A Piratical Legacy Chapter 12 - Curse? What Curse?


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A Piratical Legacy Chapter 12 - Curse? What Curse?

  1. 1. Chapter 12 – Curse? What Curse?HOW many Legacies are you married to Flavius in now, PB? Three? Five? Seven? Well... you can add this one to your collection, too!Oh... everyone else! Welcome back to A Piratical Legacy! You know you missed me. Before we dive into everything, PB = Professor Butters. Shewrites the Squeaky Clean Legacy. Flavius Marius is a creation of Blite27, who writes the Ten Caesars Legacy. PB also wrote a crossover BachelorChallenge featuring the child of her Simself and Flavius. In the background you can see Marina, aka smoothiequeen87, cheering on the festivities.She writes the Fitzhugh Legacy and just finished a Bachelor challenge of her own. I would like to say right now that I lost both bachelorchallenges. Apparently I just wasnt interested.Ahem.Anyway, onward!
  2. 2. Roche, what are you doing?"Well, goddess, in the last chapter I found out that our family has been cursed and I wanted to look up what a curse is. I dont know."A curse is a bad thing, Roche. It means bad things are going to happen to your family until you find out how to stop it."Oh no!"
  3. 3. A curse is threatening my beloved pirates and Im busy clothes shopping? You know, sometimes I forget theres a time and a place for everything...
  4. 4. Ehh... so does Ivy, though. Looks like the threat of impending doom isnt stopping her from trying to expand her harem."One can never have too large of a harem. Impending doom will just have to make an appointment."
  5. 5. Thats as may be, Ivy, but honestly..."What? We like Armando Cox. Were thinking of asking him to audition."As long as I dont have to watch.
  6. 6. "We really think you should reconsider our brothers offer of a position in his Syndicate, Drusus Nero.""Listen, lady, I dont need any counterfeit pearls, okay?""How about auditioning for our harem, then?""Ehh... Ill think about it."
  7. 7. Sometime later, Drusus had apparently thought about it quite long enough.Drusus Nero is another Roman from the Ten Caesars Legacy.
  8. 8. I take it he passed?"Yes, we are VERY pleased. This one gets a place of honour in the Royal Bedroom."
  9. 9. ......I sure hope you sent Drusus home before you auditioned Armando Cox."We did."
  10. 10. Meanwhile, back at Legacy Manor..."Hey Roche, I heard were all under a horrible curse!""Thats what the ghosts told me, Bart. And the goddess said that means bad things are going to happen to us!""Thats stinky. Hey, want to see me do a headstand?""Sure! I wanna show you my trick too!"
  11. 11. "Great headstand, Bart! But look at me! I can flyyyyyyy!"Roche, get down from that tree before you hurt yourself."Awww..."And thats a very nice headstand, Bart."Thanks goddess."
  12. 12. "We hope this satisfies Grandpa Jack. Now, can we become a goddess like you promised us last chapter?"*sigh* Yes. But I wish youd stay in the Adventurer career. Its so fitting for this family."We want to be worshipped."
  13. 13. "Stupid curse. Work faster!"What, disappointed because Ivys having no problems attracting lovers and promotions, Anthony?"Yes! Thats not the main part of the curse but there SHOULD be some spillover."You realize the family is going to defeat the curse."You cant know that for sure, goddess. And well see whos laughing when its time to produce generation five, shall we?"Bleh. Go haunt a lamp.
  14. 14. "Armando, we want to congratulate you on becoming our Chief Concubine."Another one, Ivy? I thought you wanted to wait til they stopped dying!"Wait, there have been other concubines?""Well, yes. And they have all died mysterious deaths just like our first two husbands. But were sure youll be safe, Armando.""Uhh... am I allowed to change my mind, highness?""No."
  15. 15. "And this is your bedroom, Armando. When we need you well summon you to our bedroom.""Boy, the walls sure are red, highness. Kind of like blood.""We think youre being ridiculous, Armando. Nothing bad is going to happen. Were certain of it."
  16. 16. Uhh... yknow, the forecast called for falling Satellites, Armando. Better not look up at the stars for too long if you want to live. Actually, youdbest stay inside.Actually, youd best move out as soon as possible."You arent exactly helping, goddess."Sorry.
  17. 17. "Arr! Dont ye be wavin that camera in me face when I be in naught but me underthings, savvy?"Then put on some clothes!
  18. 18. "I cant! I be makin pancakes. Arr!""And we are trying to make omelettes!""I cant reach the stove!""We cant reach the stove either!"Sometimes sims are so stupid.
  19. 19. "Hiya Shannon! Hey, did you hear theres a new detective in town?""Yeah, I heard his names Sim Spade and hes from the big city and all, Alan.""You think we should hire him and finally solve the counterfeit pearl case, Shannon?""I think that would be a good idea, Alan. I really do.""Great! Just let me get changed-- wait, Ivys latest concubine! Dont pick up the scissors!"
  20. 20. "Aaaah! I never knew running with scissors could be so dangerous!"
  21. 21. "Armando! We should have waited until the mystery of our dead concubines and husbands was solved. This is all our fault! But how could weknow!"
  23. 23. "Well, thats about done it, Shannon. I cant seem to cast without falling on my keester today... so lets head over to that detectives office.""Sounds like a good plan, Alan."
  24. 24. "Hiya Daddy!""Hey there, Bart! How was your day today?""Oh, good. Professor Butters let me redo my assignment with you as my daddy. She said that adopted parents are real parents just the same. But Istill want to find my birth father. Maybe when Im a bit older.""That sounds like a good idea, Bart. Ill even help you.""Thanks, daddy! Oh, and I almost forgot. Another harem member died on the lawn.""Hehe, youre so silly, Bart."
  25. 25. Back from the detectives office already, Shannon? granddaughters latest paramour wasnt part o her regular string of bad luck, aye? This one ... was part o the Curse. Savvy?""It didnt take long to lay out the facts, goddess." Are you sure about that, Captain Jack?Well, thats good. Errr... what are you doing with Captain Jack? "Did ye put the scissors on the lot, mate?""He said he had to tell you and the family something, goddess." Well... no....Oh brother. Well, go ahead. Im listening. "Then ye get what I be sayin, love. The Curse did it!""Its about time, aye? Listen, goddess, the death o me
  26. 26. I attempted to tell the legacy family about the latest manifestation of "the Curse," as Captain Jack insisted on putting it (as portentiously aspossible), but Mary was busy getting a Garden Club inspection.
  27. 27. Obviously, the members were very pleased.I love the wishing well. It looks absolutely fantastic in game.
  28. 28. Roche? Why are you reading the newspaper?"I like keeping abreast of current issues, goddess."But youre eight years old!"One can never be too young to be informed about current events. Besides, Uncle Jack wrote most of the articles."Im sure he did. Still... Mary!
  29. 29. "Aye?"Encourage your grandson to be playful, will you?"Arr! I thought yed never ask!"Mary was able to encourage Roche from three playful points all the way up to six. Maybe we can have tub pirates again!
  30. 30. ... Ivy, creeping out your deity is NOT the way to get ahead in life.
  31. 31. "What, were just going to bed!"
  32. 32. Well, at least you ended up in the right place... still, Im worried that youre going to have to move."Zzzzzz..."
  33. 33. And Alan couldnt resist being the first family member to try out the new wishing well. What are you wishing for, Alan?"Lots of friends, goddess!"
  34. 34. "It worked!"That it did, Alan. Now, greet those three random freaky geezer acquaintances and best friend them."You dont have to tell me twice, goddess. Im a Popularity sim, remember?"Most bizarrely, the Ancient Goth in front bears a striking resemblance to one of my husbands groomsmen... just about sixty years older. Itsunnerving.
  35. 35. Uhh... Wedge... I dont think thats the best way to play with that particular bear."Geez, goddess, you dont expect me to believe that whole thing about Grandpa Jack haunting the bears, do you?"Actually, yes I do."Me ears! Me dreads! Me patch! Me hat! Wait... I dont got a hat. Wheres me bleedin hat?"
  36. 36. Fortunately for Wedge, his cousin Bart was able to explain things a "Arrrr... dont ye listen to yer mother, boy?"little more succinctly. "Aaaaaaah! Im going home!""Its really true, Wedge. Ive even talked to Grandpa Jack myself." "Goddess, my cousin is a wuss.""Really? What did he say?" Well, look at it this way, Bart. Youre kind of used to ghosts and"That hell get really really really mad if anyone beats him up!" such. Your cousin really, really isnt. Theres no ghosts at all at his house."Eep! I didnt mean it!" "Boy, his house sounds boring."
  37. 37. Wow... those oranges look mouthwatering, Mary!"Arr! They be ripe, goddess. Now can I sleep fer once instead of using that blasted Energizer over and over?"
  38. 38. "I heard that you hired a detective to get to the bottom of things with the Syndicate, Alan.""Yep, you heard right, Pao! But, uh, who told you that?""Oh, just Jack.""Oh, thats all right then. As long as the Syndicate doesnt find out until that detective has taken the case, everything will end happily.""Im sure itll all come out for the best, Alan."
  39. 39. "Come on in, De. The partys about to start!"Party? Who gets a party, Pao?"Oh, its just Barts birthday."Cool!De, aka fireflower314, writes the Morgan Legacy.
  40. 40. Jack also came to the party, along with a few others."Hey boss, thanks for coming.""Pao, dear brother, how many times do I have to remind you not to call me that when there is even the remotest chance that my wonderful fathermight overhear the conversation?""Uhh... probably half a dozen times more, bro.""That is what I was afraid of, dear brother."
  41. 41. Pao chose that moment to give Jack something of a jolting welcome while De watched.Uhh... Pao, are you sure thats the smartest thing in the world to do to a crime lord?
  42. 42. ... I stand corrected.
  43. 43. "Everyone, look at me! Its my birthday! Im blowing out the candles now!"Were all watching, Bart."I wish... that Pao was my real daddy."Aww... you should tell him that, Bart."I will. Later. Now... Im blowing them out!"
  44. 44. And... not too bad! Disturbing lack of upper lip, but I think a makeover will have Bart looking pretty cute. He rolled Family, which is soappropriate considering whats driving him is the desire to find out about his roots. His LTW is to top the Education career. I havent done that oneyet.
  45. 45. See? Not bad. Not bad at all... Bart, youre positively cute."Yeah, yeah... now that Im bigger and stuff can I finally look for my father in earnest?"I guess. I know Herc told you the Simselves might know. Id suggest starting there."I know. Roche is asking De right now..."
  46. 46. "You mean you dont know, Miss De?""Im sorry, Roche. Im not sure who Barts father is.""Aww... between Bart and the curse, things are kinda sad around here."Poor kid. You dont need to bear the weight of the world on your shoulders just yet, Roche. But its very nice that you want to help."Just you wait, goddess. Im going to stop the curse AND find Barts father!"
  47. 47. Pao, meanwhile, waited until Alan had left the room before he tried to recruit De to the Syndicate."Honestly, De, you could make so much money selling counterfeit pearls you could even afford real ones.""Yknow, Pao, pearls arent all that expensive.""Sadly, De, the counterfeit ones are more in demand than the real ones right now. Thats how much profit you can make.""Weeeell... Ill think about it."
  48. 48. "Roche! What are you doing out of bed? Anyway, pass on zee message to your family. Zee lot is cursed. You all must move!""Aaaah! But I dont wanna move, Grandma Elise!""Zat ees not my concern. Just tell your grandmuzzer Mary, ma petit garçon."
  49. 49. Accordingly, the family moved into a smaller (and hopefully less glitchy) lot. Yes, I built on a foundation to cut down on the hauntings. Its notcheating... really.
  50. 50. "Pao, we love the new house! But -urk- youre a little too heavy for us.""Oh, sorry Ivy. Just got a little too excited for a moment.""We noticed. Can we put you -ugh- down now?"
  51. 51. "Whats that over there?""Huh? I dont see anything except your mother gardening, Ivy."** splat **I dont think this Royal needs a court jester, do you?
  52. 52. Yep, the first thing Mary did when they moved into the new house was plant a new garden. What are you growing, Mary?"I be growin eggplants."Eggplants? Anything else?"Nay."Well, whatever floats your boat."Ship."Ship.
  53. 53. Of course, a welcome wagon had to stop by. Along with Orikes (Pseudo Legacy, in the background), the islands newest Gypsy also stopped in togreet the chieftainess Mary and Ivy, the heiress apparent.
  54. 54. Aaroc (write the Elven Legacy and the Deadlacy, as well as the Zombie of Love Bachelorette challenge - which just ended) also stopped by.I think hes the one flinging salad all over the place.
  55. 55. "Goddess, its too hard finding a girlfriend these days."Well, go ahead and give the wishing well a try."I will!"
  56. 56. And the wishing well sent Lisa Lind, who promptly planted a big kiss right on Barts lips. They instantly loved, crushed, and best friended.
  57. 57. "So... how about we actually get to know each other and go on a date... uhh... what was your name again?""Im Lisa. And that sounds like a really great idea... uh...""Bart.""Bart! Wanna go skating?"
  58. 58. Sadly, I missed all the pictures of them falling flat on their rears. They didnt manage to skate very long. Still, the date ended up being a DreamDate!
  59. 59. ... although Ive never seen one end quite like this. Thats real classy, Bart.
  60. 60. Back at home, meanwhile, Roche tried catching butterflies.He might even have been successful, if he hadnt been interrupted.
  61. 61. "Roche, me boy, ye need to inform your parents that yere to be the heir, aye? Only you can stop the family fortunes from plummeting. Savvy?""Gee, are you sure, Grandpa Jack?""Listen, kid, the bears telling the truth. I gotta do some research because I dont exactly know the specifics, but I do know youre the one to breakthe curse.""You dont talk like the other Gypsy, Miss Gypsy Lady.""We dont all talk like Hammer Horror refugees, squirt."
  62. 62. "So, I hear you have a harem.""We do.""Got any available openings?"
  63. 63. "Hey, youre a Simself, right?" Bart! Manners!"Yes, thats right. I write the Ps-" "Fine, fine. Anyway, maam, you wouldnt happen to have read who my father is, would you?""Yeah, yeah. Whatever. Do you go on boolprop.com?" "Sorry, Bart.""Of course! Its the best place to advertise lega-" "Frammit!""Yes or no, lady. Yes or no. I dont need a book." Language!
  64. 64. "Well, Miss New Gypsy Lady? Dyou think you might be able to tell me who my father is?""Listen kid, youd do better running around town looking at everyone to see if they got your nose than you would asking me anything. Im just hereto be all doomy and gloomy about your family curse."
  65. 65. ... yknow, Bart, I dont think the Gypsy meant that literally, the running around town thing."Toast, I gotta know ... do you know who my father is?""Sorry, kid." *hic*
  66. 66. "Hey Mister Bartender, slide me a cold one.""Can I see some I.D.?""Will a library card do?""Sure."Bad Bart! Youre much too young to be hanging around seedy bars like the Mauve Flamingo.Actually, youre too young to be hanging out in that part of town, period.
  67. 67. "Shows what you know, goddess. Look, he even served me!"Oh yeah? *zing!*"Hey! You turned my drink into fruit punch!"Hehehe.
  68. 68. Since a few Simselves wandered into the grocery store next to the bar, Bart headed over to quiz them as well. However, SimHubby was havingnone of it."Listen, Im not allowed to tell you, kid. Free will, and all that. Plus Sarahd get very cross with me. Youll have to find out on your own.""Frammit!"Language!
  69. 69. "Are you a Simself?" "No... my mom just wont tell me who he is.""Geez, kid, do I look like a Simself to you?" "Ahh... well, Im kinda busy with a case at the moment, kid. Listen, if"Well, you dont have face one or anything." you havent figured things out in a few months, stop by my office and Ill see what I can do.""Listen, Im a detective. Private Eye. Gumshoe. You know?" "Gee... thanks for nothing.""Really? Can you help me find my father?" "Dont mention it.""Has he been kidnapped or something?"
  70. 70. Whatcha doin, Mary? "Well, it be a serious matter, goddess. Savvy?""Me dad and me are just goin ta have a nice little chat, goddess." I suppose... I think youre putting too much faith in the words of a few ghosts, though.About what? "Now ye listen ere, goddess. Me family be in danger o becoming"Just about the Curse, aye?" extinct, aye? And that makes this particular Curse a matter o extreme importance to me daughter and me. Savvy?"That again? Have fun, then. I still think youre making a big deal out of nothing.
  71. 71. "Bart, having any luck finding your father?""Geez, grandpa, Im trying to shower! And no! And... uh... would you mind not walking through the door like that? Its kind of creepy."
  72. 72. Why so glum, chum?"I had to make my own pancakes."Truly, my heart bleeds for you.
  73. 73. "So, Alan made pancakes for everyone else."Awww... its because you woke up two hours before everyone else because of that stupid military career you insist upon."Still, its the principle of the thing."
  74. 74. "Ivy, honey, I appreciate that you felt the urge to suddenly Bust-A-Move for me. But Im trying to pee! Elder bladder here!""Fine. We know when we are not being appreciated."
  75. 75. "We wish for someone to kiss."
  76. 76. ...Nice face, Brandon Lillard."This is what you get when you have a salon in your business for only a short time, goddess."
  77. 77. "Brandon... may we call you Brandon? Anyway, we would like to audition you.""Really, highness? Oh boy!"
  78. 78. "Well? Howd I do?""Ehh... you can try auditioning again when your face is fixed. We were too distracted to rate you properly.""You mean I failed?""We prefer the term, disqulified, serf.""Nooo... the shame! By the way, it kind of hurts when you shove your arm through mine like that."
  79. 79. Brandon left none to soon, as Roche got home not long after the failed audition."It rained while I was at school!"That it did."Im going to splash now! Yay!"But your homework! Itll get muddy!
  80. 80. "Grandpa?" "Well then, son, youd best start convincing your mother that you should be heir.""Yes, Roche?" "But I dont want to be heir, grandpa.""Grandpa Jack and the Gypsy lady told me that I have to be the heirbecause only I can stop the curse from destroying our family." "We all do things we dont like doing sometimes, Roche.""Is that so, Roche?" "Gee, howd you get so smart, grandpa?""Yes!" "They say fish is brain food, Roche. They say fish is brain food."
  81. 81. "Mr. Spade, I think I may have a lead for you. Im pretty sure that theperson behind the counterfeit clams and pearls is the goddess!" Somehow, I dont think he believed you, Alan.Hey! "He claims hes an atheist, goddess.""What do you mean youve never heard of the goddess? She lives just Well, I havent visited him yet.down the road from me. No, I have not been drinking! Yes, Im sureIm awake. Listen, you cant miss her. Shes blue. Cedar house down "That makes sense. I still think youre the mastermind, by the way."the road. Listen, you dont believe me? Just ask any of the islandinhabitants. Anyway, I know its her because only she would be one Do you.step ahead of the police like the Syndicate has been for so long.Just... check the lead out. Bye!" "... no, not really."
  82. 82. "zzzzzIdontwanttobeheirbutIgottazzzzz"
  83. 83. "Daddy, Grandpa Jack told me that I gotta be the heir.""Did he, now? And what do you think about that?""I dont wanna be heir, daddy. I wanna have a FUN life with motherlode and stuff."
  84. 84. And Ivy is a Rock God. Thats what, third time platinum?"We think youve got that correct."
  85. 85. "Listen, kids, with this whole Curse thing the ghosts are being a lot more active. I dont want you going outside after dark, okay?""Yeah, whatever.""Okay, daddy!"
  86. 86. Of course, that didnt stop Bart from calling up Lisa."So youll be here around one? Great!"
  87. 87. Bart then crashed on the couch while the rest of the family (except Roche) woohooed to sleep. Roche did his homework and then went to bed. Sucha nice boy.
  88. 88. Finally, Lisa pulled up. Bart was extra quiet sneaking out of the house. He made sure to avoid the ghosts, too.
  89. 89. However... he didnt quite avoid the police. Awww... listen, there is a Simself who knows who your father is. ButWhered you find him? you have to ask her yourself."At a really seedy bar trying to buy booze." "Her, huh? Thanks, goddess!"Bart! Just dont tell anyone I gave you a hint. Now, off to bed for two hours!"I spent most of the night asking Simselves if they know who myfather is, but I got kinda discouraged." *yawn* "Good idea, goddess."
  90. 90. However, Barts grandparents had other ideas."Bart, its not really the best idea to sneak out at night. You should at least leave a note. That way we know where you are.""Yer Granddad makes a good point, me boy. Is it too much to ask that ye let us know when yere going to sneak out?""That kind of defeats the purpose of sneaking out...""Well, just be careful then."
  91. 91. "Bart! Youre back! I had a bad dream last night so I went into your room to ask you to chase away the monsters but you werent there and I gotscared!""Aww... sorry, Roche. I guess I will leave a note next time I sneak out."
  92. 92. While the kids were at school, all the adults had the day off so Ivy threw a party. It was just family invited this time, so that Ivy wouldnt getslapped. She didnt want to tempt the Curse.Of course, I also stopped by to register my disapproval at how much the family was letting the Curse run their lives.
  93. 93. Honestly, Jack, you need to tell them to stop worrying about this whole curse thing."Supernatural occurrences are not in my line of business. I deal in commodities, not curses. Incidentally, there is a personage of the investigativepersuasion making a minor nuisance of himself around my business partners. Would it be too much to ask that his talents be redirected elsewhere?"Honestly, I dont think you really need to worry too much about him. Hes a bit like a puppy - cute and eager to please, but really not all that bright.Just try not to hurt him too much."Goddess, I am offended by your implication. I would not hurt a fly."Riiiiiiight. Says the guy who smuggled weapons-grade plutonium in pillowcases while he was in school."That was just a hobby."
  94. 94. Bart! What happened!"It be the Curse, goddess."No its not. He just passed out because he stayed up all night."That be the Curse too, goddess."Stop being melodramatic.
  95. 95. Who needs a car anyway? With the party in full swing and it being one of the hottest days of the year, Ivy had a swimming pool put in."Wheeee! We want to play Marco Polo!"
  96. 96. "Ill play, Auntie Ivy!"Autumn Thayer, daughter of Jack and Meadow, came home from school with Roche and was eager to join in the fun.
  97. 97. Before long, Roche had also joined them, as did Jack... and SimHubby...
  98. 98. ... and me!Apparently that is what my piratical swimming gear looks like with a fat morph.
  99. 99. After the party, Ivy headed to the boutique to conduct a few business meetings.
  100. 100. Ivy, thats not business!"No, its an audition."Run, Aaroc, run!
  101. 101. *sigh* Too late.
  102. 102. "Do you really think a floozy like me would want to run away from Ivy?"Hrm. Good point.
  103. 103. Meanwhile, back at Legacy Manor, Ivy got home just in time to see the ghost of Armando scaring her mom.Anthony, I can see you back there. Go way."No! Im here to make sure the Curse finally causes this family some damage!"
  104. 104. "Im even willing to do my part! Ooga booga!"Mary! Get thee to an energizer!
  105. 105. ... BAD COUNT!
  106. 106. Really Bad Count!Mary?"I think I be dead, goddess."
  108. 108. Oh, just plead for her, Alan."Mr. Death, you cant take my wife! Please bring her back!""FINE. YOU CAN TRY SINCE YOU HAVE ACCUMULATED ENOUGH POINTS."
  109. 109. Yeehaw! Alan, you won! Yes, Roche. Your grandma is going to be okay."I won? I won! Mary! Did you hear? I won!" "I DONT SUPPOSE I COULD BOTHER YOU FOR A DRINK BEFORE I GO? ITS A LONG WAY TO COME FOR NOTHING.""We are pleased that our mother is coming back." "There might be some rum left in the couch.""Grandmas going to be okay?" "THANK YOU. AND SOME WATER FOR BINKY AS WELL?"
  110. 110. "Mary!""Alan!"*sniff* Listen, guys, Im sorry for doubting the Curse. Obviously it is getting more powerful. Somethings got to be done."We knew that already, goddess, aye? First step is, we make Roche the heir. Savvy?"Savvy. Now... get inside. I dont want anyone else getting ghosted.And thats where this chapter ends! So... will Bart find the elusive female simself who knows who his father is? Will the curse claim another life?Will Roche be able to lift it? All this and more in the next chapter of A Piratical Legacy!All Simselves courtesy of their creators. Go look up the legacies and stories Ive mentioned in this chapter. You wont regret it!