A Piratical Legacy Chapter 14 - Woohoo!


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A Piratical Legacy Chapter 14 - Woohoo!

  1. 1. Chapter 14 – Woohoo!Hello dear readers, and welcome to yet another chapter of A Piratical Legacy, which is following the lineage of the Buccaneer family. TheBuccaneer family was founded by the infamous pirate, Captain Jack... Buccaneer... after he was marooned on Pirate Island when his crewmutinied. The natives immediately made him their chief, and much mayhem has ensued since that point. If you want more of a recap, I suggestreading my other chapters, and if you get confused by the family lineages, I suggest you have my legacy family tree(http://purplebunny.tribalpages.com) open in another window or tab while youre reading this.Not that itll necessarily help, but you cant say I didnt make the effort.And now, without further delay...
  2. 2. *cough* *cough*Yeah, Ill get to the Legacy in a moment. *cough*Yknow, after I recover from my pesticides overdose.*cough* *cough*This is oddly ironic, since in real life I work in a lab that does pesticides testing.*cough*
  3. 3. Hrm. Well, I wasnt expecting that.
  4. 4. And since Im a family-oriented deity and since I dont have real kids yet, I immediately spawned a little plant-baby. Its a girl, and her name isDemeter, and shes weird-looking.
  5. 5. Artemis seems to like her, though. Of course, Artemis now wants to be a plant sim.Oh yeah, she grew up. Did I forget to mention that?Artemis is the daughter of SimMe and SimHubby (ChrisTheS, D&D Legacy). The nose is his fault.
  6. 6. Anyway, Demeter grew up and moved onto her own lot and has had quite the interesting life, but I couldnt fit any of those slides in. If yourelucky, Ill tag them onto the next chapter.
  7. 7. Ha! Right! Room for extra pictures? I always take waaaaay too many.Anyway, back to your regularly scheduled chapter.
  8. 8. ...in a minute.Cured of plantsim-ism, I was more than ready to start playing Legacy again when I got a special request from SimHubby, Chris.Since I thought his idea was a good one, I invited Celeste and Jack over to chat with them. Neither of them were elder yet, but they were bothgetting close, so Id called them just in time."I bet youre wondering why I called this meeting," I said once everyone was comfortable.
  9. 9. "I must admit, I have been extremely curious as to what may have precipitated this miniature convention, as it were," Jack said."When you summoned us, we cameBecause you are our deity and must heeded.But if its all the same,Ive got bread that must be kneaded.If its not too much trouble,Can we not tarry long?Alans blowing bubblesTo that stupid weasel song.""Well, its this," I said, shrugging. "Jack, you and Celeste are two of my most popular spares, and youre getting pretty important in the Spade seriesas well. A lot of my readers have asked if you guys are going to age along with the Legacy family, and I finally have an answer."
  10. 10. "Sarahs decided that one spare from each generation gets to be Elixir which you can share with your spouses. Welcome to theimmortal and live forever!" Chris said gleefully, stealing my thunder. immortals club!"I shot him a look. "Nice one, Chris." "We give our thanks, and think Well go home and have a drink!"What?" At least elixir isnt pink... Cause that would stink.""You totally spoiled my surprise, dear." "Indeed, my dear aunt Celeste," Jack said. They nodded inscrutably,"Ohhh... sorry." and took their leave."Its okay, youre forgiven," I said, grinning. I turned to look at Jack And now we return to our regularly scheduled Legacy-in-progress.and Celeste again. "Anyway, youll be getting an indefinite supply of
  11. 11. Lam Plaza Dormitory: 7 Graduates Served You dont really have to worry about remember anyones names except Benjamin, because the first thing he did when he moved toOnce these five are done, that will make it an even dozen. university was pledge the Greek house. The house is a bit full right now, but as soon as theres room hell be moving in with theIm playing a lot of spares through university - way too many to generation 4 heir and a few other pledges.expect my readers to keep track of. In the last chapter you met (L-R)Emily and Tom, the Maxis playables; and Hadrian Toyonaga. The Oh, and I didnt intentionally make Benjamin and Cestus look likethree of them, now at the beginning of their junior year, are met by Brody and Micah Legacina (Pseudo Legacy, written by Orikes).Hadrians younger brothers: Cestus and Benjamin. Seriously. But I thought it was cute when I realized it.
  12. 12. A short blurb on the others can use up a few slides that would have gone to Demeter otherwise, because I want to give all twenty-four of thisgenerations children at least a few minutes of fame.During his first year, Cestus didnt accomplish anything terribly impressive other than wooing evil Cow Mascot, Tracy Carr.
  13. 13. Older brother Hadrian, meanwhile, gave up on the permanently lukewarm Renaud and moved onto Ray, one of the moderators atwww.boolprop.com, which any of my readers who havent already joined must now proceed and join. Although if youve managed to get this farwithout joining, Im surprised. Even hubby doesnt get all the in-jokes.Ahem. Anyway, Im sure theyll be very happy together, and Ray, Hadrian is actually pretty cute and is one of my favorite sims. So youre getting agood one.
  14. 14. Benjamin, meanwhile, decided to go to the Gypsy Matchmaker to find love. He and his fellow dormies had a fair bit of money so he paid the full$5000, and this is who he got. Uranium Apocalypso, evil mastermind extraordinaire (Apocalypso-A-Go-Go, by Ephemeral Toast).Uranium is up for woohoo at any time with pretty much anyone at least once, so she was game for the date.
  15. 15. However, it wasnt until Benjamin mentioned that he was planning on converting to the worship of the Potty God that Uraniums heart was wonover.
  16. 16. Of course, she is a Romance sim. So who knows how long it will last. Probably only as long as the woohoo is any good!
  17. 17. Casteroff Dormitory: Where the Legacy really begins. "This is stupid," Nala complained. "I dont get the point of all theseI know, I know I said that 7 slides back. And again a few more before dormie-bonding things. I wish these meetings werent mandatory."that. "Aww, cmon Nala," Roche said lazily. "I thought youd be all overWilliam Curtin and Elphaba Uglacy, in the back, were joined by Nala this, being a Popularity sim and all."Buccaneer, daughter of Eddie the Tiger; Roche Buccaneer,generation four Piratical heir; and Alder Thayer. "Im already friends with all of you," Nala muttered. "I want to meet someone new. Someone who isnt related to me would be nice for aBecause Roche was assigned to Casteroff when he moved to change, too."university, a lot of the story took place here, starting with groupphotos on the first day of class. William and Elphaba were the only And with that, she pouted and slouched off. Fortunately, theones who really got into it, though. photographer was done.
  18. 18. "I thought that was pretty cool, actually," Alder confessed to Roche as they walked downstairs. He glanced at his companions attire. "Umm...when did you change into pajamas?""Pleasure Sim," Roche shrugged. "I like wearing them. But Id better change before going into the cafeteria. Its pancakes this morning and I dontwant to get syrup on my pjs."
  19. 19. By the time Roche was dressed in his exceedingly complicated pirate look totally unique."outfit, Alder was long gone. He sat down with Nala instead. "I think the fur manages that pretty well," Roche pointed out."I see you have embraced the pajama lifestyle," Roche observed. "Well, yeah," Nala agreed, shoveling some pancake into her mouth."Denim chafes my tail," Nala said, wincing. She was not a Neat sim. "But its the whole package deal. Except for the ears, anyway." The cousins ate in silence for a few minutes. Then"Whats it like having a tail?" Roche asked. "Ive always kind of Nala spoke up again. "Hey, my parents told me all about this cursewondered." youre supposed to break. Thats awful that you wont be able to have kids until its taken care of.""Cool, actually," Nala said, beaming. "For one thing, it makes me
  20. 20. "Yeah," Roche said glumly, "I dont like thinking about that." "Sorry," Roche said with a goofy grin. "Anyway, you know the whole deal"But you need to!" Nala exclaimed. "For the family, I mean. Can I help with the curse. Its hung over me practically since I was born. Ever sinceyou?" that guy Anthony died after stalking mom, hes been out to get our family. His ghost even killed Grandma, remember? Good thing Grandpa was thereRoche grinned. "Sure, I guess. Hey, want to play Red Hands?" to rescue her. Oh, and you cant forget all of moms concubines dying either.""Okay," Nala shrugged. She steered the conversation back in the directionshe wanted. "So, about the curse. What do you know about it so far?" "Doesnt it bother you that your mom has half the island in love with her?" Nala asked curiously."Just what everyone else does," Roche said. He slapped Nalas hand. "Nah, I just make sure never to talk about it when my dad can hear," Roche"Ow! Not so hard!" Nala complained. shrugged.
  21. 21. With the recap out of the way, and with Nala agreeing to help him on "Of course well let you in right away!" Roches "cousin" (refer tohis quest to break the Curse on the Buccaneer family, Roche stopped family tree!) Irony Curtin said. "How could we not, Roche? Just lookworrying about his responsibilities and started really enjoying living at you. I can already tell that youre going to be a huge asset to theon campus. House."One of the first things he did was apply for Greek House "What do you mean?"membership. There was only one Greek House on campus and it hadbeen founded by his grandmother Mary and his great-aunt Elisabeth. "Well duh," Irony giggled. "Youre a Pleasure Sim and a Legacy heir.Currently his older brother Bart and several of his cousins were All the prettiest boys and girls are going to flock to hang out with usliving there, so Roche figured it would be a cinch to get accepted. once youre a member. I may be dating your cousin Wedge, but I still get to look -- right?"
  22. 22. Autumn Thayer came over with the rest of the Greek House members to confirm Roches admittance into that august body and while she was there,William finally proposed to her."Of course Ill marry you!" Autumn squealed. She threw her arms around William and immediately started planning a huge blowout wedding,which you may or may not get to see at a later date.
  23. 23. Love, or at least like, was in the air, it seemed."Hey Roche, do you see that girl behind you?" Alder whispered."Uh, no," Roche said as he shoveled the macaroni into his mouth. "Shes behind me.""Oh. Right. Well, shes really cute," Alder said."So? Go talk to her if you like her," Roche said encouragingly."But what if she doesnt like me?" Alder was a bit nervous. Hed never really talked to any girls except relatives before."Then you find another one," Roche shrugged. "No harm in trying, anyway. What are you waiting for?"
  24. 24. Screwing up all his courage, Alder put down his fork and walked over to the girl."I havent seen you here before," he said shyly."Oh, Im a friend of Nalas from Pirate Island," the girl replied. "Im in Paris for the week and thought Id look her up. Shes at class right now,though."A few awkward sentences later, and Alder learned that his mystery woman was none other than Denise, aka avidreader2466 (Puritanical GreenThumb Legacy). He was smitten, but only time would tell if she returned the feelings.
  25. 25. Just another day in the life at Casteroff. Cousins thumping each other with pillows while another cousin looks on.
  26. 26. Since Alder had taken the pretty simself with the braids, Roche decided to try to find someone for himself. However, he and Jaiden Baena justdidnt hit it off, and there were no other unattached female dormies living in Casteroff. Hed have to do things the old-fashioned way.
  27. 27. Hey, have you read the first few chapters? For the Buccaneers, this is the old-fashioned way."Ive got... a dorm standard-issue desk, some pocket lint, a stuffed bear with an eyepatch, and about six million pillows."
  28. 28. The matchmaker presented Roche with Marie Mazza, pizza delivery girl. They have three bolts - who am I to argue with that?
  29. 29. Their courtship went fairly quickly, as it does with all three-bolt couples.
  30. 30. A few rather suggestive words and we have a crush! Well, on one side at least. But Roche is outgoing enough that, combined with the three bolts,hed probably even marry Marie without having a crush on her if their relationship was high enough.
  31. 31. Of course, things soon heated up so Roche felt the sudden urge to smack his new girlfriend over the head with a water balloon in the middle ofwinter.Yknow, if either of them freeze to death Im calling it the curse and leaving it at that.
  32. 32. The date went so well, it lasted all night with a judiciously applied burst of the energizer."Hey Marie, congratulations on being so hot!""Oh, I know," Marie said. "Isnt it just divine? I mean, youd know. Youre hot too."You sure about that Marie? Roche seems to have gotten the weirdest possible mix of Ivy and Paos genes that you can imagine."Can you hear someone talking, Roche?"
  33. 33. And before long, they were sitting in the love tub, talking about handcuffs. However, thats when the date ended and Marie went home.Roche decided to hang out in the hot tub and freeze for a bit longer.
  34. 34. Uhh... Roche. Thats NOT Marie! Actually, thats Elphaba! Faba! You cheated on Hercules while I wasnt looking!"Why would I do it while you were looking, goddess? Youre my future mother-in-law!"Ooooh... why I oughta...For those of you who are wondering if this was staged, I can assure you that my sims decided to do this all on their own. I installed ACR recently -Autonomous Casual Romance. Im pretty sure that Roche and Elphabas relationship is in the low 20s and yet they do this? Gah! Pleasure Sims!Now... should I tell Herc or not....?
  35. 35. "Wow, that was fun, Faba! Uhh... but we probably shouldnt do it again. I dont think my girlfriend would like it.""Tee hee, I bet Hercules would be pretty mad too.""Whos Hercules?" Roche asked."Oh, just my fiancé," Elphaba shrugged.
  36. 36. Roche! I thought you werent going to romance Elphaba anymore!"I *smack* didnt say that *slurp* goddess," Roche said between sloppy kisses up Elphabas arm. "I just *mmph* said no more woohoo!"Elphaba! Stop enjoying it! Do I have to come down and smite you?
  37. 37. "Geez, Faba, your mother-in-laws a real --"I can still hear you. And I have smiting powers."Fine, Ill be good," Roche grumbled.
  38. 38. "So, you and Roche woohooed, did you?" William observed as he slurped down some chilli."Yep," Elphaba shrugged. "But its not like anyone else is going to be faithful to their partners in college unless theyre a family sim.""Well, not anymore," William said. "Hey, do you think Nala would woohoo with me?""Eww," Elphaba shuddered. "Shes practically your cousin!""Not according to my relationships panel," William shrugged. "My own fiancée is my moms nephews daughter."
  39. 39. A few days later and Hercules stopped by on behalf of the Greek House to review Nalas membership application. It went through with no hitchesdue to the high levels of nepotism involved.Nobody mentioned that Elphaba and Roche had partied in the hot tub. It just didnt seem to be their place. And I held my tongue because I hoped itwould only be a one-time event.
  40. 40. Besides, Elphaba spent most of the Greek House visit stalking Herc and making out with him.That looks painful...
  41. 41. And that brings us to: Mille House Dormitory, with the people I dont really care about except April Thayer because shes the fourth housematefor when Roche takes over the Greek House.L-R we have: Sadism Curtin, Scipio Toyonaga, April Thayer, Aspen Thayer, and Wedge Biggs. Wedge is currently dating Irony Curtin (Sadismstwin). Sadism is currently dating whoever will woohoo with her as she is a Romance Sim.
  42. 42. April is Jacks favorite daughter, which is why he sent one of his minions to Paris to keep an eye on her. Blite, aka Mr. B., aka Ben, aka writer ofthe Ten Caesars Legacy, was the one stuck with the job and decided to tell April right off the bad so she wouldnt be too mad when he followed heraround on her dates."Let me get this straight," April said. "Youre here to babysit me?!? Im going to kill daddy when I see him again. When will he ever admit that Imgrown up?"Ben didnt say much but he had definitely noticed that April wasnt a kid anymore. She was absolutely gorgeous.
  43. 43. "Hey, if youre stuck following me around, we might as well make the most of it," April grinned.Ben recoiled. "What? Your dad will kill me!"
  44. 44. He soon proved to be helpless against Aprils charms, though.
  45. 45. See? Aww...
  46. 46. Of course, things were then extremely awkward between the two of them because Ben was still technically working for her dad, and part of his jobwas making sure that April didnt hook up with any seedy characters. So he sat down (nice choice of seats there) and started babbling aboutcounterfeit pearls.
  47. 47. Scipio found romance as well with an ugly dormie.
  48. 48. And Sadism found romance with... Wedge? Sadism, thats your sisters boyfriend!"Tee hee, twins should share everything!"Youre awful. And Wedge, what would Jack say?Wedge is currently in training to become Jacks chief lieutenant in the Syndicate.
  49. 49. But Sadism wasnt out to steal her sisters boyfriend. No, she just wanted woohoo and Wedge was convenient. The next time she wanted woohoo,Aspen Thayer was the closest candidate.
  50. 50. "Im the most successful Romance sim at this university."
  51. 51. And that brings us to the Greek House. Refer to the last chapter to see who everyone is. Ill give a brief recap if I think of it when they walk on, butthats about it."Goddess," Bart, generation four spare and Roches elder half-brother, said. I immediately paid attention to him cause hes nice to look at. "Ivedecided to do it.""Do what?" I asked.
  52. 52. Oh!After eating, Roche invited his girlfriend De (aka fireflower314, Morgan Legacy) over. The first thing he did after greeting her was pull out anengagement ring!
  53. 53. And the first thing De did was put it on and then jump Bart. Even though shes a Romance sim and hes Family, they really love each other and theyactually have a bolt or two despite the opposing aspirations. And theyre my favorite couple.
  54. 54. While the two headed off to the hot tub to celebrate, Autumn (in the pink) threw a party to celebrate the new additions to the Greek House. Abunch of old friends as well as the new members came by and a good was had by all."Why are you wearing so much pink?" Benjamin asked Autumn. Meanwhile, the Purple Hair Club reunited over by the stereo. Hadrian and Ironyhave always gotten on well.
  55. 55. As Bart and De headed back towards the house, they greeted the next batch of party guests.
  56. 56. "CK!" Bart said, greeting his friend happily. "Glad you could make "Wait, you knew my mom?" Bart said. He put a few things togetherit, dude! Whats up with the blond hair, though?" in his head. "CK ... Cale Kosmokos?""I didnt have to come straight from work this time," Cale Kosmokos "Thats me!" Cale grinned. "Weird how we look so much alike."shrugged. "Man, being at this place brings me back. I rememberhanging out with a cool chick named Ivy here back in the day." "Uh... CK, I have something I should probably tell you," Bart said."Wow, thats eerie," De said, staring at both of them. "You two have "Oh?"the same profile." "Dude, youre my dad."
  57. 57. And Bart engulfed his newfound father in a big bearhug while Roche wandered over to introduce himself to De."So, youre going out with my brother, are you?""Actually, were getting married!" De smiled prettily and flashed her ring."Whoa, thats cool!" Roche grinned. "My bro found his dad and got engaged in the same day. Geez, its almost like all his plotlines are wrapping upat once!"Stop sounding like a Knowledge sim, Roche. And stop critiquing your deitys writing style.
  58. 58. "Well, youd better not cheat on Bart," Roche said, ignoring my commands for the most part and changing the subject."Why would I cheat on Bart?" De asked. "Have you looked at him lately? Hes hot!"
  59. 59. Their conversation was interrupted by Bart and Cale."CK, Id like you to meet my fiancée, De," Bart said. "I have to go to class but well talk later, okay?"
  60. 60. Upstairs, Irony decided that the party was the perfect time to finally propose to Wedge. So she did, and he said yes because on the whole he likedIrony a lot better than her sister Sadism.The name has nothing whatsoever to do with it. I swear.
  61. 61. This picture is just here to show you exactly how pretty April Thayer is. Stop ogling her, Herc. You have a fiancée already.
  62. 62. "And then he just started babbling about counterfeit pearls," April complained. Bart, back from class and disappointed to see that CK had left, wasstill more than happy to listen to his cousin talk about her problems."Sounds like hes just nervous about crossing your dad," Bart said. "Give him some time. Im sure hell come around.""I guess," April said. "But you know what my dad can be like. I wouldnt blame Ben if he ran as far away as he could get!""Yeah, but then hed be not following orders," Bart pointed out."True..."
  63. 63. De, meanwhile, wandered into the back yard intending to soak in the hot tub. She was rather unhappy at being foiled by Blake and his fiancée.
  64. 64. Mmm... men cooking dinner...
  65. 65. ... while the women order pizza.Thats so exactly how things work in my home. Chris cooks on his nights. I order pizza on mine.
  66. 66. This shot is for all the people who like staring at Barts bare torso. Like me. Mmm...
  67. 67. ... and these are the sorts of things that can happen on a university campus lot when the deity isnt paying attention.Hercules! What about Elphaba?"Too lazy to phone her, mom."Bad Herc. Bad!Grr... and I cant even smite you since youre my offspring. However, I would like to say that Im very disappointed in you and Autumn. Youreboth engaged to other people! That hack shouldnt be called ACR... it should be called meet & cheat or something similar.
  68. 68. See?
  69. 69. "What are you staring at?"
  70. 70. The next day, cow was still hanging around when William stopped by for a visit."Dude, you want to know what I saw your girlfriend doing yesterday?""Nope. Eating.""Suit yourself."
  71. 71. "Sooo... cheating on Elphaba, huh?" before settling down.""Whats it matter to you, Bart?" Herc shrugged. "How would you feel if she felt the same way, though?" Bart asked."I disapprove very strongly," Bart said. "That sort of thing leads to... "Id kill the guy," Herc replied matter-of-factly.well, me not knowing who my father was until last week. That sort ofthing." "Ah, the good old double standard," Bart mused as he lined up to take a shot."Not like anything can happen in university," Herc shrugged. "Ivebeen with Elphaba since we were kids. I need to sow some oats "Whatever. Im a deity. That stuff happens all the time."
  72. 72. Just the words a mother loves to hear. I was a little tired of all the cheating partners so I went into the other two dorms, used the college adjuster onthem since there are no heirs or spares living in them, and then returned to Casteroff.
  73. 73. WHAT?!?!?!
  74. 74. Oh no, you did not just cheat on my son again, you little huzzy. Ill teach you a lesson!
  75. 75. ZOTZ!!!
  76. 76. "Elphaba, Ive said it before and Ill say it again. Your mother-in-law is a b--"I CAN STILL HEAR YOU. DO YOU WANT ME TO ZOTZ YOU AGAIN?"Some benevolent deity you are," Roche muttered as he got out of the hot tub.
  77. 77. "Elphaba, Im thinking that maybe we shouldnt actually even talk anymore. Yknow, so the goddess doesnt get the wrong idea.""Frammit, that sucks. Almost as much as these pancakes.""Dont diss the pancakes."
  78. 78. Elphaba then proceeded to show me precisely how evil she really is, starting with this...
  79. 79. ... and culminating with this.Okay, she and Herc are NOT living with Chris and me.
  80. 80. "Yeah, my new mother-in-law is such a jerk. She wont even let me woohoo with Roche!" Elphabas voice was filled with righteous indignation."Uhh, Faba, youre engaged to Herc, not Roche," Alder pointed out."Whats that have to do with anything?" Elphaba wanted to know. "Im a pleasure sim and its way less work to woohoo with Roche than to callHerc over for some fun."
  81. 81. Alder had a feeling that if he didnt take action, both Roche and Faba would end up getting smited by lightning so he arranged for a double date andalso invited Herc over. While Elphaba was occupying the hot tub with her honey, Roche and Alder greeted their dates.Roche and Marie have three bolts and thus their date was boring. So lets focus on Denise and Alder for a slide or two, shall we?Denise had returned to Pirate Island not long after meeting Alder, but theyd kept in touch via phone and computer and were very good friends bythe time of her next visit, which this was. This was their first date.
  82. 82. Id say that it went very well! A first kiss, double crush, and double hearts later and they were firmly in love.
  83. 83. Nala, meanwhile, kept an eye out for some visitors she was expecting. She was taking advantage of Roche being busy for the evening to take a fewmatters into her own hands.
  84. 84. "Hi April!" she said, greeting her cousin enthusiastically. "The others will be here in a few minutes."
  85. 85. "Oh? Who else is coming over?" April asked. curse could apply to me too.""Just Benjamin, but he asked if he could bring a friend," Nala said. "Thats just it," Nala said. "We dont know. And thats why we need to"We need to get to work figuring out how to end this curse. As you break this curse if Roche isnt willing to do it."can see," and she gestured to where Roche and Marie were makingout on the lawn, "Roche has other things on his mind and hasnt "And if it doesnt apply to us," April added, "I dont want to be stuckreally been applying himself to fixing things. We may be popularity founding a new Legacy or anything."sims instead of knowledge or family sims, but I dont want to have toworry about whether the curse applies to me or not. You?" "Me neither," Nala agreed, shuddering. "Oh look, here comes Benjamin and his guest.""I want at least one kid," April said worriedly. "I didnt know the
  86. 86. Benjamins guest ended up being Zoey Legacina - who, despite being a Pleasure sim, was well acquainted with occult interference in a Legacyfamily. Nala was glad to have her around for input."The reason I called all of us," Nala began, "Is because were the ones who will be moving to the Greek House with Roche at the start of our Junioryear. I think we can get him to start working on solving the curse with us in the spirit of bonding with his greek brother and sisters.""Thats a good idea," Zoey said."I agree," April said."Maybe we should ask my girlfriend Uranium for help," Benjamin added.
  87. 87. Everyone turned to look at him."What?""Her idea of a solution would be to kill everyone and declare the problem solved, although shed woohoo with all of us first," April explained."Oh... right."After a bit more discussion, plans were made to kidnap Roche the next morning and force him to start researching the curse in earnest.
  88. 88. However, real life got in the way with that. Marie had spent the night and Roche finally managed to get his hand on a ring and popped the questionwhile Elphaba and Captain Jack supervised in the distance.
  89. 89. "Arr! That be th way to propagate the legacy, mate.""Am I done now?" Elphaba asked, setting the bear down with disgust."Aye, love. Ycan be on yer way, aye."In the foreground, Marie accepted Roches proposal with glee until she realized it meant she had to get married. Then she pouted until he placatedher with woohoo.
  90. 90. The day after that Roche got himself invited on an outing by his "Um... its where you go to study," April said patiently.cousin Nala to bond with their fellow future Greek residents. Henaturally accepted, in the spirit of cousinly bonding, of course. "Study?""Where the fram are we?" he asked once they arrived at their "You know, so you do well in school?"destination. "I get Sinjin and Jaden in the dorm to do my homework and papers,""The library," Nala said. Roche shrugged. "And Grandpa Jack tells me the answers on tests.""What the fram is a library?" Roche asked. "Youre the one whos supposed to save the family from the curse?" April was a bit incredulous.
  91. 91. "As long as it involves woohoo!" Roche grinned."When you were a kid you werent nearly as much of an airhead," April said, shaking her head. "Come on, lets go in. I got permission from myprof to study books in the Restricted section."
  92. 92. "Hey, this book has instructions on how to turn a blender into a PS3!" Roche crowed as he flipped the pages."Shhh!" whisper-yelled the librarian."Sorry," Roche muttered and went back to reading.
  93. 93. A few hours later and they were about ready to give up."I cant believe we havent found anything," Benjamin complained in a low voice, earning a glare from the librarian. He waited until shed roundedthe stacks before continuing. "Weve been reading all the occult books and we havent found a thing.""Theres only one more book," Nala said, glancing at the pile shed pulled. "At least, only one more that I think might have any answers. But I haveto go now. Roche, youll have to check it out on your library card and read it on your own."
  94. 94. "Fine," Roche said, standing up. Nala got up as well and handed the book to him. "Whats it called?""The Necronomicon," Nala said. "You will read it... wont you?"
  95. 95. While the future Greeks were catching a quite bite before returning to their dorms, Alder decided to take Denise out for a night on the town in Parisas she would be returning to Pirate Island the next morning.
  96. 96. They went to the fanciest restaurant Alder could afford, and while they were waiting for their food to arrive, Alder decided the time was finallyright. He put a black velvet box on the table."Alder!" Denise gasped. "Is that what I think it is?"
  97. 97. "Marry me!" Alder said.Denise eyed the ring. "Of course!" she giggled, and slipped it on.
  98. 98. Aww…
  99. 99. At the Greek house, Bart was also thinking about true love. As a loyal, non-cheating, faithful, awesome person, he actually called De and invitedher over rather than cheating with one of his distantly related cousins.
  100. 100. De, being a Romance sim, was happy to oblige.
  101. 101. Autumn was going through a phase where she wanted to sow her wild oats. She literally went after every male who stopped by who wasnt a closeenough relative to show as family. Heres a perfect example. See how the female hits on her fiancés twin brother. Ugh.
  102. 102. "Guys, have you *hic* noticed how Autumns hitting on everyone?" Blake asked. "Dyou *hic* think I should tell my *hic* brother?""Up to you, dude," Bart shrugged.
  103. 103. Real good choice there, Blake. Im so proud of you.
  104. 104. Irony, meanwhile, had heard a few rumors through the grapevine of Wedges indiscretions with her twin and decided to get some revenge onWedge with Herc, since he wasnt exactly faithful either. However, my indiscreet son actually decided not to cheat on his fiancée for once and shotIrony down.
  105. 105. Of course, it might have been because Wedge was downstairs hanging out with Tracy Carr, Angel Mace (the Royal Placeholder), and Bart.I dont blame Herc for wanting to avoid getting slapped.
  106. 106. Angel graduated, which is nice, because she hadnt really had any face time since she was Ivys lover back when generation three was at university.Enjoy your life, Angel!
  107. 107. "Autumn, Ive been hearing some very disturbing things about you and ... well ... lots of guys.""Oh William, how could you believe such slander?""Aww... how could I believe it?" And with that, William tickle-attacked Autumn, apparently forgiving her or choosing to be wilfully ignorant.
  108. 108. Well go with wilfully ignorant.
  109. 109. A little while later, Cale stopped by. "Thats okay," Bart shrugged. "Moms husband Pao has been a really good father to me. But Id like it if we could be friends.""CK!" Bart said happily. "Come on in!" "Thats cool," Cale said, relief evident in his voice. "Im moving back"I cant stay long," Cale replied. "Sorry for ditching out of that party, to Pirate Island now, which is why I cant stay long. Well get inbut I got seriously weirded out at the thought of being a father. Your touch when youre done school?"mother never told me, and thats probably a good thing because Imnot really the paternal type." "Ill send you an invitation to the wedding," Bart grinned. He hugged his father and said goodbye.
  110. 110. Back at Casteroff, Nala decided to stop by Roches room to find out if hed looked at the Necronomicon yet. To her disgust, she found him playinggames on the computer."Roche! Youre not going to get anything done if you keep playing those stupid computer games," she chided."I was just bringing my fun up a bit, honest," Roche said. But he shut the computer off.
  111. 111. "Why is this so important to you, Nala?" he asked."I may be a popularity sim, but Im still worried about our family," Nala said. "I just dont want you and Marie to get hurt further down the linewhen you want a family and cant have one.""Aww, thanks Nala," Roche was a bit abashed. "Listen, Ill read that book tonight. If theres anything that can help us in it, Ill find it -- and youllbe the first to know."Nala smiled and said goodnight.
  112. 112. Roche changed into his pajamas and climbed into bed, but sleep eluded him. He found himself thinking about Marie a lot. He loved her, and herealized that he did want at least one child with her. They hadnt talked about children yet, and Marie was a romance sim, but Roche was pretty sureshe wanted to have at least one as well.
  113. 113. With a sigh, he reached under his pillow and pulled out the book."Now then, what did the librarian say I had to do before opening it... oh, right! Klatu, verata, um... nooboo!"He still found it rather odd that a curséd tome of vile wickedness looked like a perfectly ordinary textbook, but perhaps that was part of theabsolute evilness of the whole thing.
  114. 114. The next morning, Roche ran into Nalas room, where she was studying with Captain Jacks help."Roche? Whats up?" Nala asked, settling onto her beanbag chair.Roche sank onto the panda bear chair. He looked awful, as though hed been up all night. "I did it, Nala," he said excitedly. "I read the book! Thewhole thing, from cover to cover.""And? What be the news, mate?" Captain Jack put in his oar.
  115. 115. "I know how to beat it," Roche said, rubbing his eyes blearily. "I know how to beat the curse."And thats it for this time, folks! Will Roche really be able to beat the curse in the next chapter? Will I be able to refrain from Zotz!ing sims whoinsist on cheating? Will Jack beat the crap out of Blite? And will Nala ever get a boyfriend? All this and less in the next installment of ... APiratical Legacy.For an afterthought, click the next slide.
  116. 116. Look, its Marinas baby! And boy, does he ever look like his father, actor Shane West.That is all.