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Primavera_large energy program case study


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Primavera_large energy program case study

  1. 1. Large Energy Programs Case Study Primavera P6 R8.2 Warren Krueger – LoadSpring Solutions, Inc. John Moorman –POWER Engineers, Inc.
  2. 2. POWER Engineers, Inc. Introduction Power Industry Trends Business Challenge POWER’s Approach Tools Program Controls Process Program Business Rhythm POWER360 o Extending and Integrating Primavera Using P6 on Energy Program “Gotchas” Questions Topics
  3. 3. Consulting engineering firm specializing in needs of energy industry. 1,700 employees, 30+ offices nationwide. Ranked among top 3 transmission/distribution engineering firms for past 10 years. Offers complete multidiscipline engineering, environmental, construction management and program management services. Experience includes some of the largest transmission projects in the country POWER Engineers, Inc.
  4. 4. The global power industry needs more electric transmission capacity and reliability Global Electricity Projections 2008 – 2035 from Energy Information Administration (EIA) Electricity generation increases 84% Renewables increases 125% Natural gas increases 101% Nuclear generation increases 89% Coal Increases 67% Power Industry Trends Source:
  5. 5. Today’s Program Management Challenge Rapid Deployments Implementation, Roll-out and training Third Party Integrations Security Support Client Specific Data Structures Employee Controlled Devices Joint Ventures Global Users Non Employees Mobile Users Network Employees Owner Specific Reporting Requirements Applications Contributors/ Collaborators/ Consumers/ Power Users
  6. 6. Technology Environment Projection • Web Servers: IIS, JBOSS, WebLogic, Java • Application Servers: Citrix XenApp • Operating Systems: 32-bit/64-bit • DataBase: Oracle 10g/11g • Authentication/Identity Management • Data Access & Management Complex Infrastructure
  7. 7. POWER’s Approach 1. Technology Cloud Platform • P6 R8.2 • PCM V14 • Integrate with In- House POWER360 GIS/Document Management 2. Program Controls Process Data Structures • EPS • WBS • CLI Cost Codes Processes Lifecycle 3. Program Rhythm Business Cycle • Update • Analysis • Reporting • Review
  8. 8. Technology – POWER Engineers Private Cloud Powered by LoadSpring SpringBoard SpringBoard™ --- Location-Aware Cloud Platform POWER Engineers Secure External Access to Program Data Data 2 Data 1 POWER360 Secure Integration Pipe Federated Services Implementation Services GlobalView™ LoadSpring Academy™ Mobile Access
  9. 9. POWER360 provides: Permitting and Right-of-Way Constraint Management Manage/mitigate permitting constraints Manage/mitigate ROW acquisition constraints Active Public Involvement Managing public input Gaining public support Detailed Geospatial Data Analysis High resolution imagery Map Services Document Management Custom Owner Specific Dashboard Reporting Integrated with POWER360 On-Premise Solution
  10. 10. POWER360 - Integrated GIS
  11. 11. POWER360 – Custom Dashboarding
  12. 12. POWER360 – Custom Dashboarding
  13. 13. Importance of Initial Data Structure Program Program Management PM Ops Outages Program Milestones Environmental Env Impact Statement Environmental Monitoring Environmental Surveys Permitting Federal State County Right of Way Segment 1 Segment 2 Segment 3 Substations Substation A Substation B Substation C Transmission Lines Segment 1 Segment 2 Segment 3
  14. 14. Template Work Breakdown Structure
  15. 15. Program Management Execution Processes Topics 1. Program Management 9. Right of Way Acquisition 2. Safety 10. Supply Chain Management 3. QA/QC Assurance Plan 11. Program Scheduling 4. Program Communication Plan 12. Cost Management 5. Public Agency Coordination 13. Engineering 6. Public Involvement 14. Construction Management 7. Environmental & Permitting 15. Startup & Commissioning 8. Geoengineering & Geosciences
  16. 16. Transmission Line Program Lifecycle
  17. 17. 0 Started (Authorized) 1 Initiated (Aligned) 2 Planned 4 Operational 3 Baselined Program Mobilization
  18. 18. Structured Program Business Rhythm Risks Issues • Stakeholders • Public • News Bulletins Actual Costs Schedule/Scope Status Communication Compare to Baseline Program Office Status Reports Analysis Status Update Capture Progress Assess and Prepare Communicate
  19. 19. Technology “Classical” critical-path Planners prefer P6 Professional Learning when to go to P6 Pro vs. P6 Web Importance of partnering with a specialist firm Oracle Support Required Integrating with Existing Programs Think of Program Structure as “Template” vs. “Mandate” Unique Owner Requirements with non-optimal data structures Program Data Reporting Requirements Not Addressed in Contracts with Subcontractors Owner Culture Using P6 on Energy Program “Gotchas”
  20. 20. Cloud-based Primavera that scales with program demand and removes up-front investment in infrastructure Templated Data Structure and Configuration providing for rapid startup and planning of Programs Ability for all stakeholders to connect including external subcontractors and Owners A Program by Program cost recovery structure that allows for costs to be recovered at the Program Level Questions? Results Summary