Famous women


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Famous women

  1. 1. LadyGodiva
  2. 2. Lady Godiva lived in 1040 in Coventry, England. She married the duke Leofric, both built Coventry´s monastery.Thanks to Leofric, the town was growing and itbecame an important centre in the region.Lady Godiva had a big human spirit, she wasmore with the people. People started to feelmore respect and affection for her.She saw that people didn´t have a good lifeand she decided to do something for them.
  3. 3. She thought of acompromise, she toldher husband that if shewent out nude riding onher horse around townhe would for the people.When the people knewLady Godiva´sintentions they stayedin their houses withtheir doors andwindows closed in ordernot to see her.Leofric fulfilled his wordand asked them for lessmoney. He saw his wifecould love him, but alsotheir people.
  4. 4. Elizabeth I of England
  5. 5. Queen of Englandand Ireland She spent her(1558-1603), childhood far fromdaughter of Henry the court and sheVIII, king of studied in the bestEngland, and her college of England.second wife, The sixth wife ofAnne Boleyn. She Henry went to thewas the last court. After themember of the death of Henry VIII,Tudor Dinasty to Catherine tookbe in the throne care of her. Herof England. younger brother got the crown alhoughShe was born in his rule was short.Greenwich When this brother(London) the died, Elisabethseventh of supported her sisterSeptember 1953. Mary.
  6. 6. In 1554, Elisabeth was incarceratedbecause of on acusation of beingimplicated in the conspiration of Wyatt.Later, she was liberated and sherecovered her sister Mary´s favour.During her reign piracy lived one of itsbest moments with pirates such asFrancis Drake and John Hawkins.Elizabeth was the central figure in thecourt, where she was worshipped tosuch an extent that she even substitutedthe image of the Virgin Mary, receivingthe name of “The Virgin Queen”. Manypoems were dedicated to the exaltationof her qualities even though it was quiteknown that she had a good number oflovers.
  7. 7. MARY WOLLSTONECRAFTAn English feminist writer. She was born probably in London. In 1780 sheleft their house to earn a living writing with her sisters for two years and later she worked as governess in Ireland. The moderate success of their first novel, Mary’s novel, took her to settle down in London, where she worked as a teacher and a translator. Her most famous work She was member of a group was “Mary and of intellectuals formed by the Wrongs of William Blake, Thomas Paine Women: a Josept Priestly and Henry Vindication of Fusely. Women’s
  8. 8. Jane Austen(1775-1817)Jane Austen: was anEnglish novelist whoseworks include Sense andSensibility, Pride andPrejudice, Mansfield Park,Emma, Northanger Abbey,and Persuasion. Her bitingsocial commentary andmasterful use of both freeindirect speech and ironyeventually made Austenone of the most influentialand honored novelists inEnglish Literature.
  9. 9. GEORGE ELLIOT Penname of Marian Evans, English novelistwhose books, (of a deep sensibility and good portraits of the simple lives) granted her anouststanding position in the literature of the XIX century.Her fame was internationaland her work influenced in great measure thedevelopment of the French Naturalism. She was a favourable feminist critic till she died in 1880.
  10. 10. Susan B.Anthony(February 15,1820 Adams, Massachusetts- March 13 Rochester, New YorK,1906) Susan B.Anthony was a prominent independent and well-educated American civil rights leader who placed a pivotal role in the 19th century women’s rights movement to secure women’s suffrage in the United States. Anthony died in Rochester, New York, in her house on Madison St. on March 13,1906, and is buried at Mount Hope Cementery. One of her works is: ``The History of women’s Suffrage´´
  11. 11. FLORENCE NIGHTINGALE(1820-1910)• Florence Nightingale: nurse, reformer of the sanitary system and philanthropist. She was born in Florence in 1820, she studied nursery and served as a volunteer nurse in the war of Crime. Then she founded the Nightingale school and home for nurses. She died in 1910 and, thanks to her, nursery became a career with a high formation.
  12. 12. Gertrude Bell (14-7-1868/12-7-1926 ) She was a British writer, She was born in Washington, traveller, political analyst, to a family of great affluence.administrator in Arabia, and When she was 16 she gainedan archaeologist who found a first class honours degree in history in only two years. Mesopotamian ruins. In 1900 she travelled to Jerusalem dressed as a male Bedouin to look for the bruzes, and she published her observations in a book. She also became honorary secretary of the British Women’s Anti-Suffrage League. Bell returned to Britain in 1925, and found herself facing family problems and ill health.
  13. 13. She was born on 15th September1890.She didn’t go to school because her mother wanted to teach her athome. She studied piano and singing in Paris. She was a famous writer.She published her first novel in 1920. The main character was a belgian detective, Hercules Poirot. The booksoon became a best-seller and made her famous. She also created the detective Miss Marple. The play “Mousetrap”opened at a theatre in the west end of London in 1952. During her life she wrote nearly 80 detective stories and she also wrote some romantic novels under the penname of Mary West Macott. She died in January 1976.Agatha Christie’s thrillers are famous for their surprising endings.
  14. 14. Victoria Mary Sackville-westShe was an English novelist and poet, member of the old Sackville family, owners of Kmole, a property in Kent which dates from Tudor times. Known as Vita Sackville- West she wrote (among many others) “The Edwardians”, “ All Passion Spent” (wihich deals with marriage), “Family History” and “Pepita”. She was a good gardener, and she designed the famoust Sissinghurst Castle gardens, where she lived and which now belongs to the National Trust. Her friendship with Virginia Woolf influenced the writing and the lives of both women, and they have been the source of a lot of criticism.Some of the parts of Vita’s life are mixed up in Woolf’s “Orlando”.
  15. 15. ROSA PARKSFebruary 4, 1913 – October 24, 2005 She was anAfrican American civil rights activist andseamstress whom the U.S. Congress dubbed the"Mother of the Modern-Day Civil RightsMovement".Parks is famous for her refusal on December 1,1955 to obey bus driver James Blakes demandthat she relinquish her seat to a white man. Hersubsequent arrest and trial for this act of civildisobedience triggered the Montgomer BusBoycott, one of the largest and most successfulmass movements against racial segregation inhistory, and launched Martin Luther King, Jr., oneof the organizers of the boycott, to the forefront ofthe civil rights movement. Her role in Americanhistory earned her an iconic status in Americanculture, and her actions have left an enduringlegacy for civil rights movements around the world.
  16. 16. MARGARET THATCHERThatcher was a British Prime Minister with a long mandate. She is alsothe only woman who has served as Prime Minister, one of the two only inleading an important political party in the United Kingdom or to have oneof Great Offices of State. Thatcher received academical formation in thefemale school Kesteven and afterwards went to Somerville in theUniversity of Oxford in 1944 to study chemistry. She became president of the Conservative Asociation of the University of Oxford in 1946, the third woman in reaching that position. She graduated with a second class degree and worked as a chemistry investigator for British Xylonite and after for J. Lyons and Co, where she helped to develop methods for preservation of ice creams. She was also a member of the Asociation of Scientific Workers.
  17. 17. Marilyn Monroe• (1st June 1926 – 5th August 1962) Marilin Monroe is her artistic name. Her real name was Norma Jeane Mortensen.• She was an actress. She was born in Los Angeles (California). She became a sexual simbol in 1950.• Her mother was Gladys Monroe Baker, and her father, probably was Stanley Gifford, but it is not sure.• Marilin was diagnosed paranoid squizofrenia. When her mother had had psychological crisis, Marilin had lived with her grandparents, in bruphans houses. When she was 16 years old she got married with James E. Dougherty (21 years old, Irish)• Her husband went to Australia. In 1945 a photographer of the Navy visited the factory where she worked with her husband’s mother. Monroe was chosen for the photos. The Yank magazine suggested her to become a model.
  18. 18. DIAN FOSSEY DIAN FOSSEYShe was born in San Francisco in 1932. She studied atthe university of California.Fossey travelled to Africa in 1963. There she observedmountain gorillas in their natural habitat. She learnt torecognize the characteristics of each individual, getting aconnection with them. Krisike, her studying place,became the International Centre of Investigation onGorillas. In 1983 she published “ Gorillas in the fog”. Herdeath was atributed to the Poacher´s boss; who weregetting the protected species of gorillas to extiction.Her job contributed to the gorilla´s population recovery.
  19. 19. Patricia Bar ker Patricia Barker (1943- ?) British novelist who was born in Thornoby-on- Tees in the northwest of England , places that will be the scene of many people of her works. She worked as a teacher between 1965 and 1970 and did not publish her first novel ,” Union Street”, until 1982, work that stands out for her dry and direct descriptions of the life of the hard-working class and is cosidered to be one of the most important authoresses of the arisen ones at the beguinning of the decade of 1980. The suffering of the women of the hard-working class continues being the center of her two following works, “Strip Your House”(1984) and “The Daughter of the Century”
  20. 20. J. K. ROWLING (1965-) J.K.Rowling: British writer of literature for children, author of collections of adventure books. She was born in Chopping and she gratuated from the University of Exeter. Her most popular works are the stories of a young wizard called Harry Potter. This work has encouraged millions of children between 8 and 13 years old to read.