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Assignment on Customer Expectation of Service (Online Tourism & Travel Services) [Md. Abdur Rakib]


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This is an assignment on choosing a Customer Expectation of Service which is chosen on a service topic "Online Tourism & Travel Services". It is prepared by Md. Abdur Rakib.

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Assignment on Customer Expectation of Service (Online Tourism & Travel Services) [Md. Abdur Rakib]

  1. 1. AssignmentOnCustomer Expectation of Service(Online Tourism & Travel Services)
  2. 2. AssignmentOnService Marketing (Course: 513)Topic: Customer Expectation of Service(Online Tourism & Travel Services)Prepared for:Dr. Serajul HoqueProfessorDepartment of MarketingFaculty of Business of StudiesUniversity of DhakaPrepared by:Md. Abdur RakibRoll No: 041Section: ADepartment of Marketing (14th)University of DhakaDate of Submission: 9thSeptember, 2012 eng.
  3. 3. Customer Expectations: Customer Expectations are beliefs about service delivery that function as standards orreference points against which performance is judged. Customers compare their perceptions of performances with reference point to evaluateservice quality.What customers expect, to what level they expect and tolerate is very difficult to know for amarketer.However, to become a successful marketer of service, a marketer must consider the customers’expectations. A marketer of online tourism and travel service must follow a few considerablematters: Type of expectation standards Factors that influence expectation Role Play Meet or exceedThe Meaning and Types of Expectation:The level of expectation can vary widely depending on the reference point the customer holdsLevel of Expectations:a. Desired Service: The level of service the customer hopes to receive.b. Adequate Service: The level of service the customer will accept.The Zone of Tolerance: The extent to which customers recognize and are willing to accept thevariation of servicea. Different customer posses different Zones of Toleranceb. Zones of Tolerance vary for service dimensions
  4. 4. Factors that influence expectation:a. Busy customersb. Sudden price risec. Scarce servicesRole Play:• Expectations play such a critical role in customer evaluation of service.• Marketers need and want to understand the factors.• Marketers would also like to have control over these factors.Online Tourism & Travel Services:As a huge population around the world are paying for tourism and are being motivated towardsthe tourism places. Online tourism & travel services can be a popular service. A country likeBangladesh with various remarkable tourist places & a potential global brand value for tourismcreates the door of various opportunities. Besides tourism places in Bangladesh, other outboundtourism places are included in the online & tourism services.The following things will be available in the online tourism and travel services. Online tourism services will be available with various types of information. Various tourist places will be visualized. Transport services and options will be illustrated. Transport fares and contact numbers willbe available. Tourist packages for individuals, families, or groups will be offered. Various relevantconditions, procedures & facilities will be discussed later.
  5. 5.  Social community forum will be an added value to attract the consumer as well as to find theweaknesses, threats, opportunities and thus to stay in the competition. Various useful guidelines will be provided with the services. Tourist guides will be provided as a matter of cost for a particular time period. Global social communities will be added for both the people of resident country livingabroad and the foreigners. Hotel/Motel/Resort reservations online. User accounts for customers. Various documentary and financial facilities for the travelers and the tourists. Corporate event management Tourism & travel logistic provider for research team & film makers. Receiving & transfer services. Visiting places information in brief. Students’ study/picnic/vacation tour arrangements. Various programme arrangements services. Online chat with service informer services for direct information.