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Assignment on RFL Group product about Product line, Mix, length etc..........

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Assignment rfl group

  1. 1. 1|P ag e  Mohammad Ariful Hasan ID: 0920113605  Bappi Barua ID: 0920113711  Muntasir Nowshud Shabab ID: 0920113699  Rony Barua ID: 0920113717  Main Uddin Sotan ID: 0920113721  MD. Foisal Uddin ID: 0920113720 Submission date of Assignment: 1st December 2011
  2. 2. 2|P ag e CONTENTS Introduction Page 1 Brand Name Extension Page 2 Brand Line Extension & Category Extension Page 2 Product-Mix width & product-line length Chart Page 4 Product Mix Page 6 Product line stretching Page 7 Product line feeling Page 7
  3. 3. 3|P ag e Profile of RFL GROUP: RFL started its journey with Cast Iron (CI) products in 1980. The initial main objective was to ensure pure drinking water and affordable irrigation instruments for improved rural life. Today the company has its wide ranges of CI products like pumps, tube wells, bearings, gas stoves etc and has achieved the prestige as the largest cast iron foundry and light engineering workshop in Bangladesh. With a vision to serve the common people of Bangladesh with quality necessity products, RFL diversified its operation into PVC category in 1996 & in Plastic Sector in 2003. At present it is market leader in all these three sectors-Cast Iron, PVC & Plastic in the country. Sizeable amount is also exported to different countries. It is equipped with in-house R&D facilities to design and develop new products. A well organized own testing laboratory is used to ensure consistency in producing quality products. RFL has been awarded with BSTI certificate and ISO 9001 Certificate for its strict compliance with the standard set by both the organizations. RFL has become a benchmark for competitors on the lines of quality by manufacturing premium quality products to give clients excellent services and true value for money. The unmatched products have given a big name to the domestic market so much so that the name is accepted with trust and quality assurance the nation over. This is possible because the company is professionally managed and promoted by people who ensure that creativity is given full freedom to blossom and talent is nurtured in the company.
  4. 4. 4|P ag e Brand Name Extension: RFL Group follows Blanket family for the product. It’s all product are known as RFL product to all. It uses its company reputation for its entire product. Brand line Extension & category line extension of RFL GROUP: RFL GROUP follows two categories of brand extension. Brand line extension: RFL group covers new product within a product category it currently serves, such as with new flavors, forms, colors, ingredients & packages sizes. For example: PVC Door Gold Door Solid Door Silver Door Diamond Door Brand Category Extension: RFL group is used to enter a different product category from the one it currently served. For example:
  5. 5. 5|P ag e uPVC products: PVC Pipe PVC Filter PVC Fittings HDPE Coil Pipe PVC Hose Pipe Taplon Tape PVC sheet HDPE Coil Pipe Building Materials: PVC door Plastic Accessories: RFL Bucket RFL Chair
  6. 6. 6|P ag e Product-Mix width & product-line length for RFL Group Product Mix Width Agricultural Building Bathroom Kitchen Room Engineering Utilities Material Accessories Utilities Utilities uPVC Class Pipe uPVC SWR Pipe Flush Tank Sink Tap Bearing uPVC Class Filter uPVC Threa Pipe Soap Case Sink Braided Hose Product Line Length Pipe uPVC Non-Class Pipe uPVC Fittings Commode Cover HDPE Coil Pipe Hand Shower uPVC Door Health Faucet Pipe uPVC Small Filter Pipe Water Pump Gas Stove
  7. 7. 7|P ag e Submersible uPVC Ceiling Adjustable Pump Panel Moving Shower Centrifugal Pump uPVC Sheet Adjustable Rain Shower Suction Hose Pipe Water Pump Tissue Holder Garden Hose Pipe Submersible Wall Tap Pump Oring Socket Pipe Solvent Cement Slot Handle Tap Electric Hose Pipe Basin Tap
  8. 8. 8|P ag e Plastic Tagari Floor Mat Product Mix: Width: A product mix refers to how many product lines the company carries. In the given chart it is showed that a product-mix width of 5 lines. Length: A product mix refers to the total number of items. In the chart it is showed that a product length of 39 lines. Depth: A product mix refers to how many variants are offered to each product in the line. For exam in the RFL Gold Door Blue Stone Pink Stone Paste Stone Deep Teak Wood Light Teak Wood Off White White Consistency: The products of RFL Group are industrial product. It is marketed product according to the same distribution channel. So the products of RFL are consistency.
  9. 9. 9|P ag e Product line stretching: RFL Group follows product up-Market stretching. It creates quality product to compete with others & increase market share. Product line feeling: RFL Group follows product line filling by brings more products in the market. It follows the motives of trying to be the leading-full line company & trying to plug holes to keep out competitors. RFL products: