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social media + your business



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social media + your business

  1. 1. join the conversation social media & your business Rachel Reuben
  2. 2. overview: tools & quick poll Facebook blogs MySpace Twitter YouTube flickr LinkedIn delicious
  3. 3. Demystifying Social Media
  4. 4. social media in plain English
  5. 5. what’s it all about? relationship building interaction community
  6. 6. social networking one aspect of social media individuals in communities that share ideas, interests; looking to meet people with same most popular: Facebook & MySpace
  7. 7. Facebook personal profiles + friends status, wall, messaging networks (companies, geographic regions, schools) groups applications fan pages
  8. 8. Facebook: benefits non-threatening/non-authoritative environment made for networking viral marketing 80+ million users “elite” image
  9. 9. MySpace profiles + friends personalization of design popular for startup musicians “amateur” image
  10. 10. YouTube video sharing quality doesn’t really matter tools available
  11. 11. LinkedIn professional profile networking connections recommendations groups
  12. 12. LinkedIn jobs answers companies
  13. 13. blogs online journal commentary/news
  14. 14. Twitter microblogging 140 characters, like TXT messaging or mini IM status updates networking
  15. 15. flickr photo sharing site public/private friends
  16. 16. delicious (was social bookmarking
  17. 17. concerns loss of control time commitment information overload anyone can create presence for your company it’s a passing fad
  18. 18. best practices Adobe: delicious - to bookmark tutorials Acura: Facebook Acura TSX Connect Fan Page & JetBlue: Twitter Coca-Cola: blogging
  19. 19. best practices H&R Block: Twitter Jeep: MySpace JetBlue: flickr pool
  20. 20. how your business can benefit branding opportunities protecting it before someone else beats you to it having profiles across sites may increase search ranking attracting traffic interaction with the public “talking to” “interacting with”
  21. 21. how your business can benefit networking opportunities interact with like-minded people develop relationships beneficial to day-to-day operations conferences
  22. 22. “ If you’re not using Twitter, Seesmic, Ustream & Facebook, then you are not a business that’s going to be competitive in 2009 & beyond. ”
  23. 23. “ If you build it, they will come. ” not with social media!
  24. 24. what can you do? go where your fans are sound bite elevator pitch Twitpitch passionate about business + be authentic not every co. needs a Facebook Page or share photos on flickr add social media to e-newsletters, business cards
  25. 25. what can you do? Vanacore, DeBenedictus [accountants] Twitter: deadlines, new tax laws, tips for clients Personal Touch Travel flickr, blog, YouTube
  26. 26. what can you do? American Red Cross Blood Services Twitter, Facebook DesignWorks LinkedIn, blog
  27. 27. tips for starting a blog specific focus make content unique & fresh commit time to keeping it fresh (1-3x’s/wk) turn on comments - reply in timely fashion position & develop yourself as authority on your focus
  28. 28. how to start a blog check with your existing host provider
  29. 29. “ Participation is no longer an option, as social media isn’t ” a spectator sport.
  30. 30. ? ? ? Questions Rachel Reuben