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from second graders at Makassed OBK School to second graders at Roseville College

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  1. 1. Dear Grade Two Students at Roseville College, We’d like to share with you someinformation about our beloved country, Lebanon. Grade Two Students at Makassed Omar Bin Al-Khattab School (OBK) Beirut-Lebanon
  2. 2. Lebanon, officially the<<Lebanese Republic>>, is a country in the East Mediterranean, <<>> <<>><<and is the smallest>><<< country in Asia.>>>
  3. 3. Brief History of LebanonThe land of Lebanon was settled thousands of years ago. Thecity of Byblos is one of the oldest continuously inhabited citiesin the world.During 1500 BC the Empire of the Phoenicians emerged fromthe land of Lebanon. They were a seafaring people whoseculture flourished and spread through the Mediterranean. ThePhoenicians stayed in power until around 300 BC. Several moreempires controlled the land of Lebanon over history includingthe Romans, Arabs, and finally the Ottoman Empire.When the Ottoman Empire collapsed after World War I,France took control of Lebanon. In 1943, Lebanon gainedindependence from France .
  4. 4. Lebanon TodayCapital: BeirutDialing code: 961Currency: Lebanese poundPopulation: 4,259,405Official Language: ArabicSize: 10,452 Km2
  5. 5. The Geography of LebanonLebanon is bounded on thenorth and east by Syria, onthe west by theMediterranean, and on thesouth by Palestine.Lebanon consists of twomountain chains, the Lebanonand the anti-Lebanon; anarrow coastal strip, where allthe major cities lie; and afertile plain,the Bekaa Valley,which lies between the twomountain chains and providesmost of the local agriculturalproduce.
  6. 6. The Lebanon Cedar is the national emblem of Lebanon, and is displayed on the Lebanese flag.
  7. 7. Climate• Lebanon has a Mediterranean climate characterized by a long, hot, and dry summer, and cool, rainy winter. Fall is a transitional season with a gradual lowering of temperature and little rain; spring occurs when the winter rains cause the vegetation to revive. The daily range of temperature is not wide.
  8. 8. Touristic Sites in LebanonBeirutWe live in Beirut.Beirut is the capital and largest city of Lebanon . It is located ona peninsula at the midpoint of Lebanons Mediterranean coast.It serves as the countrys largest and main seaport. The city hasbeen inhabited since the 15th century BC.Beirut is Lebanons seat of government. It plays a central role inthe Lebanese economy, with many banks and corporations. Thecity is famous for its press, theatres, universities, schools, andcultural activities. The most famous natural landmark in Beirutis Roucha Rock which consists of two huge rocks. They standlike gigantic sentinels. They are a popular destination for localsand visitors alike.
  9. 9. AnjarAnjar is situatedon the Bekaaplain. It is thesite of the onlyUmayyad city inLebanon. It wasbuilt from 705 to715 and manywell-conservedruins still remain.
  10. 10. BaalbekBaalbek is a town inthe Bekaa Valley ofLebanon situated eastof the Litani River.It is famous for itsscaled temple ruins ofthe Roman period,and it can beconsidered among thewonders of theancient world.
  11. 11. BeiteddineBeiteddine is a smallLebanese town in the ChoufDistrict. The town isfamous for its magnificentBeiteddine Palace whichhosts the BeiteddineFestival every summer.Parts of the palace aretoday open to the publicwhile the rest is theLebanese presidentssummer residence.
  12. 12. Byblos (Jbeil)The city of Byblos hasconstantly beeninhabited since thesixth century BC. Theactual town is made upof the oldtown, surrounded bymedieval walls alongwith the modern townthat progressivelyexpands towards themountains.
  13. 13. Sidon (Saida)Sidon is the capital ofSouth Lebanon. It hasbeen mentioned inwritings since the 14thcentury BC. SinceAntiquity, it has beenone of the mostflourishing ports ofPhoenicia and theMediterranean.Traces ofthis glorious past stillhover in every street ofthe city.
  14. 14. Jeita Grotto The Jeita Grotto is a system of two separate, but interconnected caves. They are situated in the Nahr Al-KalbValley 18 kilometres north of Beirut. The lower cave can only bevisited by boat. It was nominated as the eighth wonder of the world.
  15. 15. The Culture of LebanonThe culture of Lebanon is the crossculture of various civilizations overthousands of years, originally home to thePhoenicians. Then subsequently, it wasconquered and occupied by theAssyrians, the Persians, the Greeks, theRomans, the Arabs, the Crusaders, theOttoman Turks and most recently theFrench. Lebanese culture has evolved byborrowing from all of these groups.
  16. 16. Public Holidays in LebanonLebanon celebrates both Christian and Muslimholidays such as:Christmas ,Easter, Eid al-Fitr (the three-dayfeast at the end of Ramadan ,the month offasting), Eid al-Adha (The Feast of the Sacrificewhich is celebrated during the annual pilgrimageto Mecca in Saudi Arabia), and the Birth of theProphet Muhammad.As foe Lebanons national holidays, they include:Labor Day(May 1), Independence Day(November22), and Martyrs’ Day (May6).
  17. 17. Lebanese Cuisine Food in Daily Life Lebanese cuisine is Mediterranean. Pita bread is a staple. The Lebanese enjoy Hummus (chick pea), fool (a fava bean dip), and other bean dishes. Rice is nearly a staple, and pasta is very popular. The Lebanese national dishes are the Kibbe, , a meat pie made from finely minced lamb and burghul (cracked wheat) and… Tabbouleh, a salad made from parsley, tomatoes, and burghul.
  18. 18. Sports in Lebanon• Football and Basketball are the most popular sports in Lebanon.• Winter sports such as skiing and snowboarding are popular sports up in the mountains .• Running is popular, too . The Beirut International Marathon is held every fall, drawing top runners from Lebanon and abroad.• Other sports such as surfing, body boarding, netball, cycling, beach soccer, skateboarding, and baseball are increasing in popularity.
  19. 19. Welcome to LebanonPlease Do Come and Visit Us…..