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April 2007 Smoke Signals Issue 6

  1. 1. Mr. PTHS Page 2 April 2007 Pt focus Issue 6 Photo submitted by photography club news Signals Smoke Volume 38 Prom Pages 4 & 5 Photo submitted by Jess Berardino Hometown celebrity visits media students Rachel Horensky Co -Editor-In-Cheif On March 8th, WTAE morning news anchor Andrew Stockey made a guest appearance to the media students for an in-school field trip. Interviewed by Grant Burkhardt and Kaitlin Houser, Stockey talked about his work in broadcast news. He reports the morning news, which includes the weather, traffic and school cancellations. Stockey began the interview with some background information about himself, saying that he graduated from Ohio University after growing up in Hartford, Connecticut. P r e v i o u s l y, Stockey used to report the sports for WTAE. He was able to attend big games but the demands of the job required him to be available six to seven days a week. After 15 years, Stockey switched over to the news, which gave him a set schedule and weekends off. In order to report the morning news, Stockey wakes up at 2 am. Upon arriving at the station, he meets with producers, anchors and meteorologists to write scripts and check stories. Besides reporting the news, Stockey said his job at the station is to brew the coffee. After his two hours on air, Stockey tapes a feature news story, then spends the rest of his day at home and is in bed by seven o’clock. Stockey told the media students that the hardest part of his job is being consistent on-air for two straight hours and exhibiting the same amount of energy throughout the show. He also said that the biggest change from moving from sports to news was having a co-anchor. Stockey remarked that he “is lucky that [they] have such chemistry on camera,” referring to Kelly Frey his current co-anchor. Their goal is to appear to the viewers as close friends as they are in real life. Stockey told the students that he thoroughly enjoys his career. “The weirdest part to get used to was having to wear makeup,” he said. He has met many celebrities, his favorite interview being with Muhammad Ali. Stockey said that he was privileged to have many opportunities to meet numerous celebrities that he sometimes can’t remember all of the interviews. “It’s just that one memory then you move onto the next person.” Stockey said that his favorite story that he covered was when Lynn Swann and Bill Mazeroski were inducted into the Football and Baseball Halls of Fame respectively. The hardest story that he had to report was when his childhood idol, Walter Payton, passed away. He enjoys the friendly competition with other news channels and is close friends with anchors such as Bob Pompeani and Alby Oxenreiter from other channels. Not only did Stockey share stories about his career, he also provided advice to students who want Photo by Elizabeth Goimarac Media students were enlightened by Stockey’s poise, charisma and excellent public speaking to pursue careers in media. He told them that the media business is sometimes just luck. Younger people have more opportunities than he did and in order to be successful, students should always be at the top of their game. In order to be a reporter, students must be approachable, friendly, believable and able to ad lib. He ended the interview saying that hands-on experience is the best way to learn and that majoring in journalism with a minor in an unrelated but a useful field would be most helpful. Party for charity: Relay For Life Index News Angelina Nepa News Editor Imagine shouting and running coupled with music, games, and enough food to feed an army. New Teen Room at the Believe it or not, this carnival-like daydream benefits public library charity, in the form of the annual Relay For Life, which Page 3 promotes cancer awareness. The 2007 relay for life will take place on the high school track, beginning on June 2, and continuing for an entire twenty-four hours. Relay For Life, characterized by the wellknown moon and stars logo, is a day-long walk-athon during Narcissism in teens... which various teams compete to Pages 4 & 5 raise the most money. Typical teams consist of the Masqued Indians and the Marching Band, – Carl not to mention several smaller student clubs and organizations. Proceeds benefit the nationally recognized Relay For Life, an offshoot of the American Cancer Society, founded to spread awareness and support those suffering from all types of cancer. Girls softball... Students, not surprisingly, have a great time. “I had tons of fun at last year’s Relay. The best part by far Pages 8 & 9 was walking around the track with friends at four a.m.,” said junior Carl Mitchell. “It’s great to have fun and Opinion Sports give your time to a great cause at the same time,” agreed junior Thomas Rauch. Students are already hard at work for the cause, selling homemade greeting cards and collecting change. Everyone, particularly families, is encouraged to show up and walk, eat, and play games. Those affected by cancer really appreciate the cause. Dr. Dell, leader of the Marching Band’s team, explained, “So many of us have been touched by cancer in some way, which is why I like working with the band, so many kids can really make an impact.” For example, in 2006, people paid for strips of duct tape, which they then used to tape Drum Majors Lee Greenwald and Meghan Roach to Mitchell, ‘08 a fence to raise more money. Relay began in the 1980’s in Tacoma, Washington, when Dr. Gordy Klatt ran around his hometown track for twenty-four hours. His friends and family paid to walk or run with him for half an hour, and at the end of the day, Klatt had raised $27,000. The concept quickly spread to other cities. The goal is to have bodies on the track for twenty-four hours, without stopping. “I had tons of fun at last year’s Relay. The best part by far was walking around the track with friends at four a.m.”
  2. 2. PT Reference April 2007 Sunday 1 2 April Fool’s Day! Monday Tuesday 3 Track & Field vs. KO & TJ 3:30 Boys’ Varsity Tennis @ Bethel 3:30 End of 3rd Nine Weeks! Girls’ Varsity Softball @ Trinity 4:00 Wednesday 4 Spring Break Boys’ Varsity Tennis @ Chartiers Valley 3:30 10 11 Report Cards! Easter Girls’ Varsity Softball @ Baldwin 4:00 Girls’ Varsity Lax @ Bethel Park 4:00 Track & Field vs. Ringgold 3:30 Boys’ Varsity Baseball @ Baldwin 4:00 Varsity Baseball @ Mt. Lebo 4:15 Boys’ Varsity Volleyball @ Hopewell 7:30 Holocast Memorial Day 22 Girls’ Varsity Softball vs. Perry Traditional Academy 4:00 Boys’ Varsity Baseball vs. Cannon Mac 7:00 23 Earth Day 5 Spring Break 6 Spring Break 7 Spring Break 12 13 Girls’ Varsity Softball vs. Mt Lebo 4:00 Girls’ Varsity Lax @ Columbus school for Girls 5:00 17 Boys’ Varsity Tennis @ Boys’ Varsity Baseball @ USC 4:15 USC 3:30 Girls’ Varsity Lax vs. USC 7:30 Boys’ Varisty Volleyball vs. Moon 7:30 18 19 24 25 26 Boys’ Varsity Baseball vs.USC 7:00 Girls’ Varsity Softball @ Cannon Mac 4:00 Track & Field vs Ringold Track & Field - Big 7 4:00 Meet 12:30 Boys’ Varsity Tennis vs. North Allegheny 3:30 Track & Field @ Cannon Mac 5:30 Boys’ Varsity Volleyball vs. Montour 7:30 29 14 Boys’ Varsity Volleyball @ Cannon Mac 7:30 Fools @ 7 20 Fools @ 730 Track & Field @ W Mif- Boys’ Varsity Tennis vs Girls’ Varsity Softball flin and McKeesport Moon 3:30 vs. Upper St. Clair 4:00 Boys’ Varsity Volleyball Boys’ Varsity Baseball @ Our Lady of Sacred Boys’ Varsity Volvs. Baldwin 7:00 Heart 7:30 leyball vs. Greater Latrobe 7:30 Girls’ Varsity Lax @ Mt. Lebo 7:30 Girls’ Varsity LAX vs. Baldwin 7:30 Boys’ Varsity Volleyball @ Ambridge Area 7:30 Boys’ Varsity Baseball vs Mt Lebo 7:00 Saturday Girls’ Varsity Softball vs. Cannon Mac 4:00 8Spring Break 9 Spring Break 16 Friday Boys’ Varsity Volleyball @ Baldwin 7:30 Boys’ Varsity Volleyball vs. Belle Vernon 7:30 15 Thursday Boys’ Varsity Tennis @ Trinity 3:30 Boys’ Varsity Baseball vs. Bethel Park 7:00 Fools @ 730 21 Girls’ Varsity Softball @ Bethel Park Girls’ Varsity Lax vs. Franklin Regionals 7:30 27 Arbor Day Boys’ Varsity Tennis @ Montour 3:30 28 Girls’ Varsity Softball vs. Bethel Park 11:00 Boys’ Varsity Baseball @ Cannon Mac 4:00 Girls’ Varsity Lax @ Fox Chapel 7:15 30 National Honesty Day Boys’ Varsity Baseball @ Baldwin 4:00 Girls’ Varsity Lax vs. Shady Side Academy 7:00 Smoke Signals Smoke Signals is produced seven times during a school year by the students of Media II,III, IV Journalism and extracurricular staff at Peters Township High School, 264 E. McMurray Road, McMurray PA 15317. Telephone: 724-9416250 x.5379. E-mail: sitlern@pt-sd.org. Commentaries, reviews, and opinion columns are the expressed opinion of the author and not of Smoke Signals, its adviser or the Peters Township School District. Member of the Pennsylvania School Press Association. Co-Editors in Chief Kaitlin Houser Rachel Horensky Kara Krawiec Layout Editor Catherine McCarron News Editor Angelina Nepa Life & Style Editor Colleen Counihan Marketing Editiors Emily Bigley Nick Sikora Staff Writers Jessica Berardino, Bill Berry, Emily Bigley, Ashley Czajkowski, Garrett Dennis, Drew Karpen, Sean Naccarelli, Taylor Piedmonte, Chris Portz, Derek Redding, Brendan Sikora, Nick Sikora, Connor Tarwater, Renee Wunderlich Opinion Editor Brittany Beyer Layout Team Megan Enscoe, Katie Gavlick, Stephanie Gillece, Lisa Lerario, Sports Editor Sean-Paul Mauro Adviser Nicole Sitler S u d o k u P u z z l e f r o m w e b s u d o k u . c o m
  3. 3. News J. Berardino A. Czajkowski R. Wunderlich April’s “Fools” Renée Wunderlich A. Nepa Outside News Writer In celebration of the month of random pranks and all things crazy, this year’s spring play, Fools, will be gracing the PT stage April 19th, 20th, and 21st. Tickets can be purchased at the door on performance nights for $3.00 for students and seniors and $5.00 for adults. There will be no reserved seating. Directed by Art DeConciliis, the production promises to be a drastic contrast to the late spring musical Shenandoah. The scene switches from dramatic battlefields to a comical Russian village, with a light-hearted plot. “After any dramatic production, we try to switch gears. We like to keep a nice variety,” said Mrs. Caren Kuhn. “Plus, we expanded to a large ensemble to close out the year.” Having a big enough cast to support the talent presented in PTHS isn’t easy, but both Kuhn and DeConciliis feel that this group looks promising. The show itself is the story of überexcentric teacher Leon Tolchinsky, played by Taylor Piedmonte (an actor who has really made the stage his home, playing Horton in Seussical, James in Shenandoah, and the Thespian Troupe favorite: “Taylor the Latte Boy”) and his adventures in a town where people are, basically, fools. The old-age Russian village at which he arrives in has been cursed with stupidity for 200 years with. His quest is to educate the colony of the weak- minded sheepherders, but much looks bleak for the studious professor. Leon is blissfully unaware that if he stays in the town for more than 24 hours, he too will become pathetically incompetent. Intertwined throughout the plot, there is a puzzling romance between Leon and a girl named Sophia Zubritsky, played by Lauren Yadlosky. While her charms are irresistible, only recently has she learned how to sit in a chair. Sophia is the daughter of Lenya Zubritsky (Jess Ward), and daughter of Dr. Zubritsky (Eli Diamond). “Being an idiot is quite enlightening!” said Ward, thoughtfully recalling the quirky script-readings and rehearsals. Other characters include the following: Shetsky, played by Carl Mitchell, the Magistrate by Jerry Scheller, Gregor Yousekevitch by Thomas Rauch, and the comical trio of Slovitch, Mishkin, and Yenchna, played by Tim Beck, Ben Roberson, and Natalie Palamides. If these names aren’t enough to tie your tongue, there is a whole group of villagers with even more questionable lineages. The flock consists of: Drew Caliguri, Eric Vaughn, Wesley Groll, Ali Shettima, Harry Buzzatto, Dan DeLuca, Nate Meyers, Lindsay and Olivia Bayer, Hannah and Lauren Hobbs, Gina Wagner, Angelina Nepa, Jessica Rothhaar, and Dawn Basham. There can be only one...Mr. PTHS Taylor Piedmonte Staff Writer On March 13 the sophomore class presented the third annual Mr. PTHS competition. The winner of the coveted title was junior Tim Beck. Senior Ali Shettima was runner up and sophomore Jack Hareza finished third. The night featured nine young men displaying their talents and showing off their school spirit. All proceeds went to the American Cancer Society. Moments after winning, Beck was still in shock. “I didn’t really expect it…a lot of the other guys were more creative than me, but it feels great,” he said. Beck’s impression of American Government teacher and track coach, Mr. Scott, was the night’s biggest crowd pleaser. “They loved the Mr. Scott impression…even though I improvised most of it” Beck said. Beck’s talent act was an original song, which he wrote, sang, and played on guitar. Most of his preparation was with the song, which he practiced for about two months. Along with the title came a Mr. PTHS t-shirt, a free Tuxedo courtesy of Lace and Promises, and a premium parking spot near the front of the school. “I love the shirt, and I can’t wait to host next year,” commented Beck. With his victory, Beck followed in the footsteps of previous winners Jerry Scheller and Sergio Tennis, who hosted the show. Scheller and Tennis reminisced about the previous competitions. “It felt great beating out all of the juniors and seniors to win it as a sophomore and be the first to win,” said Scheller. Hosting the event gave them a different perspective on the competition. It was fun to see all of this year’s competitors… I was a little sad because it was my last night as Mr. PTHS, but I’ll still wear my t-shirt when I’m out of town or at other schools,” commented Tennis. This year’s competition was Hooters, the popular restaurant chain, is planning to open its first eatery in Israel during the summer of 2007. Hooters hopes to prosper where huge corporations like Starbucks, Dunkin’ Donuts, and Hard Rock Café have failed, which means succeeding in the complex Israeli market. The restaurant would most likely open in Tel-Aviv, and hopeful proprietor Ofer Ahiraz says, “I strongly believe that the Hooters concept is something that Israelis are looking for.” Ahiraz also mentioned that his restaurant would not be located near any religious sites and would not be kosher. A beggar in Ireland recently won a case in Ireland’s High Court, claiming that begging was protected under his right to free speech. Justice Eamon De Valera struck down the Vagrancy Act of 1847, enacted during the Great Famine, declaring it unconstitutional. The Vagrancy act, which prohibited begging of any kind, will be thrown out of Irish law along with other laws of antiquity, including one passed in the 1100’s that barred monks from receiving men, “unless their reputation is known.” An Australian Scientist succeeded in growing a dress entirely from cellulose, a kind of plant fiber. Called the “cave woman” dress, it was constructed by layering mats of cellulose around a blow-up doll, which was deflated when the fibers took on its form. Gary Cass, Photo submitted its creator, announced, “It was meant to be by the Photography a provocative object, to spark debate about Club future fashion.” Unfortunately, the dress must remain wet all times because the cellulose Mr. PTHS, junior Tim Beck, fibers are too short to be pliant, making the and his escort, sophmore dress brittle when it dries. Lissy Petrozza posed for a picture after the competition. Beck’s hilarious performance blew away his competitors. senior Ali Shettima’s third and final attempt at the title. In 3 years, Ali finished as runnerup twice and placed third once. “I’m not too disappointed,. It’s been fun all three years, and I’m proud of everyone who has won it,” remarked Shettima. Sixteen towns that call themselves “Springfield” are competing to host the premiere of “The Simpsons Movie,” due out in July. 20th Century Fox extended the offer to compete to several Springfields, all who must submit video shorts highlighting their communities’ good qualities. Sid Leiken, mayor of Oregon’s Springfield, declared, “There’s plenty of serious issues to talk about, but this is something that we might as well try to have fun with.” All entries submitted by Angelina Nepa April showers are the norm in Pittsburgh Nick Sikora Staff Writer Face facts, Pittsburgh is a wet city. Turn of the nineteenth century pictures show Pittsburgh with continual overcast so thick that day was indistinguishable from night. Fortunately, Pittsburgh doesn’t rank among the top five coldest and rainiest cities in the United States, but a high chance of rain is believable every day of the year regardless of season. Pennsylvania’s average precipitation falls under 50 inches a year, but the rain is coming whether or not anyone cares for it. During the spring and summer when a majority of people expect to find someway to amuse themselves outside, they find that a large amount of the time rain will be dumped on them. So planning picnics around the day’s forecast is not a good idea, but it is in fact a necessity. Pittsburgh’s weather is usually cold, but that doesn’t mean that there is nothing to do downtown. When the rain starts up again, here are some things to do indoors without getting soaked: 1. Go to Primanti Brothers in the Strip, or any restaurant really. 2. Go shopping in the Southside. 3. The National Aviary; birds are fun. 4. If all else fails, go to a Pirate game. Despite the plethora of things to do in Pittsburgh, buying an umbrella is the best option for still being able to see the city regardless of the weather.
  4. 4. Opinion B. Beyer G. Dennis “ N. Sikora S. Naccarelli Wikipedia’s flaws generate controversy Does wikipedia’s controversY Change your opinion? “No, I trust my opinions to reliable sources like Allan Lo, ‘09 “No, I don’t use Wikipedia, but sometimes I question Alex Pilorusso, ‘07 “Probably because I don’t want to use a source that isn’t accurate when I research.” Katie Fife, ‘10 “No, I don’t use Wikipedia.” Connor Mannion, ‘09 The Devil buys Coach Connor Tarwater Ashley Czajkowski Staff Writer Wikipedia is the ever-popular online encyclopedia students often race to once they are assigned a research paper. Wikipedia and other wiki references are advantageous because they allow for fairly truthful information that is useful for quick answers, much like encyclopedias themselves. As a result, the overall utility of Wikipedia and other wikis will eventually make them a mainstay of our culture. Every individual possesses various wells of information; Wikipedia provides people with an efficient avenue to share this information with others. The question of accuracy remains somewhat uncertain, however. According to Mrs. Terry Morriston, the school librarian, “Fourteen percent of articles on Wikipedia have errors. Text encyclopedias only have five percent. It is just as easy to use Grolier Online or Encarta. However, Wikipedia is okay for personal use or for information on pop culture that may not be included in other sources.” The controversy arose because on the website, users have the ability to edit any article they desire. Indeed there are editors who are supposed to be watching changes on the site, but this is not always the case. For example, Wikipedia came under fire for the accuracy of its articles when prominent U.S. journalist, John Seigenthaler, attacked an entry that incorrectly named him as a suspect in the Kennedy assassinations. The false information was the work of Staff Writer Is it just me or are Coach bags and purses totally ridiculous? Why are more and more people being brainwashed into buying little bags for $300? I wish I had the answers to these questions. In response to this question, Senior Emily Bigley said, “The quality is timeless.” Coach brand handbags continue to be the top choice of most high school girls. They either own a real Coach bag, have a fake one, or spend their time wanting one. I think the fact that anyone would spend over $50 on a purse is crazy. On the Coach website, the most expensive bag topped out at $798. Who in the world pays $798 for a purse that resembles a bowling bag? It would be one thing if they were really nice purses, but I think they’re an eyesore. Granted, I don’t really know how to judge purses very well, but I think any sane individual would realize that no purse is worth almost $800. The lowest priced bag on the website was $98. It might just be me, but I think $98 is an extremely high price for a bag, too. Someone could go to a TJ Maxx and get a purse for $10 I don’t see anything wrong with that. Senior Lisa Lerario said, “I think it’s dumb to pay that much money for a bag with colorful C’s on it. I just think it looks stupid.” In conclusion, Coach purses are probably the dumbest fad in our society since Furbys, Giga Pets, and Pogs. Attempting to understand the female Tennessean Brian Chase, who said he was trying to trick a co-worker. The false article ended up discrediting Wikipedia in USA Today. Wikipedia responded to the criticisms by tightening up procedures. Recently, they stopped allowing anonymous users to edit articles, hoping to put a curb on situations like this. The new policy, which is currently under discussion by the community of users who regularly write and maintain the site, is being considered after it emerged this month that one of Wikipedia’s most respected editors did not hold the qualifications he had claimed. The user, who went under the alias “Essjay,” described himself in an online profile as a “tenured professor of theology.” He claimed to have taught both undergraduate and graduate courses in the subject along with having degrees in several areas. But this wasn’t true. Essjay was actually Ryan Jordan, a 24 year-old from Kentucky, who revealed his true identity at the beginning of March. “As a result of the problems, contributors are now likely to be asked to back up any specific claims they make regarding qualifications, especially when they are relevant to articles being written, edited, or altered,” said Jimmy Wales founder and president of the Wikimedia Foundation. “Wikipedia is a great first stop for someone trying to find out about a new topic. But as a lecturer I would encourage my students to back it up with other sources,” according to journalist Stephen Pincock (ABC SPRING TIME He Said vs. She Said Nick Sikora What are you looking forward to the most Warm weather, track season, and eventually summer. Brittany Beyer Not having to bundle up every time you step outside. What will you miss most about winter? Absolutely nothing. Mostly I will miss sliding off the road while I am driving to school. What is your plan for spring break? I don’t have one, it will just kind of fall together over break. New York City, for college visits and prom dress shopping. How do you keep motivated with only two months of Only two months left, then no My motivation is dwindling but keeping in mind that I will only more work for three months. have to wake up at 6:30 for two more months gives me hope.
  5. 5. 5 Smoke Signals April 2007 Narcissistic nation Brittany Beyer S t u d i e s held at a number of universities involved surveying hundreds of thousands of high school and college students across the country. The results displayed a growing trend of narcissism. This narcissism is thought to have stemmed from many different sources including parents, lack or over abundance “ our generation? Opinion Editor By simply taking a peek around the ever-popular websites Myspace and Facebook, it is not hard to comprehend what recent research seems to be revealing about today’s generation, also known as Gen Y. Is Narcissism an issue for of self-confidence, and the media’s current obsession with reality television. It is a known fact that parental techniques change with time but today’s methods of gratification and confidence building, which are promoted in early to midchildhood, are now carried far beyond the normal boundaries and into teenage years. MTV’s Super Sweet Sixteen is a prime example of this boundary that parents tend to cross. After kids are given whatever they want, whenever they want for so long, parents lose control and kids feel they deserve everything. This over abundance of gratification within the family leads to a raised level of selfconfidence and thus a narcissistic attitude. In situations when kids have a lack of selfconfidence they go to extreme measures to fill that void. Media hosting websites (i.e. You Tube, Myspace, Etc.) come in handy in these situations. Kids post videos of themselves and/or photos that will appeal to other kids leading to compliments. R e a l i t y television also shows kids that they actually have a slim, but nonetheless chance to get their so-called 15 minutes of fame. Videos showing themselves taking part in daring stunts or in little to no clothing are found all over You Tube are often visited hundreds to thousands of times daily by people worldwide. In this manor kids are placed on a pedestal where all eyes are upon them. One fear that many researchers have for Gen Y and its narcissistic ways is the trend that self-absorbed people tend to find it difficult to build strong and long lasting relationships. “People are either narcissistic or insecure; it’s a problem, and I think we need to find a happy medium.” Shelby Miller, ‘09 “No because people should do what they want and not care what other people think.” Brian Hays, ‘09 “I don’t think so. Just because teenagers care about their appearance doesn’t mean they are narcissistic.” Kara Lewis, ‘09 “No, because people shouldn’t care what others think; they’ll do what they want to do.” Chelsea Traurig, ‘07 Jean Twenge a professor at San Diego state agrees with the studies’ findings, “I’m concerned we are heading to a society where people are going to treat each other badly, either on the street or in relationships” (latimes.com). Expanding knowledge in Peters Lose the weight and the worry Kaitlin Houser Angelina Nepa Co-Editor-In-Chief Ranked number six nationwide, Peters Township Public Library looks to expand with a $500,000 Keystone grant. The Public Library needs the donations of companies and individuals to reach a $300,000 match to keep the grant. The new addition will include an expansion of the children’s department, a Young Adult Reading Room, and a Local History Room. The 4,800 square foot, two-story addition, will cost approximately one million dollars. “The Edan Hall Foundation Mission is to improve the quality of life in Western Pennsylvania through support of educational initiatives, which provide after school activities and introduce children to the pleasure of books,” said Janet Vidnovic, fundraising co-chair. Since 1999, the opening of the Public Library, Peters Township’s population has increased 18% and the library usage by more than 34%. An outstanding News Editor 134% increases in the attendance of children’s programs has also sparked recognition (fundraising co-chair Janet Vidnovic). The new Young Adult Reading Room is contributed to the advancement of the youth of today. The new room will include more library resources, teen programs and activities, and a place to study and enjoy time with friends. “The Teen Room will provide students with a place of their own where they can be as loud as they like and enjoy Xboxs and televisions. It will give teens in Peters who are not involved in athletics a place to hang out with their friends, instead of always going to the mall,” said Mrs. Morriston. In addition, the Local History Room will hold local and oral history collections. With the 50,000 addition of shelving space, the library will be able to expand the already bulging collection of School nurses everywhere warn students about the dangers of obesity, but they should spend more time preaching the benefits of exercise. Exercise, in addition to helping people to lose weight and get fit, has been proven to improve brain function, help with Depression, and keep ADHD at bay. Charles H i l l m a n , professor at the University of Illinois, r e c e n t l y put 259 grade school children to the test when he compared their reading and math scores on a stateadministered standardized test to their athletic ability. The children with highest test scores were the most active. Newsweek also recently announced that, “researchers… had coaxed the human brain into growing new nerve cells, a process that for decades had been thought impossible, simply by putting subjects on a three month aerobic-workout regimen.” Nerve cells stop reproducing at adulthood, but they develop throughout adolescence. Exercise during these formative years results in a healthier adult brain. Exertion also has the potential to provide relief for those suffering from Depression. According to p s yc h o l o g i s t J a m e s Blumenthal, “One of the conclusions we can draw from this [recent study] is that exercise may be just as effective as medication and may be a better alternative for certain patients.” This may be due to the endorphins that the body produces when its heart rate is elevated or to stamina resulting from an increase in oxygen in the bloodstream. Regardless, the benefits are visible, while medication can have unforeseen side affects. Exercise is also being used as a “cure” for ADHD. Amazingly, exercise helps relieve people with ADHD for the same reasons it helps stem Depression. Endorphins and improved circulation regulate the “Exercise is also being used as a “cure” for ADHD.”
  6. 6. April Showers Br Prom: No fun for funds Garrett Dennis Opinion Writer Spring is here: The birds are returning, the flowers are blooming, and of course, most important of all, prom is approaching. People are talking about prom as if it were the place they were born to go. Apart from the subject of prom being annoying, it makes it impossible to strike up a normal conversation with any girl. A guy might want to talk to a girl and try to get to know her, but all she will talk about is who might take her to prom, what she will wear, where she might go after prom, and even other people she is going with. A guy can’t put up with that sort of thing, if he even wants to go to prom all he would probably worry about would be renting his tuxedo in time and getting a corsage for his date. When you get right down to it, prom is just an expensive dance. The average minimum price guys spend on prom is about $335 (tuxedo, corsage, limo, and tickets), and for the girls it’s about $390 (dress, boutonniere, hair, nails, makeup, shoes, handbag, and jewelry), but the expenses for a girl are probably going to be more than that considering this is Peters Township. The guys cover some of the girls’ expenses. All that money just for a dance that only lasts a couple hours. If people consider spending a lot of money for a mediocre event, then prom must be one of the most enjoyable affairs in the world. Some people don’t even want to go to prom, but end up going anyway because of pressure. A senior guy could be perfectly content staying at home on prom night, or just going to the after parties, but if he mentions that to a girl she will get on his case about how he must go because he is a senior. The worst part is that the girl usually convinces the guy to go. Just like every year, prom is going to be held at the Hilton at Southpointe. The place itself isn’t bad, but the dance floor isn’t really big enough for all the students. Last year they moved the tables that were closest surrounding the dance floor so there would be enough room for everyone. Maybe they should change things up a little bit instead of having the same location for prom every year. I’d be more interested in going if prom was held on the Gateway Clipper. The dance floor is huge (depending which boat is booked) and if there’s not enough room down there you can dance on the roof of the boat. Students are making prom out to be the best thing Photo submitted by Jess Berardino Why do you think prom is such a big deal? “Because I’m going “Because everybody is “I’ve never been to with the love of my glammed up.” prom.” -Melissa Carbonara Photos by Nick Sikora
  7. 7. ring... Prom! Diamonds are a girl’s best friend Jess Berardino Opinion Writer Prom dress…$250 (on average), manicure & pedicure…$25, hair appointment…$35, accessories such as a clutch, jewelry, and tanning…$75; going with your prince charming and having the time of your life…PRICELESS. There are some things money can’t buy; for everything else there’s prom. Getting asked to prom is the biggest hurdle every girl has to overcome. Once you are over that, prom becomes the best night ever. Having your hair done up, with sparkles and diamonds in it, can make any girl feel like a princess. To add on to the princess affect, your fingers and toes can sparkle and shine to make everyone jealous. Then the most important part of the entire event is buying a dress. A girl’s dress has to be perfect. Every prom has a theme and theme colors, but to a girl, those colors rarely play a factor. A girl goes out to find a dress that makes her feel like a princess when she wears it. In every aspect of prom, the girl must always feel like a princess. Boys, this is where you come into play. Prom is really all about making the girl feel that she is the prettiest woman you have ever laid your eyes on. Guys, tickets and limo money are on you. Sorry to say that you have to buy the tickets and the limo along with anything else your date hints to you to get her. Jewelry is always a good bonus. The perfect accessory is when the boy goes out of his way to find a piece of jewelry that will look good on his date. The girl always likes to be able to tell everyone who’s jealous of the jewelry that you, her man, bought for her. So boys any chance you get, make them feel like the princess that you know they are. Prom only comes around once a year, and yes it’s only one night; but those memories will last a lifetime. High school is all about making memories, having fun, and making lifelong friends. Prom becomes one of those memorable moments in high school. The expenses may be high, but the finished product will be all worth it. To have the girl looking gorgeous, and having her feel like a princess, is a priceless moment. Now just because you could be going with only a “friend”, these factors still apply. Your man should want to make you feel like they’ve never seen anyone more gorgeous. You may not be “dating” them, but that doesn’t mean you as the girl don’t deserve to feel beautiful. Going with a friend is a more common alley to take. A lot of guys feel the pressure to ask a girl that they like, in hopes that the girl will like them in Prom may only be a one-night event, but it becomes a whole day extravaganza for the girl. So guys, always smile, and always calm the girl’s down when they’re stressing about everything. Prom is a time for the girls to look like a princess, Photo submitted by Jess Berardino The Top Five Dance Songs: 5. Girls Just Wanna Have Fun by Cyndi Lauper 4. Everytime We Touch by Cascada 3. Living On A Prayer by Bon Jovi 2. Sandstorm by DJ Darude 1. “My favorite dance song is In the Club by 50 cent.” Boom Boom Boom by Vengaboys The Journalism Class polled 100 random students and asked which songs would get them on the prom dance floor Photo by Brendan Sikora Jimmy Donofrio ‘09
  8. 8. ro Sp Em ily Bigley rts extra p int Welcome to the NFL, rookie Bill Berry Staff Writer Who will be MLB’s most valuable player this season? CT: I think Albert Pujols will win the title as MVP this year. He has a career batting average of .332 and is the only player besides Ted Williams to begin his career with six straight 100 RBI seasons. Not only does he have great statistics, but he is also a winner. His St. Louis Cardinals are the defending World Series champions. He is in his prime and is yet to win a MLB most valuable player award, and it’s long overdue. SPTM: I’m not a huge fan of baseball. I hate how everything is based on individual statistics, which makes this discussion difficult for me. However, I’m going to choose someone that is the most valuable player to his team notice that I said valuable, not best, then he has to be Derek Jeter. I choose him, not only because you hate the Yankees Connor, but also because without him the Yankees would be a different franchise. He has been the face of the New York Yankees for the last decade and I am convinced that no one means more to his team than Jeter. The NFL Draft is a chance for teams to rise from the basement and into a NFL powerhouse. Two years ago the New Orleans Saints ended the season as the second worst team in the NFL. Just a year later, they reached the NFC title game and had one of the league’s best records. The Saints’ quick turnaround has a lot to do with the moves they made in the NFL Draft. On April 28 and 29, thirty-two NFL teams will have the opportunity to make a change. The Oakland Raiders hold the first pick and draft experts suspect owner Al Davis and the Raiders will take quarterback sensation Jamarcus Russell out of LSU. However, anything can happen come draft day. When the Houston Texans had the number one slot in 2006, it was widely speculated the Texans would take halfback Reggie Bush out of USC. In a shocking twist of events they drafted defensive end Mario Williams from North Carolina State. So the question remains, will Softball team sets sights on playoff berth Emily Bigley Staff Writer Spring has finally sprung and so has softball season. The PTHS softball team has conditioned all winter to prepare for the ‘07 season. This year’s squad is unique for many reasons; one being there are three freshmen on the roster. There is much more depth to the team than there has been in past years. Five seniors, Jessica Berardino, Emily Bigley, Sarah Earley, Leigha Krivacek, and Kelley Walker, return as starters. Junior stand out pitcher Shaylee Ianno also returns. Ianno led the WPIAL last year with over 200 strikeouts. Remaining seniors Anna Colletti, Brandi Kohne, and Kerstin Makowski CT: Derek Jeter was an incredible baseball player, but he is past his prime. The ESPN hype machine continues to label him an unbelievable player with great intangibles, whatever that means. All they talk about is how his intangibles win ballgames, but I don’t see it. Also, statistics show that he’s a below average defensive shortstop. So much for intangibles. Pujols won Rookie of the Year in 2001, the Hank Aaron Award in 2003, the National League MVP in 2005, and a Golden Glove award in 2006. Albert Pujols is the best player in baseball playing at his prime. SPTM: Pujols might very well be the most talented player in baseball, but he is not the most valuable to his team. There is something to be said for a player who doesn’t just hit home runs or strike out (not that Pujols does like many other home run hitters). Jeter is the ultimate clutch player. He owns the playoffshe has a career .314 bating average and a .370 batting average in the American League Division series. No one elevates their game more than Jeter does come playoff time. Mr. October, as Jeter is often referred to as, never disappoints his team when they need him. He is the most well-rounded player in baseball, and without question, the most valuable to his team. CT: Actually, Reggie Jackson is known as Mr. October, not Jeter. Jeter has made a few clutch plays in the playoffs, but let’s not go overboard. Jeter may be the most overrated player in baseball. Sports Illustrated did a poll of 470 MLB players asking who the most overrated player in baseball was. Guess who got the majority of the votes? Derek Jeter. the world be shocked again? The Detroit Lions, the Cleveland Browns, and a handful of other teams certainly hope so. Other standout players entering the 2007 draft are Oklahoma Sooner running back Adrian Peterson, offensive tackle Joe Thomas from Wisconsin, Georgia Tech wide receiver Calvin Johnson, and Notre Dame quarterback Brady Quinn. All these players are expected to round out the top five picks. There are also a few local players a top the board. Penn State linebacker Paul Posluszny and defensive back Darrelle Revis of the University of Pittsburgh, and formerly from Aliquippa, will most likely be taken in the first round. “Calvin Johnson is without a doubt the number one prospect in this year’s draft class,” said draft expert Mel Kiper Jr. (espn. com). Potential sleeper picks could be running back Kenny Irons out of Auburn and USC wide receiver Steve Smith, according to Kiper Jr. The Pittsburgh Steelers will have to wait until the fifteenth pick of the draft for their selection. How Mike Tomlin will choose remains to be seen. Some speculate a defensive end will add to the leadership factor. “We want to win the section and go deep into the playoffs,” commented senior right fielder Kelley Walker. This year’s motto is “None of us are it right,” said senior catcher Jessica Berardino. The girls compete in on of the most difficult sections of the WPIAL, Section 4 Quad A. Each team from the section, including Peters Township, lost quality players last year. This season will bring many new competitors to the forefront; not including Canon Mac because of the departure of their star pitcher. Canon Mac’s big loss leaves Peters with a wide open door to dominate the section. The race for the section title won’t be an easy one. Superior performances are expected from the alwaystalented Trinity Hillers and the flourishing Mt. Lebanon Blue Devils. As the season rolls on, the girls will keep their minds focused. Their hopes “We control our own destiny more than ever...” – Jessica Berardino as good as all of us,” which exemplifies the hard work and determination put forth by the team. “We control our own destiny more than ever. If we fail, it’s not because we can’t do it, it’s because we didn’t do PT track tradition thrives Chris Portz Staff Writer Rain, snow, or shine, the Peters Township track team is running, throwing, and jumping. Led by Head Coach, “Buzzy” Scott, and a cornucopia of assistant coaches, the girls’ track team has won the Big Seven Conference and has been known to go undefeated consistently through the years, and the boy’s track team won the conference title last year and is in the position to repeat. “Everyone is looking at Peters Township as the team to beat this year,” said an enthusiastic Coach Scott. Each track meet has 150 points; there are points awarded based on performance, which vary depending on the size of the meet. First place gets the most points, second gets less, and so on. The PT track team relies on every individual to contribute as many points as possible. Last year a single point decided the exhilarating Thomas Jefferson meet. The Peters Township track team takes pride in each event, sticking to the Kunderan philosophy, “There are no small parts. Only small actors.” Track and field requires endurance and sheer will to perform at the highest level. For throwers and jumpers, it is an instant where energy and concentration is driven into a single motion. For runners, their events are mind games. They tell themselves not to stop even though their body is fatigued. “Our sport is other sports’ punishment,” stated senior distance runner, Ben Fortna. Leaders and contributors of all ages are performing at an elevated level this season. Adam Komoroski, Kevin Greg, Ben Fortna, and Christian Brandsetter lead the boys’ distance team. Christine Beazley and Shannon Sullivan lead the girls’ distance team. Nathan Janusey is still the man to beat in throwing, accompanied by Aaron Scrivo and Josh Crossman. Nathan Donolo is a prime jumper this year, and Megan Hahn, Garrison Moore, and Matt Courter encompass the hurdle team. The track team is loaded with talent and has high expectations for the season. The track team will continue to control their own destiny as they have in the past. Upcoming track meets include back-to-back meets, a home meet against Ringgold on April 11 and an away meet against Keystone Oaks on April 12. There are two meets at West Mifflin on April 17 and 19. The track team is prepared and armed with hopes for another undefeated season. z au Sean-Paul M Chris Port
  9. 9. ek Redd er ing D Bill Be rry C on no r r Tarwate ra Siko an Brend Great American Pastime Derek Redding Staff Writer Baseball season is on the horizon, and Americans everywhere are getting ready for it. Preseason is in progress, and teams have been ranked according to how well they have played. Trades and signings are being completed. Barry Zito left the Oakland A’s after seven seasons for the San Francisco Giants and Hideki Matsui returned to the Yankees lineup after being out for four months with a broken wrist. Spring training rankings have come out on ESPN where Arizona and Cincinnati are at the top of the list. The Pittsburgh Pirates stand at 14 in the National league with a record of 3-11-1. Fans are ecstatic to see how their favorite teams will do this season. “I’m excited to see Sammy Sosa come back and Barry Bonds break the homerun record,” said Taylor Piedmonte, a long time Detroit Tigers fan. The National League currently has a better winning percentage in the preseason than the American League. Teams like Los Angeles Angels, Cincinnati Reds, and Los Angelas Dodgers have already accomplished 10 wins each respectively with minimal losses. This great game will not cease to amaze and amuse the public for this season holds the most PT swimming carries on tradition Sean-Paul Mauro Sports Editor With a strong finish in WPIALs and numerous individual accomplishments, the boys and girls swimming teams have secured their place among the powerhouse programs of Western Pennsylvania. Among the many team accomplishments, however, were a plethora of individual feats. Senior Dan Smith won the 200 medley event for the second year in a row with a time of 1:56.02. Also, sophomore Sam Pletz won the 200 freestyle with a time of 1:43.45. Dan Smith was also a gold medal winner of the 100 backstroke, which gave him a total of 2 individual gold medals for the day, “We came in confident that we could be successful, and we left satisfied with what we accomplished.” Also, headlining the boys’ impressive finishes was a gold medal team effort in the 400-yard freestyle relay. Dan Smith, Christopher Graves, Matt Connor, and Sam Pletz each contributed for a first place finish with a total time of 3:12.96. The Indians finished second overall in the WPIAL Championships. The lady Indians also enjoyed success as they finished 4th overall in the WPIAL competition. A highlight to their success was, sophomore, Maggie Walker’s performance. She finished first in the 100 yard freestyle Baseball team steps up to Quad A Drew Karpen Staff Writer After a bitter ending to last year’s season, the baseball team is ready to start this year on the right track. Moving to Quad A, the boys’ team is in for the hardest and most competitive season in many years. The competition consists of Bethel Park, Mount Lebanon, Upper St. Clair, Canon Mac, and Baldwin. No one expects the Indians to be able to keep pace with the new section rivals they will experience in this division. What makes it so exciting is that this year the Indians play no out of section games, so every game will against three South Carolina teams. “I am excited for our players stepping up to Quad A and playing stiffer competition, it will make us more competitive and play harder,” said varsity baseball coach Joe Maize. With all the hype the Indians have from entering the new section this year, they hope to make a big impact on every other team in the section and in the state. Smoke Signals April 2007 SPORTS BRIEFS a BOYS’ LACROSSE The Indians boy’s lacrosse team is currently 1-0 with their win coming against Chartiers Valley. They will face Hudson, OH and 2006 western Pennsylvania runner-up champion Central Catholic in the coming weeks. Girls’ lacrosse The girl’s lacrosse team will open the 2007 season against division one opponent Pine Richland. Head coach Kim Eldridge will look to take her team to the WPIAL championship game for a second straight season. BASEBALL The Peters Township baseball team will open up their season March 26 against the Beth-Center Bulldogs of Fredericktown, PA. The Indians hope to duplicate their success of last season with another undefeated regular season. They open up section SOFTBALL The softball team will kick off their season against section rival Upper St. Clair on March 27. The team hopes to put together a good season led by a strong core of seniors. To watch the softball team in action, visit the field at McMurray Elementary for all home games. “We have a lot of hard work ahead of us to prepare for our new schedule...” – Jordan Jankowski count. The top two teams in the division move on to the WPIAL playoffs. The goal for the Indians is to return to the playoffs. They have made the playoffs for the last five years in the Triple A division. This year the Indians have fewer senior starters than in year’s past. This means there are more opportunities for underclassmen to shine, and this experience will prepare the underclassman for the future seasons. “We have a lot of hard work ahead of us to prepare for our new schedule, but I know me and the rest of my teammates are up for the challenge”, said starting pitcher Jordan Jankowski. Every year the team starts the season off with a trip to South Carolina. They play their first three regular season games 9 Boys’ volleyball The team is 1-2, and the team. Their first win coming against South Park, three games to none. The squad is led by seniors Derek Dunn and Devin Young. Photo by Heather Sickmund Senior catcher Chris Teodori warms up the pitcher in the bullpen prior to thegame
  10. 10. & Style PT LIF E Prom dresses for skin tones Colleen Counihan Features Editor Prom night is remembered for its lively dances and unforgettable laughs, but to many girls, the night is not a memory without the perfect dress. This dress is a difficult decision from the very beginning because it is the one tangible item that a girl will be stuck with throughout the whole night. It all begins with a personal style and is many times influenced by the overall trend of one’s peer group. The best length and style of a prom dress is correlated with individuality. It is one thing to stick with a trend, but not every trend looks good on every person. It is a common misconception that prom dresses should only be satin gowns splashed with colors resembling peaches and cotton candy. In fact, colors can be separated into seasons that correspond to a person’s skin tone. It’s a simple matter, but these rules can be the make or break of one’s prom dress decision. Skin tone: Summer -complexions with blue or pink undertones My idea of a good prom dress is anything that’s flashy, something that no one else has and stands out in the crowd. - Justine Giffith ‘08 -blonde or brunette with pale eyes What to wear: -pastels and soft neutrals with rose and blue undertones -colors such as lavender, plum, rose-brown and soft blue Skin tone: Winter -complexions with blue or pink undertones skin is pale-white, yellowish-olive, or dark hair is most commonly brown with deeply colored eyes What to wear: -think sharp, stark and clear -colors such as white, black, navy blue, red and shocking pink -wear icy tones instead of pastels Skin tone: Autumn -complexions with golden undertones -many are redheads or brunettes with golden brown eyes What to wear: -clothing should revolve around golden I don’t like long dresses because they get in the way. I enjoy baby blue dresses. -Greg Morande ‘08 undertones -colors such as camel, beige, orange, gold and dark brown Skin tone: Spring -complexions with golden undertones -skin can be creamy white or peach -will many times have straw-colored or strawberry red hair, freckles, and rosy cheeks blue or green eyes What to wear: -always think warm tones -colors such as camel, peach, golden yellow and golden brown The idea of skin tone being an important factor in color choice can be a difficult one to accept. Many girls have certain colors they cannot live without and some feel uncomfortable outside of the “sorbet” shaded fabrics on the night of prom. One should use these seasonal skin tones to make dress searching an easier task, but a girl should never allow them to conquer her unique style. You should wear your birthday suit to prom. I like cinderella-type prom dresses in purple, blue and yellow. -Sarah Weaver ‘08 -Kayla Czapko ‘08 Artist of the month: Steve Macevic Colleen Counihan & Sean Naccarelli Features Editor & Staff Writer It is not difficult to find potential in a young guy whose vocals could be compared to those of Elliot Smith and whose lyrics are soaked with the romantic imagery of Death Cab for Cutie. In fact, this flattery should come easily to senior, Steve Macevic, a seasoned guitar player of four years. Macevic’s life revolves around music, and this passion is evident. It is not the popular venue he searches for, but just the simple opportunity to get up on stage to make music. His most recent venues have included Farmhouse Coffee and the Peters Township Library Arts Café. On both occasions, Macevic used his performance to take the audience outside of the box. His song choices did not consist of wellknown cover songs or popularity-based lyrics. Instead, each song represented Macevic-his personal musical disposition and most important influence. He coaxed the crowd with a display of his own work and covers of the work he most admires. He managed to bring real folk music to the scene with his rendition of “Where Did You Sleep Last Night,” a hymn once sung by folk legends, Lead Belly and Bob Dylan. This originality is not surprising because of Macevic’s future goals. “I want to simply play music, not get famous, but get enough money to eat food and live somewhere,” he explained. Macevic’s persona is one of modesty, but he is not afraid to congratulate himself on his accomplishments and picky taste in music. He acknowledges fellow melodic acts Bright Eyes and Rocky Votolato to be his main influences in his recent musical career, but he doesn’t want to stop there. He couldn’t hold back his enthusiasm about branching out into different genres. “I want to get into other bands…hardcore, crazy punk rock and maybe even jazz,” he said. T h e c o m b i n a t i o n of Macevic’s s p o n t a n e o u s personality and his ability to get in touch with his listeners makes him an unstoppable force. His relationship with his fans is as passionately pronounced as his Photo taken by Nate Hanson Steve Macevic is playing his guitar at farmhouse coffee. He used accoustic sound to get in touch with the audience. marriage with his music. “I want to give them goosebumps, make them feel euphoric. I want to touch every person there,” said Macevic. His carefree attitude about life runs parallel with his whimsical lyrics and sarcastic stage presence. It is believed that only an imaginative mind can create a show with one acoustic guitar; Macevic brings this idea to life.
  11. 11. 11 Smoke Signals April 2007 Best dorm tips for your dime Kara Krawiec Co Editor-in-Chief High school seniors everywhere are starting to prepare for their first real chance at independence. The first way to showcase that freedom is through their college dorm room. However, let’s face it, the one thing that future college freshman do not have is not lack of individuality, but the funds that are required to support their independent spirits. So, to help those about to take their first steps into the uninhabited, unfamiliar world of college residence halls, here are a few helpful hints to make a name for themselves in the cheapest possible way: 1. Pick Stores with the Best Sales: Stores like Wal-Mart, K-Mart, Paper Mart, (basically anything with a “mart” attached to the end) are famous for having almost everything that a person could possibly need. Also, stores like Target and TJ Maxx are known for having prices that match even the best sales. The most important thing is to search for those sales and make sure you get the most for your dollar. Finding places like these not only save money, but conserve gas because all your bed so you can utilize every extra spare inch of space. Also, create a shelf that you can mount on the wall to save floor space (but first “The first way to showcase that freedom is through their college dorm room.” essentials are in one place. 2. Do it Yourself Projects: Even though its great to find those sales, the most inexpensive way to decorate the new dorm room is to do it yourself. Most colleges provide bed lifts or make the beds able to loft, as to allow more room underneath them for storage or room space. Since this is already provided for you, make little containers to place underneath the Katie Ellis check the dorm rules to ensure that a shelf won’t be a problem). 3. Share Responsibility with Your Roommate: The most important thing to do before going off and buying that 20 inch screen television, DVD player and refrigerator for your ideal dorm room, is talk to your roommate. Ask him what he’s willing to buy or whether you can split the costs of the “big ticket” items. Also, Snow By Tracy Lynn Guest Writer Greatest Hits- The Notorious B.I.G. Brendan Sikora Staff Writer Coming one decade after the murder of B.I.G, comes a collaboration of the famous rapper’s greatest hits. B.I.G had been famous for almost fifteen years. He has appeared on countless rap and R&B albums such as “Ready to Die” and “Ambitionz az a Ridah”. Notorious B.I.G. aka Christopher Wallace, is still idolized throughout the world even after his death, 16 years ago. His unique style and lyrics have made him one of the most prominent musicians of all time. This album has been released as a tribute to his years of hard work and dedication to his love: music. This is the Notorious B.I.G ’s greatest hits album. Most of these songs on BIG ’s CD are placed in chronological order. They have been chosen by their popularity throughout the years. The classic songs listed on this CD are “Juicy”, “Big Poppa”, and “Notorious Thugs”. Also, we can’t forget the song “One More Chance (Remix)” with Total(R&B). That only names a few of the songs, there are plenty more of your favorite tracks on this album. The B.I.G. Greatest Hits album proves to stand the test of time, and is a hit with old to young fans. This CD is an example of why this rapper sells platinum amounts of CD’s after his death. Give this album a try and understand the B.I.G ’s philophosy of music. I give it a four out of five stars even though I use limewire and will never buy a CD. maybe his ideal dorm room doesn’t match yours, so you’ll need to compromise on what the room will end up looking like next year. Talking to your roommate before moving in not only makes things less awkward when you first meet, but also ensures that you both will end up loving the space you’ll be calling home for the next year. 4. The Basics: Here’s a list of what every college freshman needs to survive that first year in their dorm: a lamp, bedding, closet organizers, anything that can provide storage, and food-lots of food. The college experience is best shaped by the initial attitude you have going into it and the best way to make a good start is to make your dorm room as much like home as possible. With these tips, you’ll be able to decorate, save space, and feel comfortable in your new dorm with a little money left over for your tuition. “The flames crawled up her neck, through her scalp and into her head. She felt her hair being lifted and separated by forces she shouldn’t see. Her mind slowed down and could not force her mouth to move, but one overriding thought was clear: she is mad. She is sill mad.” Once upon a time, a duke and duchess lived happily lacking only a child. One day, the duchess finds that she is pregnant, but to the kingdom’s disappointment the child turns out to be a girl and, to add to the grief, the duchess dies during childbirth. The duke begins to despise his daughter and rarely says a word to her for almost ten years. When he remarries, Jessica believes that she is finally going to get the mother that she’s always dreamed of having. Boy, is she wrong. After close to three years in captivity, she breaks out (with the help of a loyal servant) and escapes to London. She meets up with these…creatures. These half-human, half-animal creatures take her into their secret world of petty larceny and crime. She grows to love them as a real family and believes that she is in the clear…until she finds that her stepmother has followed her to London and is living nearby. Snow finds herself torn between the wanton of her old life and the love of her new one, and is unsure about which dream she is meant to follow. Snow is an amazing new take on an old fairy tale with a bit of new plot tossed in. Tracy Lynn is a very creative writer and had me wanting more even after I had Deja Vu Taylor Piedmonte Staff Writer When Denzel Washington and Tony Scott get together, the result is usually an excellent film. Déjà vu is no exception. The actor-director tandem previously worked together on Man on Fire and Crimson Tide In Déjà Vu, both Scott and Washington are spectacular as always. After an explosion on a ferry kills over 500 people, Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, firearms, and explosives agent Doug Carlin (Washington), investigates the crime. FBI agent Andrew Pryzwarra (Val Kilmer) invites him to join a team that has a top-secret program. The program uses satellite technology to look backwards in time for four and a half days to try to capture the terrorist. A wild ride of time travel and suspense ensues. What makes Déjà vu great is its versatility. It starts off like a crime film, keeping viewers attentive and interested. When it quickly turns into a full-scale timetravel adventure, it’s exciting and keeps you on the edge of your seat. Déjà vu has an inherent degree of excitement that comes with most time-travel movies. However, Déjà vu remains believable throughout and even has its humorous moments. If you’re looking for a great thriller to keep you entertained for two hours and thinking for many more, Déjà vu is a great choice. Four stars out of Five.
  12. 12. Voices in the Hall In your opinion, what is the greatest song of all time? “All-Star by Smashmouth” “The Star Spangled Banner.” “What is Love? by Haddaway” –Ryan Gaudy ‘07 –Mr. Compeggi –Ryan Carey ‘07 “Baby Got Back by Sir Mix-A-Lot” –Sarah Rubis ‘07 What was your favorite Nickelodeon show from the 90’s? “Are You Afraid of the Dark?” –Kate Staaf & Andrea Smith ‘07 “Legends of the Hidden Temple. That’s not even a contest!” –Ben Glicksman ‘07 “The Secret World of Alex Mac.” –Rachel Paul & Laura St. Clair ‘07 A PT Minute With... Who was your favorite Spice Girl? Why? Baby Spice, she was really hot and good-looking. What’s one song that always gets stuck in your head? “Rocket Power!” -Kaiya Quevido ‘07 Zach Rockwell “Fergalicious” by Fergie Rock, paper, or scissors? Why? Rock, because it’s the hardest. You are chosen to have lunch with the President and can only ask one question. What do you ask? “What is the air speed velocity of a swallow?” If you could change your name, what would you change it to? Why? Connor Tarwater, because he is good friends with Jim Morrison. Stephanie Bowes If you had $10,000 what would you buy? I would buy a plane ticket to Hawaii and shop. Who’s your celebrity crush? Riley Smith What was the last song you listened to? “Cupid’s Chokehold” by Gym Class Heroes What do you think the most distinguishing landmark is in Pittsburgh? Why? The 3 Rivers, because they were used to transfer goods when Pittsburgh was one of the top industrial cities. If you were to attend a costume party tonight, what or who would you go as? A ladybug