Integrating SEO & PPC Search Marketing


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How to integrate SEO (Organic) and PPC (Paid) Search Marketing Campaigns

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  • Yes, I do agree. When SEO and PPC are combined, it will lead to a more successful search strategy.
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  • I totally agree an online marketing strategy needs to consist of SEO, PPC and proactive social networking. thanks for the slide deck
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Integrating SEO & PPC Search Marketing

  1. 1. Understanding Paid and Organic Search Marketing Integrating SEO & PPC in Research and Keywords FMFRGFf‘JCF—MFD| »’
  2. 2. The Outline Differences between SEO & PPC SEO+PPCis| ike1+1=3 PPC & SEO Research Sharing PPC & SEO Keyword Portfolio Sharing PPC & SEO Reporting Ff‘. 'iFRGFf| CF—MFD| »’
  3. 3. T i”Wiii*: . _ tii »M, H ~ii~ ‘ wi DIFFERENCES AND STRENGTHS
  4. 4. SEO & PPC Are Different. .. "e'Y; ?;mlii E-lIl;41II'e‘ II, -lilI'IIkt-ITl9Iui' Pro - Higher Conversion Rates - Higher Long-Term ROI Cons - Requires More Resources (copywriter/ technical/ etc) - Longer to Accomplish 0 Can be difficult to track Success ‘ EMERGENCE-MEDIA Fill’ F l ' ", "§I'4."§lP4‘: m!l{-" ‘: I?| I'I|3r§lT;4|i Pros - Can be more readily launched - Highly Quantifiable & Trackable 0 Landing Page Optimization can be more readily used to improve conversion Cons - Lower CTR 2 lower click volume - Can be costly - Can suffer from "Ad Blindness”
  5. 5. But when SEO + PPC Unites: ”1 + 1 =3” True Search Marketing Fl‘. 'lFRGFl‘u| CF—lvlFD| .’
  6. 6. SEO & PPC Are Happier Together: Statistics on Combined Lift I When appearing in both natural and paid search for the same keyword impression: — Clicks lifted 92% — Actions lifted 45% — Orders lifted 45% — Page views lifted 44% — Visitors increased by 41% — Time on site increased by 40% Source: icrossing, "Search Synergy Report: Natural & Paid Search Symbiosis", 2007 l-'l‘. 'lFR(‘iFl‘u| CF—l~. ‘lFfIl/
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  9. 9. Keywords 2 Long Tail or the Head? Website with Large User Generated Content PPC targets “head” keywords, website may not be strong enough to dominate competitive keywords SEO does long tail by leveraging UGC content I EMERGENCE-MEDIA
  10. 10. Keywords 2 Long Tail or the Head? Website with Little or None Diverse Content SEO focuses on high cost "head " keywords via strong content creation and link building PPC focuses on attaining immediate results on low-cost "long tail" keywords I EMERGENCE-MEDIA
  11. 11. PPC for Researching Page Titles Tri», ~Ar1DecoHo! el I I Test which ad copy title Bniall Lu- u"_. - Hotels at ire '«'-‘add . has the highest CTR Art Deco Hotels ' Adapt high CTR ad COPY ‘ titles for actual page titles South Beam Miami Hots 1'. all . '3‘. rii I I SEO is about high CTR L-ri, e in the Art Deco District via organic search Art Deco Hotels In M _ _ 5:33 res u Its, n 0t JU St I1 Igh MlamlHote| s rankings I. ‘ alt l. letr3 Miami Hotels l'*c. 1lc-rm Iurr-an Pin Bo: -ri IL TIC-YO l I-'l‘. 'lFR(‘iFl‘u| CF—lvIFDl»"i
  12. 12. SEO & PPC Keyword Research Share I Instant SEO Research from PPC I Use a test campaign to see what keywords generate the most impression (demand) v, ,,. M biog mail»: -:-ting riloggers pilchiiig blciggeis pitching clogs biog ciutrea: h I New Keywords from SEO I Mine your website analytics to understand the different keyword permutation Fl‘. 'iFR(‘iFl| t'F—li. ‘IFl7l. ’
  14. 14. Conclusions ideal Search Marketing is a united PPC & SEO campaign: higher ROI, higher volume SEO is best served for Long Term ROI PPC is the most flexible and immediate Both SEO & PPC can do | ong—term and head keywords, depending on cost and available content Fl‘. 'lFR(‘iFl‘u| t"F—lvIFl7l. ’
  15. 15. Other Related Topics I Agnostic Search Optimization: Thinking of SEO Beyond Google, Yahoo, and PPC I Universal Search: Optimizing Beyond the Webpage I See All Presentations at: Fl'. 'lFR(‘iFl‘iIt"F—li. ‘IFl7li’
  16. 16. About Daniel & Emergence Media Daniel Riveong Emergence-Media mail@emergence-media. com http: //emergence-media. com I Head of Search Marketing I Began in 2006 3'‘ e'5t°’m '“t9m3tl°"3Iz I Focuses on the interaction Emphasizes an integrated and Word—of—Mouth approach to SEO: PPC: I Syndicated by 9Ru| es and Social Media marketing Social Media Today Over 10 years in the online marketing industry Fl'. 'iFRGFl‘il(‘F—lv'IFDl. '