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Rich Snippets Introduction with Tracey Nero (Woods) with HubSpot User Group Canadian Prairies and Kayak Online Marketing


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Rich Snippets Workshop with Tracey Nero (Woods), formerly of MSN Microsoft's internal SEO team. In this workshop, participants learned about rich snippets – complete with how to integrate them into their business website for maximum effect.

If you are an SEO, Blogger or Marketer who'd like to stand out more in Google and Bing search engine results, check this out.

Presented by HubSpot User Group (HUG Canadian Prairies) and Calgary's own Kayak Online Marketing, this session outlines what you need to know about one of the most exciting search optimization strategies out there today.

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Rich Snippets Introduction with Tracey Nero (Woods) with HubSpot User Group Canadian Prairies and Kayak Online Marketing

  1. 1. RICH SNIPPETS Add relevancy to your content to
 stand out better in search listings ! Brought to you by HUG Canadian Prairies with
 KAYAK Online Marketing & SO! Search Optimized PLEASE SHARE (Always Attribute)
  2. 2. Rich snippets are a type of mark-up or structured data added to your web page to add context in
 a format easily understood by search engines
 and used to enhance your search listing.
  3. 3. Today, we’ll focus on these 3 rel=“author” rel=“publisher” rel=“product” rel=“me”
  4. 4. Link from blog post to author page using rel=“author” Link from author page to your Google+ profile using rel=“me” Link from your Google+ profile to your author page using rel=“me” Link from Google+ business page to home page using rel=“publisher” Google+ relationship with your site
  5. 5. Links your content page to your Google+ profile (& back) ! <a href="”>+Randy Milanovic</a> rel=“author” rel=“publisher” rel=“product” rel=“me”
  6. 6. Creates a link from your home page to your Google+ business page <a href=“[profile_url]?rel=publisher">Google+</a> rel=“author” rel=“publisher” rel=“product” rel=“me”
  7. 7. In header of home page <head><link href=”” rel=”publisher”></head> ! Place G+ button on home page (Google provides code) <a href=“//” rel=“publisher”…>[G+ Badge]</a> Example publisher setup
  8. 8. with snippetswithout snippets rel=“author” rel=“publisher”
  9. 9. Option One
 link your content to Google+ profile using a verified email ! Option Two
 set up authorship by linking your content to your Google+ profile Claim your authorship
  10. 10. Verify your authorship author page Google+ profile content piece
  11. 11. Verify your authorship Author page Google+ profile Google+ postBlog article
  12. 12. rel=“author” Multiple authors?
  13. 13. Same as single, with specific author link in Meta On-page link to author page: <a rel="author" href="">Danny Sullivan</a> ! Author page link to Google+ profile: <a rel="me" href="">Google +</a> ! Article meta data: <link rel="author" href=""/>
  14. 14. Example author pages with authorship
  15. 15. Products, contact details, recipes and many other items may be identified with snippets Other content
  16. 16. example
  17. 17. RECAP: claim your authorship verify your authorship set it up correctly for
 maximum benefit specify each author long list of additional snippets available author page Google+ profile content piece
  18. 18.
  19. 19. ! Guest Speaker:Tracey Nero (Woods) HOA host: Randy Milanovic
  20. 20. FURTHER READING PLEASE SHARE (Always Attribute)