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SEMrush Webinar: How to audit and fix thin content with no value - Stephen Kenwright


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Stephen hosted an SEMrush webinar, running through the differences between content-related issues and what marketers can do to recover from Panda and manual actions.

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SEMrush Webinar: How to audit and fix thin content with no value - Stephen Kenwright

  1. 1. How to audit and fix thin content with no value Stephen Kenwright, Senior Search Strategist@stekenwright
  2. 2. @stekenwright
  3. 3. Time to long click Time to long click by AJ Kohn: @stekenwright
  4. 4. Google thinks these aren’t the pages they’re looking for @stekenwright
  5. 5. @stekenwright
  6. 6. Content Inventory
  7. 7. #1Take a sample of pages on your site and add them to a spread sheet #1 Add all the pages on your site to a spreadsheet @stekenwright
  8. 8. Use a crawler… Try this: …and export to .csv Status Code Title 1 Title 1 Length Meta Description 1 Meta Description Length1 H1-1 Meta Data 1 Canonical Link Element 1 Word Count 404 0 0 0 @stekenwright
  9. 9. Export from Analytics #1 Behavior > Site Content > All Pages (Remember to change date range!) #2 Export to .csvand copy into workbook (new sheet) #3 =VLOOKUP @stekenwright
  10. 10. Bounce Rate @stekenwright
  11. 11. Page Views @stekenwright
  12. 12. Bounce rate improved by 31% Average Time on Site @stekenwright
  13. 13. Bounce rate improved by 31% Conversions £ @stekenwright
  14. 14. Audit Content
  15. 15. Add columns to Excel Keep Needs Rewrite Issues Actions Y Y Poor copy Rewrite copy Y Y Poor copy under tabs Rewrite copy under tabs Y N Y N No quotes from senior team Add2 quotes Y N Y N Y N Y Y Copy is shorter than other pages / noquotes from senior team Extend copy/ Add 2 quotes N N N N N N Add paragraph breaks N N Similarpage already exists 301 Y N Y Y Languagetoo colloquial Formalise copy Y N N N Y Y Thin content Provide additional information about the link Y Y Irrelevant copy Move copy to relevant page / createnew copy Y N Copy is too dense Create additional paragraph breaks N N Weak introductory copy N N Similar page already exists 301 N N Doorwaypage 301 @stekenwright
  16. 16. Columns Must have: •Title 1 (Title tag) Screaming Frog •URL Screaming Frog •Status Code Screaming Frog •Canonical Link Element 1 Screaming Frog •Pageviews Analytics •Avg. Time on Page Analytics •Bounce Rate Analytics Nice to have: •Title 1 Length Screaming Frog •Title 1 Pixel Width Screaming Frog •Meta Description Screaming Frog •Meta Robots Screaming Frog •Word Count Screaming Frog •Social shares •Backlinks Open Site Explorer / Ahrefs/ Webmaster Tools @stekenwright
  17. 17. What is the most important factor in the design of a website? The website makes it easy for me to find what I want The website offers a cutting edge interactive experience The website has a beautiful appearance Other @stekenwright
  18. 18. How long do you have to engage a user? 3.8 seconds Jacob Nielson – @stekenwright
  19. 19. Your content has 3.8 seconds to establish… Relevance •Are you right for me? •Have you answered my question? Trust •Do you look credible? •Can I trust you with my money? @stekenwright
  20. 20. Inverted triangle @stekenwright
  21. 21. Most web content… @stekenwright
  22. 22. This is how users read web content @stekenwright
  23. 23. @stekenwright
  24. 24. Content Content Content @stekenwright
  25. 25. +2,800% TRAFFIC INCREASE @stekenwright
  26. 26. What you should look for
  27. 27. Indexation How to find out: site:search @stekenwright
  28. 28. Duplication Also watch out for: •Duplicate titles and meta descriptions •Aggregation pages e.g., tags, categories •Content that has to be duplicated across pages e.g., disclaimers, “the small print” – make sure it’s up to date! @stekenwright
  29. 29. @stekenwright
  30. 30. Top heavy @stekenwright
  31. 31. Cite your sources @stekenwright
  32. 32. Trust signals #1 Contact information / address clearly displayed on the page #2 About Us (not just for conversions –Panda too) #3 Author name / photo @stekenwright
  33. 33. When was this fresh? @stekenwright
  34. 34. High quality images = Higher CTR, more sales Econsultancy @stekenwright
  35. 35. +5-7% Increase in conversions on pages with user generated content Source: @stekenwright
  36. 36. You’re not going to like this…
  37. 37. Exact Match Domains @stekenwright
  38. 38. Highly regulated sectors @stekenwright
  39. 39. @stekenwright
  40. 40. Doorway Pages ≠ search traffic @stekenwright
  41. 41. Thank you! Please email any questionsto stephen.kenwright@branded3.comor get in touch on Twitter: @stekenwright @stekenwright