A Piratical Legacy Chapter 13 Part 1 - All Good Things...


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A Piratical Legacy Chapter 13 Part 1 - All Good Things...

  1. 1. Chapter 13 Part 1 – All Good Things…Hello, and welcome back to another chapter of A Piratical Legacy. Im sorry I havent had an update in a while; the life of adirector/producer/screenwriter is a difficult one and Ive been very, very busy. Chris has been too, or he would have made me update. Right, Chris?
  2. 2. "Vroom!"Ahem."Oh. Right! Whatever you say, dear!"Anyway... lets dive right into the thick of things without any preamble or recap whatsoever, hmm?Our story continues a few days after the events chronicled in "Sim Spade and the Counterfeit Clam Caper" ...
  3. 3. A few days after shooting finished, Bart Buccaneer, generation four spare to the Piratical Legacy, stopped by my simselfs house for a chat."I dont see why you cant just tell me, Goddess. I mean, Ive got most of it figured out already. Youd only be confirming what I already know. Yousay what it is and Ill tell you if Ive got it right or not."Im sorry, Bart. My lips are sealed, and you know it. Weve had this conversation before, hon."Well, frammit! Why wont anyone just tell me who my father is? Its not like hes likely to be some kind of dark lord and the knowledge of hisidentity will drive me out of my mind or anything."
  4. 4. Sorry, Bart. Theres rules. Ineffability and all that. them ever read your legacy or something.""Stupid rules. Ive had it up to here with your effing ineffability!" Maybe you just havent asked the right one?Language! Keep it PG-13, Bart. "Well, the only one I havent asked is Marina*...""I meant framming." Well then. Thatd be a good place to start.Good. Now, think back on the hints youve been given over time. "I guess I could go to her wedding next week. Elphaba invited me."Honestly, you will figure this out. I have faith in you. * Marina = smoothiequeen87, writer of the Fitzhugh Legacy &"Yeah, yeah... female simself, I know the drill. But none of the Spencers bachelor challenge. Elphaba is her love child with Gagesimselves Ive talked to know who it is! Geez, youd think none of Uglacy.
  5. 5. Speaking of Elphaba, she and Hercules both finally teenified. They were pretty excited - theyd been wanting to date for years but werent oldenough. Once Herc was old enough to drive, though, they both got dressed up in their best clothes and Hercules took Elphaba to the skating rink. Itwas a new hotspot and all the kids were going there to date and generally get in trouble.Besides, Herc had a slight romantic streak, being my Simselfson and all, and he thought that skating together was pretty sweet.
  6. 6. At least, in theory.The two of them spent more time checking to make sure they had no broken bones than they did twirling together.
  7. 7. Still, as the evening came to a close and Herc walked Elphaba home, he scrounged up the courage to give her a goodnight kiss. And obviously,Elphaba was all for it!Awww... young love. So sweet, so innocent.
  8. 8. Hercules and Elphaba werent the only couple experiencing the bliss of springtime on Pirate Island, though. Marina had finally ditched Gage afterthe Counterfeit Clam affair and hooked up with celebrity Shane West, who is an actor. A cute actor, at that.
  9. 9. And they both rolled up the wants for this, of course. Yknow, since I tweaked them so they have three bolts and all. Hey, even a deity can beapologetic, and inflicting Gagespawn on anyone certainly requires a fair bit of groveling
  10. 10. The wedding was the party of the century, of course. All the Orikes (Pseudo Legacy)Simselves and a handful of Buccaneers were in attendance, Professor Butters-Marius (Squeaky Clean Legacy) (with Flaviusincluding: Marius, a creation of Blite27) Blite27 (Ten Caesars Legacy)SimHubby Candi020765 (Uglacy, Prettacy)SimMeEphemeral Toast (Apocalypso-A-Go-Go, Uraniums Bachelorette And, of course, Gage stopped by to wish the happy couple luck andChallenge, Ugothlacy) happiness, and to try to flirt with Toast. I love the Romance modPikaKyle (Say Goodbye Sims! and other stories) from MATY. It makes jealousy somewhat more realistic.Cowforbrains (Again Legacy)
  11. 11. After the ceremony was over, Blite and I headed off to a private corner to conduct contract negotiations for the next episode of Sim Spade.
  12. 12. Ephemeral Toast distracted Gage so that he couldnt cause any trouble. Not that he really cared.Toast, be glad you cant see his want panel. Im being nice to you and have no intention of fulfilling any of those unspeakable wants. Too scared ofUranium, yep.
  13. 13. And young Bart finally cornered the one simself he hadnt yet asked about his heritage."Ive been wondering when you would come to see me.""You mean you know what Ive been searching for pretty much my whole life and youve never thought to tell me?!?" Barts anger was palpable."Whoa, Bart, Ive been constrained by the same rules as Sarah. You know, plot and stuff. Ive had the information for you, but youve always had toask.""Well?"
  14. 14. "Hey, is it true that your grandmother got scared to death by an accursed ghost?""Stop changing the subject!""Fine, fine. Your father is an NPC DJ by the name of Cale Kosmokos. Hes blond, wears an orange tracksuit, and youre pretty much his spittingimage."Bart wasnt exactly sure what to think about this revelation. He thought he knew most of the people on the island and hed never met anyone namedCale. It was just... a lot of information to process all at once.
  15. 15. The wedding reception for Marina and Shane continued long into the night and a lot of other happy couples were definitely feeling the mood.But enough with the side stuff. Youre wanting to get back at the meat of the legacy, right? Well, Im happy to oblige.
  16. 16. "Arr! Listen, me child, if ye wants ta be taken seriously as th Queen o the Cosmos, ye ought ta wear yer clothes more often," Mary, matriarch ofthe family, cornered Ivy, generation three heiress, to lecture her in the kitchen. "This family be gettin downright depraved! Struttin around inskivvies and whatnot. And Pao! Ye be no better, aye?"
  17. 17. "Bart, why is everyone in their underwear in the kitchen?" Generation four heir Roche Buccaneer was more than a bit puzzled, not to mentionfaintly disgusted."Just ignore them, kiddo," Bart advised as he stared fixedly at his macaroni and cheese. "Ignore them and maybe you wont have high therapist billswhen youre older."
  18. 18. Determined to save poor Roches eyesight and sanity at all costs, Bart snagged a book off of the shelf and coaxed his half-brother outside to read. Itwas summer and warm and bright out until late, and really perfect weather for lounging around outside."Whats this book called, Bart?" Roche was curious. Hed read most of the kids books on the family bookcase but he hadnt seen this one before."Its Great-grandpa Jacks book," Bart explained. "The one he wrote about pirates and ninjas. Since youre going to be the heir, you should reallyknow as much of the family history as possible. You never know what tidbit of information will help you break the family curse. Somehow, I dontthink weve seen the worst of what it has to throw at us yet.""I know," Roche said seriously. "I was really scared when Grandma died from the ghosts and Im more scared thinking that worse things still mighthappen!""Dont be scared, bro," Bart said comfortingly. "Youre gonna beat the curse. I know it!"
  19. 19. Later that day, Ivy decided that it was finally time for clothes."We have a new outfit, Goddess, and new hair."I can see that, Ivy. Very spiffy."We feel that it this look is much more regal than our former ensemble."You mean because youre wearing clothes now?
  20. 20. Whatcha doin, Alan?"Well, Goddess, Im just celebrating the fact that the Syndicate has been put down and Julia is behind bars where she belongs."Im proud of you and Shannon, Alan. Really, I am."Dont forget my son, Jack, Goddess. He was instrumental in solving that case, almost as much as young Mr. Spade."Dont worry, Alan. Jacks role in that escapade hasnt escaped me - you can rest assured of that.
  21. 21. Its Emmas simself that Ivy is happily greeting here, although shes still wearing her more conservative clothing from the Sim Spade shoot. Shenever did make it on camera there, mores the pity.Emma, aka simsfunk1, is a boolprop.com moderator and has written several legacies and stories.
  22. 22. "Okay, best nine out of ten." game, its really only thirty.""Ive already beaten you nine times, Pao." "Pao, you owe me twenty.""I still have a chance!" "You sure about that, Blite?""Fine, fine... since its fifty simoleans at stake this time, I suppose we "Yes. Now, are you going to play or what?"can have one more round." "Okay, Im ready. Rock, paper, scissors!""Ah, but with the twenty you already owe me from last weeks poker
  23. 23. "Oh yeah! My rock so totally crushed your scissors, Pao.""Fine, fine. Ill pay you tonight at the poker game.""Fair enough... although I might give you a chance to win it back.""Gee, thats awfully nice of you, Blite.""Well, I do have a reputation to uphold."
  24. 24. While his stepfather and Blite were outside competing for businessadvantage, Bart surprised his aging grandfather with a hug. Alan was "Yeah," Bart said. He stared at his feet. "I dont feel like I wasstartled, to say the least. While Bart obviously cared about his family, expecting to feel, Grandpa. I just feel exactly the same. I thought Idhe wasnt the demonstrative sort. be happy, or sad, or relieved, or accomplished or something.""Whats up, Bart?" "Maybe its because you havent met him yet," Alan shrugged. Sometimes he could be surprisingly insightful."I just wanted to say that I love you, grandpa," Bart said, shruggingawkwardly. "Oh, and I found out who my father is." "Maybe youre right, Grandpa," Bart said. He hugged Alan again. "Thanks for listening... its helped a bit.""Did you, now?" Alan was a bit relieved. Hed been aching to tell hisgrandson for years but had refrained in order to respect Ivys wishes "Any time, Bart."on the matter.
  25. 25. A few days later and it was time for Roches birthday. He was for them to participate, which he thought was a bit silly.anxious about it for a lot of reasons. Perhaps the most pressing wasthat once he was a teenager, he would be vulnerable to the curses "Make a wish, Roche!" Grandma Mary grinned from across the cakeeffects as well. at him. "Ye should wish ta be a pirate, like yer grandma!"But there was a party to attend to, and seeing the familiar faces of his "Or a journalist," Uncle Jack chimed in.friends and family helped push away the fears for a few minutes.Who could be down when Uncle Jack, Uncle Eddie, Aunt Anne, and "Tiger!" cried Uncle Eddie.their spouses were over? Though Roche did wish that some of hiscousins could have made it. But the party was too late in the evening "Cheesy diva," Aunt Anne added languidly.
  26. 26. Roche closed his eyes, and blew out the candles, and wished. Roche had rolled Pleasure, had he? Mary was amused.When he opened them again, the sparkles had cleared and he was all I wasnt. Framming Pleasure sims and their measly 500 aspirationgrown up. And he knew exactly what he wanted to do with his life. point wants."Im going to be a pirate, like Great-Grandpa Jack!" he cried. He "Soo... when do I get to start dating?" Roche asked idly as he scopedlooked around a bit frantically. "Umm... does anyone mind if I jump the room.on the couch?" A silhouette against the window caught his eye. A familiar silhouette,"Just make sure ye take the rum out first, aye?" Mary grinned. So, at that.
  27. 27. "Mysterious Gypsy Lady, what are you doing at my birthday party?" Roche asked as he stepped outside into the cool summer evening air."Youre old enough to know the score now, kid," the sage said with a shrug. "Your family is cursed and youre their only hope.""I know that already," Roche said. "You told me that on my last birthday. How is this information new?"
  28. 28. "Whats new," said the Mysterious Gypsy Lady, "is that Ive foundout a bit more about the extent of the curse, Roche. Dont you want to "Yeah, thats old news," Roche shrugged. "Honestly, momsknow what youre up against?" concubines are all a bit dim. Thinking theyre the only ones and all. Hello! Shes kind of married to my dad!""Well, why didnt you say so?" Roche demanded. "Of course I wantto know that! This thing has been looming over my head since I was "Who amazingly has no idea that your mother has a harem," thelittle, and its about time I got some solid answers." gypsy said, not bothering to hide her disdain."You know that the curse was caused by the death of Anthony "Enough about my father," Roche said. "Just tell me about the curse.Greaves, your mothers former concubine who stalked her after he I know the origin of it, but I dont really know what it does."caught her with your father, yes?"
  29. 29. "The curses effect is twofold," the gypsy said slowly. "The first "Exactly," the gypsy said. "But thats not the worst of it, Roche. Theeffect is general bad luck. Thats why your grandmother was able to curse is building itself up to a flash point. Once that point isbe scared to death by the family ghosts. Fortunately, your grandfather reached... the full effect of the curse will be in place."was able to save her, because every non-platinum death that happenson this lot only boosts the strength of the curse. Its almost like its "And whats that?" Roche asked impatiently.feeding off of the unhappy deaths." "Infertility," the gypsy said solemnly. "Roche, unless you can find a"Thats bad," Roche said. He eyed the family cemetary plot. "Weve way to defeat the curse, your family tree ends with you!"had a lot of deaths since Anthony." "What?!?" Roche shouted. But the gypsy was gone.
  30. 30. Well, it was still his birthday, and Roche decided not to let the gypsys awful pronouncement worry him. Like many Pleasure sims, he was inclinedto look on the bright side. Besides, he had money to spend and he needed a new look. Like it?"Its in keeping with the piratical tradition of this family, Goddess."I can see that. Its very snazzy, Roche. I especially like the hair.
  31. 31. Birthdays and dramatic pronouncements by mysterious gypsies aside, life at the Buccaneer manor continued as usual. Pao worked away in themilitary and did some work for brother-in-law Jack on the side, Mary planted her garden, and Alan inspired the law enforcement of tomorrow.Ivy, on the other hand, resorted to somewhat unorthodox methods in her attempts to recruit more harem members."Goddess, its just that the island citizens are naturally wary of becoming our Chief Concubine," Ivy mentioned to me as she flipped a coin into thefamily wishing well.Cant say as I blame them, dear."We think the idea of a curse is ridiculous," Ivy scoffed. "But the islanders are superstitious and so we must resort to wishing like a commonpeasant."
  32. 32. The wishing well dropped off a nice young college lad named Drake Seavey. Ivy wasted no time in outlining her proposition - it wasnt that longuntil Pao was due home from work - and Drake enthusiastically agreed to the terms.
  33. 33. "Although we do feel compelled to warn you that our last five concubines have all died horrible deaths through strange accidental occurances," Ivyadded just before the audition commenced.But that didnt deter Drake in the least.
  34. 34. He accepted the offer of Chief Concubine after a successful audition and then headed outside to play with his favorite toy: the weather machine.It wasnt long before hed managed to create a hailstorm.
  35. 35. "Would you consider a queen exercising her monarchly perogative of having a harem to be cheating, mother?"
  36. 36. But Alas, Drake never figured out how to make the hail stop, and before long he was just another statistic."YOU KNOW, THIS GUY JUST HELPED THE CURSE REACH THE FLASH POINT."Theyve been warned, Grimmy."JUST CHECKING. ILL SEE YOU TOMORROW."Tomorrow? Me?"I MEANT I WILL SEE YOU HERE TOMORROW. I HAVE AN APPOINTMENT."
  37. 37. Captain Jack, being the dutiful patriarch that he is, possessed Commodore Bear as usual and spelled out the facts to Roche."Thats it, boy. The curse be sealed to the family now. Savvy?""Got it, Captain. Ill do my best to break it, you can bet on it.""Arr... good lad. Now, Ill be tellin ye where I stored the last o me rum, aye?""Sweet!"
  38. 38. Once Jack had said his say, Mary and Alan pulled Roche aside to impart their own words of wisdom to him."Listen, mboy, we dont have much longer in this world, aye?" Mary began. "Yer grandpa there has only a few hours, savvy? So listen good."
  39. 39. "This family has a lot of history, Roche," Alan said. "A lot of history. And you need to know it if youre going to have any chance of overthrowingthe family curse.""A lot of history?" Roche was puzzled. "But Im only the fourth generation of Buccaneer to be born on this island!""History, boy," Alan nodded emphatically. "Take heed of the lessons your elders have for you. Dont jump on the couch you store the rum in. Dontblow too many bubbles in college.""Aye," Mary chimed in. "Dont be gettin rid o Commodore Bear. He has much wisdom, savvy?""Savvy," Bart said.
  40. 40. "And never forget," Mary added as the three of them stood up, "tub pirating is important. Arr!""Tub pirating," Roche nodded. "Got it, grandma.""Now, let me just pass on th perks I earned runnin me store," Mary said. She also taught Roche how to be playful enough to tub pirate, eventuallybringing his playfulness from four to eight through constant encouragement.
  41. 41. "Ill miss you when youre gone, grandpa," Roche said, throwing his arms around Alan."Dont worry, Roche," Alan said, his ever-present grin lighting up. "You know Ill still be here watching you after Im gone.""Just as long as you dont scare me when Im stargazing!" Roche admonished."Hey... dont ask for promises I cant keep," Alan grinned. "Now, why dont you hit the energizer? Its nearly morning and you have a lot to dotoday."
  42. 42. While Roche was Energizing, Mary headed out into the pre-dawn gloom to tend her plants. Theyd suffered horribly from Drakes hailstorm andwere still looking a bit pale. Shed have to harvest them after Alan died and her practical piratical side insisted on tending them."What do ye be doin out here, Mary?!?" Jacks ghost spluttered as he popped up in the middle of the eggplant patch."Frammit, father, yeve made me wet me knickers!" Mary scolded as she tried to recover from her fright. "Couldnt ye wait? Arr!""Sweets, ye need ta be trainin Roche in the ways o heirdom, not putterin about with yer plants, savvy?""Hes Energizing, dad!""Oops, me bad. Arr!"
  43. 43. And with that, Jack spend the rest of the evening playing with the spectre of Roux-kitty.
  44. 44. Mary, meanwhile, assisted Roche in his skilling. She was the most highly skilled member of the family and she didnt have many days longer thanAlan. Roche needed to be skilled enough to breeze through university so he could focus on researching occult curses and their counterspells.And, er, stuff.
  45. 45. While Mary and Roche were upstairs, Bart waited until Pao was busy toapproach his mother. "We knew him here, and in university," Ivy shrugged. "The last we heard he was on the island, though.""Mom, I wanted to let you know that I found out who my father is," he said. "Well, that settles it," Bart said in a determined voice. "Im staying here and"We knew you would find out sooner or later," Ivy said with a resigned searching for him instead of going to college."sigh. She didnt look particularly happy - or unhappy either, for that matter. "We will, of course, support your decision," Ivy shrugged. "But we enjoyed"I need to find him," Bart said. "Do you know where I could find him?" college and think you should attend.""No, we havent seen your father since you were conceived," Ivy shrugged. "Youre not changing my mind!" Bart said stubbornly. "Finding my father is"That was right after we got back from university." more important than college, okay?""You met him here, then?" Ivy just shrugged.
  46. 46. Alan, meanwhile, invited Shannon over so he could say goodbye."So todays the day?" Shannon asked. He sounded... tired."Yep, I reckon it is," Alan said. "I wanted to thank you, Shannon, for always being my best friend through thick and thin. You and Elisabeth havealways been very good to Mary and me.""Best friends do that," Shannon said, hugging Alan awkwardly. "Thats what we do.""That we do, Shannon... that we do."
  47. 47. "Ivy, youve been a good, law-abiding daughter," Alan said, hugging his daughter tight. "Run a tight island when its your turn, okay?""We will do our best," Ivy said. She sniffled a little. "We will miss you, father."
  48. 48. It was Barts turn next."Do me a favor, Bart," Alan said. "Go to college.""But... my father is here," Bart said slowly. "Thats the whole reason I decided not to go. So I can find him.""I think once you find yourself, youll find your father," Alan said gently. "I found myself, and your grandmother, in college. Met Shannon theretoo. Going to college will help you find your father. I can feel it.""Well... Ill think about it," Bart said reluctantly. "I guess a year or two couldnt hurt. I dont have to finish my degree."
  49. 49. As the sun slipped lower in the sky, Alan knew it was almost time. He pulled Mary close, and they danced like newlyweds on the grass in front oftheir house.
  50. 50. As the clock chimed six oclock, Alan felt an icy chill race through him. He kissed Mary one list time, and pulled away."Goodbye, my love," he whispered.
  53. 53. After Alan departed, the rest of the family and some friends stuck around for a little while and comforted each other.
  54. 54. Shannon was, of course, the hardest-hit. He and Alan had been inseparable, and now he seemed a little... lost.
  55. 55. "Hey Alan, remember how we helped young Mr. Spade solve the Counterfeit Clam case?"Umm... Shannon... Alans gone. Remember?"Oh yeah..."*sniff*
  56. 56. Nobody was surprised when Elisabeth sent word the next morning that Shannon had died quietly in his sleep, a few hours after the birth of his sixthgrandchild. He died perma-plat, though, and was soon reunited with Alan.Cant you just picture the two of them at that big old fishin hole up in the sky?"YES. CANT YOU MAKE THEM SHUT UP?"Aww... you know that youre getting fond of them, Grimmy."I ADMIT TO NO SUCH THING."
  57. 57. Bart was so traumatized by the loss of his grandfather, he immediately decided to honour Alans last wish - he would indeed go to college.
  58. 58. He worked very hard and finally managed to secure an athletic scholarship, as his grades were a bit too low to get an academic scholarship. Whenhed decided not to go to college hed slacked off on his classwork more than a little.
  59. 59. Mary consoled herself by tub-pirating."Arr! Tub-pirating can solve any problem, Goddess. Savvy?"Heh, savvy. Too bad it doesnt actually clean tubs."Arr!"
  60. 60. The house was feeling empty without Alans presence, so Ivy decreed that the family should adopt a pet. "We want a dog!"And so little black girl-puppy Pearl joined the household! Everyone doted on her, but especially Roche.
  61. 61. Bart didnt let himself get too attached as he soon headed to college.
  62. 62. *sigh* They grow up so quickly, dont they. Bart certainly made a striking young adult... very handsome in a rugged sort of way.
  63. 63. Bart wasnt alone in his educational endeavors. He shared Lam Plaza Dormitory with four other people, but he only really became close with thesethree: Tom Freshe, Emily Lee, and his second cousin Hadrian Toyonaga.Quite a few of his other friends and family had chosen to enroll at university in Paris as well, but well get to them in a few slides. One dorm at atime!
  64. 64. Bart adapted pretty well to college life. He spent a lot of time studying, of course, and eventually reaffirmed that he wanted to become a teacher,just like Professor Butters-Marius. While he didnt know the Professor very well, hed always admired her and it had been her family tree projectthat had started him on his quest to find his father.
  65. 65. Hadrian and Bart often studied together, although they were in salon, though."different majors. "Maybe you should stay in school until you figure that out," Bart"Yknow, Bart," Hadrian said one afternoon as they pored over their said.textbooks, "Im thinking about dropping out." "Thats a good idea, Bart," Hadrian grinned. "Thats a good idea.""Really?" Bart was surprised. "I thought you wanted a businessdegree." "Okay, two points here," Bart said, putting his book down. "Im not my grandfather. And youre not yours! No matter how much you look"Well, yeah," Hadrian said, "but I kind of want to start running my like Uncle Shannon." They both laughed.business now. Still havent decided if I want a flower shop or a hair
  66. 66. Bart wasnt a bad guy, but he certainly wasnt above cheating at chess either. Poor gullible dormies. Ted Langerack never had a chance.
  67. 67. Hadrian, meanwhile, had other things on his mind."Renaud, that hair colour looks awesome on you," Hadrian said."Gee, thanks!" Renaud blushed.
  68. 68. And Tom and Emily were dating pretty much from the moment they met. Bart was the only one who really hadnt found anyone special.
  69. 69. He found it kind of annoying, too, that Hadrian would rather study with Renaud than with him. His best friends were all romancing people and hewas left out. It kind of stunk.
  70. 70. So Bart decided to chat up the next girl who dropped by the dorm. That happened to be cheerleader Vamsi Midlock."Hey Vamsi, want to go out sometime?" Bart tried. He really wished that his high school girlfriend had decided to go to college. It would havemade the whole dating process much easier."Gee, Bart... Im really flattered," Vamsi said, blushing. "But I dont have time to date right now. Cheerleading consumes my whole life.""Ahh... okay," Bart said, shrugging. He liked Vamsi, but not enough to be totally crushed at being shot down.
  71. 71. Some of Barts family and friends were living in Mille House Dorm, across campus from where Bart lived. He didnt get to see them very often,unfortunately. Their first semester was just too busy.The Pirate Islanders, though they hadnt known each other very well back home, quickly found themselves hanging out a lot. On one of Barts rarevisits to Mille House, he took this picture to send home to his family. From left to right, the Pirate Island residents of Mille House were: ElphabaUglacy, Hercules Deity, William Curtin, and Autumn Thayer. William is one of Celeste and Other-Alans children and Autumn is Jack andMeadows oldest.
  72. 72. Elphaba and Hercules had been dating for quite some time by this point and were pretty serious in their relationship. I encouraged them at everyopportunity. I wanted grandbabies!
  73. 73. Because Elphaba and Hercules spent so much time "together", Autumn and William spent a lot of time together as well. Fortunately, they hadpretty similar personalities and they were soon best friends.
  74. 74. "Your cousin Autumn is pretty hot," Hercules observed one evening while he and William enjoyed a friendly game of darts."I guess," William shrugged. "I hadnt really noticed. Were not that closely related but we are second cousins.""Hey, thats totally game legal," Hercules grinned. "You should go for it, dude. She totally digs you.""Really," William said dryly."Hey, would I lie to you?" Hercules grinned."Umm... maybe?" William laughed.
  75. 75. Because of Elphabas ... unusual ... features, she found herself the butt of a few jokes in dorm."Is that your face or did somebody drop roadkill on your head?" sneered the red-headed girl.Hercules watched in amusement.
  76. 76. "Oh no, you did not insult me," Elphaba said. She growled, grabbed a glass of water off of a nearby table, and flung the contents in the red-headsface."Beautifully done," Hercules grinned, applauding.
  77. 77. William was pretty sure that Hercules was joking about Autumn liking him but, well, she was awfully pretty. He found himself making excuses tospend more time with her.
  78. 78. "No, I dont think those pants make your butt look big," Elphaba decided."Thanks," Autumn said. "I was a bit worried.""Wanting to look nice for William?" Elphaba teased."What?" Autumn laughed. "No. Hes good-looking and all, but were practically related.""You mean you havent even considered it?" Elphaba sounded surprised."Well... maybe," Autumn grinned.
  79. 79. A few days later, Meadow dropped by for a quick visit. Shed heard a lot about William in Autumns letters home and decided to check the guy outjust in case the friendship turned more serious."What is your stance on counterfeit pearls?" she demanded."Theyre a great export opportunity for a savvy businessman," William said.Meadow eyed him critically for a moment. "Yeah... youll do," she concluded.
  80. 80. I also stopped by to see how things were going in the dorm."Oh, fine," Herc said. "Though Im getting tired of ramen. The cook is lousy and burns everything.""Eww," I sympathized. "Good on you for not taking advantage of your deific powers and smiting him, though.""Wait... I have deific powers?"
  81. 81. "Elphaba, I like your hips," I said, eyeing the girl critically. "Child-bearing hips, those are.""Goddess!" Elphaba exclaimed. "Dont you think thats a bit personal?""True," I agreed. "If were close enough for me to comment on your fertility then you can certainly call me Sarah.""Thats not what I..." Elphaba began, and trailed off.I grinned. Being a deity is fun sometimes.
  82. 82. "She said what?!?" Autumn was torn between amusement and shock."Yeah... she wants ten grandchildren," Elphaba said wearily.Tee hee."Yeah, but Herc has a younger sister," Autumn shrugged. "She can have all the babies.""I like the way you think, Autumn," Elphaba grinned.
  83. 83. A mother should never witness some things. Lets leave these two alone, shall we?And, erm, I dont want grandchildren yet!!!
  84. 84. There were four more Pirate Islanders living in Paris. These four were assigned to Casteroff Dormitory... aka the Party Dorm. From left to right wehave: Blake Curtin, Sadism Curtin, Wedge Biggs, and Irony Curtin.Blake is Williams twin brother. Sadism and Irony are the star-babies Other-Alan had about three hours after William and Blake were born. Thefour of them are effectively quadruplets.Wedge is the adopted son of Anne and Marla Biggs.
  85. 85. Yknow, Casteroff has a reputation for being a party dorm, and that reputation is well-earned. All four kids were excited about living there.Especially Blake and Irony, Popularity and Pleasure, respectively. Wedge, a fortune sim, was just happy to be networking. He had plans torevitalize the Syndicates Parisian connection and thus get taken on as Jacks protégé in the island mafia, hence his imitation of his potentialmentors collegiate fashion sense. As for Sadism... shes Romance. Nuff said.
  86. 86. Wedge and Irony, while technically second cousins, are actually not at all related. So they didnt hold back once they realized they were attracted toeach other.
  87. 87. Blake really wanted to find someone special too, but he didnt have much luck. He just wasnt attracted at all to most of the girls in his dorm. Theywere pretty, sure, but there just wasnt any chemistry.
  88. 88. Sadism simply wanted to explore all that humanity had to offer. She wasnt particularly picky about the appearance of her targets, although she wasoddly faithful to Jerry Turner. Not that he would have minded. Romance sims arent particularly jealous in my game.
  89. 89. After searching campus high and low, Blake finally found a woman he was attracted to: Aurora Taylor. She was everything he wanted in a woman- she was pretty and smart. Blake knew he needed a bright woman in his life as he was pretty sure he wasnt the sharpest pencil in the desk.Still, he was bright enough to take things slowly, and before he knew it the first semester was over.
  90. 90. Back at Lam Plaza, Bart and his fellow dormies celebrated the start of a new semester with a party! Most of the Pirate Island gang was there,including De, aka fireflower314, a simself who just happened to be in the area on vacation.Bart couldnt help but cast surreptitious glances at De. She was very, very pretty... but she wasnt the guest of honour, so he reluctantly went over togreet Angel Mace, Royal Greek House Placeholder, instead.
  91. 91. "Angel, you look fantastic tonight," Bart said."Gee, thanks," Angel grinned. "But you dont have to suck up, you know. Youve been in since birth, practically."
  92. 92. With that, Bart promptly ditched Angel and headed over to talk to De."Im glad you could stop by!" he enthused."Oh, me too," De said warmly. "I couldnt resist when Herc let me know there was going to be a party for all the PI-ers in Paris. Its almost likebeing home again."
  93. 93. "It sure feels like home being next to someone as beautiful as you," Bart replied, a cheesy grin on his face.De laughed. "Thats a pretty lame line, you know.""Its still true!" Bart insisted. The more he talked to De, the more he knew that he wanted to get to know her better.
  94. 94. The party was a roaring success, so much so that Bart and Hadrian were the only ones able to drag themselves out of bed and into the cafeteria inthe morning."Hey, I saw you talking to De all night," Hadrian said with a broad wink. "Something going on there you want to tell your dear cousin about?""Maybe," Bart said with a wide grin. "Im not sure yet.""Go for her," Hadrian urged. "Shes from home, even. Its obviously a match meant to be.""I dunno," Bart said. "I really like her, but shes a Romance sim and Im a Family sim. Were kind of an odd pair.""Ive seen weirder," Hadrian shrugged. "Just look at me and Renaud. If I can ever get him to admit hes interested in me, anyway."
  95. 95. "Hes still pretending to like girls?" Bart asked."Yup, hes dating another one," Hadrian sighed melodramatically. "Third girl this month.""Eh, either hell come out or youll find someone better," Bart said pragmatically. "Enough of this relationship stuff. You know what I really needright now?""What?""Dons chilli. Thats what.""I would kill for a bowl of Dons chilli."
  96. 96. Much to Barts delight, De showed up later that day. "Youve kissed lots of llamas, have you?""What brings you here?" he asked. "Well, no," De admitted. "I just read a lot of legacies.""Oh, I just thought Id drop by and see if you were free," De said."Im bored. You?" With a start, Bart realized he had to head to class. "But if youre not busy, stop by in a couple of hours," he said, flashing his best grin at"Likewise," Bart chuckled. "At this point Id kiss a llama for some De. "Or you can hang out here until I get back."entertainment." "Oh, Im sure I can find some way of amusing myself," De chuckled."Dont bother," De said, making a face. "Trust me... you dont want tokiss the llamas. Sure, theyre cute under the mask and all, but theyre End of Part 1. Part 2 should follow shortly.so clingy and needy. Such a turn off." -->
  97. 97. "What? I didnt say HOW Id keep myself amused!"