode of address I am going to give is an informal language with a variety of ‘lingo’ depending on the genre of the music/ singer and how they speak. For example I will write using English slang for Ellie Goulding.