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The creation of the book


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The creation of the book

  1. 1. THE CREATION OF THE BOOK Sofía, Daniela, Aitor y Eva
  2. 2. MARY SHELLEY The Mary’s mother died when she was born. Mary Godwin began a romantic relationship with Percy Bysshe Shelley. They lived in French and travelled to Europe. When they came back to England, Mary had got a baby, but the baby died. Later they married.
  3. 3. They spent some time in Switzerland; there she had got the idea of her book “Frankenstein”. They moved to Italy, where died two of her children, just lived one son. Her husband drowned in his ship. Mary returned England, she only stayed with her son and wrote her book . Finally she was very ill and she died at age 53.
  4. 4. Mary Shelley and her husband went some days to they friend Lord Bryon’s house. There they listened horror storys. They did a challenge: they had to write a horror story.
  5. 5. One night Mary had a dream about a monster. She wrote about this creature. She was inspirated by Erasmus Darwin, he said if you put on electricity in a dead body, this body will be alive.