Presentation on Business Plan on UNISTORE, a Retail Superstore [Elegant (VII)]


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This a presentation on Business Plan for UNISTORE, a Retail Superstore prepared by group Elegant (VII)
Based on the study of Business Plan under CRM course.

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Presentation on Business Plan on UNISTORE, a Retail Superstore [Elegant (VII)]

  1. 1. We Are“Elegant (VII)”
  2. 2. Group ProfileNo. Name Roll Designation1 Anjuman Ara 215 Member2 Mohammed Saiful Islam Masud 221 Member3 Md. Abdur Rakib 375 Member4 Chowdhury Omor Faruque 377 Leader5 Md. Al Amin 419 Member6 Rumana 427 Member7 Md. Moben Ahmed 526 Member
  3. 3. Chowdhury Omor FaruqueID No: 377
  4. 4. BUSINESSPLANTopic of Presentation
  5. 5. We bring happiness fulfillingthe dream of customers
  6. 6. By the collective effort madeby all the stakeholders
  7. 7. A RetailSuperstore
  8. 8. Buy green, live green
  9. 9. Overview of the BusinessA unique, uniform, universal and versatile sales floor that willensure almost every kinds of daily necessary consumer goods &services.Home delivery services for a few areas in Dhaka city initially &later a large portion of the city .Selling both online & within the sales floor.Establish an environment of trust through offering better range ofquality products & services & thereby improving living standards.Maintaining international standard retail supermarket.Encouraging competitors, suppliers, govt., manufacturers &employees to create products standard and serve qualityproducts for better prices.Reusable & recyclable packaging to ensure environment safety.Offering a clean, hygiene and a friendly environment.
  10. 10. Overview of Others PropertiesOrganization Type: Private Limited CompanyWe have our own logo of Unistore which is our special trademarkand it will differentiate us from others.Our design, patterns , strategies, stores, vehicles & some otherunique characteristics will create brand equity for us.Location: Initially, at Uttara ( later for both developing &developed areas of Dhaka city)Total Space: 20000-25000 Square feetEDI & inventory entry system moderated by the InventoryAssociates and Supervisors & bar coding system.
  11. 11. Products or ServicesGroceries• Bakery Goods• Meat and Dairyproducts• Fresh produce• Dry goods andstaples• Beverages• Deli Foods• Frozen Foods• Canned andPackaged Goods• Condiments andSpices• HouseholdSuppliesNon-Groceries• Family Apparel• Home & personalcare• Electronics• Toys• Lawn and Gardenitems• Jewelry• AutomotiveProducts• Home Furnishings• Hardware• Sporting goods• Pet supplies• House wares• FurnitureService• Branded FastFood Retail Shop /Restaurants• Pharmacy• Sports & Fitness• Portrait Studio andPhoto Center
  12. 12. Value Chain StrategyProductionHouseSuppliersSuper Store Super StoreCustomerCustomerOnline & OfflineSales PersonnelOnline & OfflineSales PersonnelViaRepresentativeAfterProcessing
  13. 13. Overview & Goals of Marketing StrategyShort term goal (mission): “Buy green, live green”.Long term goal (vision): To establish a marketenvironment & economic standard where customers willenjoy quality products & services at a reasonable pricein an environment friendly manner & thereby improvingtoday to live a better future.Capturing 20% market share within 3 years.Target Market: We have targeted our segments basedon geographical location. Initialy, at Uttara (later in theother parts of Dhaka city)
  14. 14. Market AnalysisRetail trade is one of the traditional businesses of Bangladesh. Food retailsector consumes US$12-14 billion, number of retail grocery shops around1 million. employment (12 %), GDP contribution 13 % (wholesale and retail.Roadside shops constitute around 75 % with floor space ranges 30-100 sq.feet.30 companies with more than 200 outlets with 15-20% annual sales growth& annual turnover of superstores stands at around tk. 15 billion (1500crore) according to Bangladesh Supermarket Owners Association (BSOA)Rahimafrooz Superstores Ltd.) launched Agora the 1st ever retail chain inBangladesh in 2001 promising a valuable shopping experience thatprovides quality and fresh products at the right price & improves thequality of life for customers and team members.Shopno super store established in 2008 by ACI Logistics Ltd., the leadingretailer with 59 shops in 16 districts both by local sales & domestic marketshare in Dhaka leaving behind Agora, PQS, Meena Bazaar, Nandan MegaShop, Pacific, Pick and Pay, Etc, Shop & Save and others.
  15. 15. Marketing StrategyA huge amount will be spent on promotional activities both online &offline.We will provide segmented packaging & shopping bag (i.e. for children,women & men) which will be reusable & recyclable.Online salespersons & vans will be ready for delivering goods at home.Sourcing: Suppliers, manufactures & farmers.Stores will be wide maintaining departments, cleanliness, brightly-litaisles and shelves stocked with a variety of quality, value-priced generalmerchandise, & symbols of learning for environmental safety, culture &patriotism.Seasonal discounts ,sales promotion & everyday low pricing.Online & mobile marketing system for a few segments.Complain box, after sales services & convenient payment system..Doctor, beautician & children playing area will be available forconvenience.Discount cards & membership cards for customer retention. “UniClub”will be organized for the valuable buyers from the customers list.
  16. 16. Financial OverviewWe require an investment of 53.57 crore tk. to give our plan intoaction. Our yearly cost is given below:Fixed cost(53.57Crore)VariableCost (32.10Crore)Total Cost(85.67Crore)•Start-Up Cost (Collateral,Initial assortment &promotion, furniture,decoration , transport,machineries & others)•Monthly Cost (Rents &payments, employees,maintenance & others)•DailyAssortment•Promotion•Logistics•Others
  17. 17. Profit & Break-Even AnalysisWe will have an average monthly sales of 4 crore tk. which in turn will give aprofit of 30% on the sales deducting COGS, taxes & other costs that is 2 croretk. monthly. So, the break–even point will be,Break Even Point = Fixed Costs / (Sales- variable costs)= 535700000 / (480000000-321000000)= 14 months = 1 year 2 months (approximately)VariableCostFixed CostBreak-Even pointProfitRevenueLossCost14
  18. 18. Our Success FactorsProviding daily necessaries with the assurance of quality and standard.Achieving success with trust, support and dedication of all thestakeholders most importantly our customers, employees & suppliers.24/7 online & mobile shopping will be available with home deliveries.Thinking ahead, taking new initiatives, being creative & innovative,improving today to live a better future.Providing after sales services to ensure complete satisfaction.Bringing happiness among people by satisfying needs & wants supplyingthe right products on right time in right manner through our collectiveeffort to distribute resources effectively & ensure positive environmentalfootprints on the beautiful earth. Thus, the quality of life & standard ofliving will be improved.Reusable & recyclable packaging.Convenient parking facilities & location for customer attention.Fresh , hygiene, BSTI & other global standardized products for consumersafety.