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Oer balance

This presentation focuses on the reasons to use open education resources in higher education. Particular focus is on the cost of traditional publishing vs. OER.

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Oer balance

  1. 1. Balance Open Education Resources C. Quill WestPhotograph credits to follow. All images Creative Commons licensed.
  2. 2. Numbers Stack UpStudent loans granted in 2010: Over $100 BillionAverage textbook cost per student: $900.00/yearTextbook cost increases: Avg 6% per year 1986-2004eTextbook Cost: Avg. 50% less than newUsed textbooks Cost: Avg. 75% less than newStudent preferences for textbookformat: 75% print, 25% electronic
  3. 3. Tricky Foundation Process is expensive. Risk held by publishers. Costs transferred to students. Sales not direct to consumer.
  4. 4. PressuresIntellectual propertyCopyrightsDistributionConsumptionActive processDesign process
  7. 7. Looking forward.We are not alone.
  8. 8. Photographs• Balance Black and White by Tony Roberts• Seven Stone Stack by robpatrick• Rock Stack on Branch by Joel Davis- Aldridge• Seven Stone Stack by robpatrick• Just So by Kent Baldner• Rock Stack on the Shoreline by pixn8tr• Balanced Rocks by Matthew Trentacoste• Stacked Stones by gillicious