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April 2011 Smoke Signals Issue 4


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Published in: Entertainment & Humor
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April 2011 Smoke Signals Issue 4

  1. 1. April 2011 Volume 2 Issue 4 P T H S nals e Sig ok Sm Photo by Gwen Wojewodka
  2. 2. Smoke Signals Volume2 Issue 4 Peters Township High School 264 East McMurray Road McMurray, PA 15317 Phone: 724-941-6250 Photo by Mckenna Hammer
  3. 3. Meet the Staff Managing Editor-In-Chief: Mike Schuck Online Editor-In-Chief: Katie Denning Layout Editor-In-Chief: Matt Sikora Period 1 Editor-In-Chief: Erin Masta . Period 3 Editor-In-Chief: Gabrielle Brinsky Layout Editors: Val Gobao and Joe Grossi Entertainment Editor: Conor Jackson Life & Style Editor: Molly Doehring Special Features Editor: Christine Manganas Sports Editor: John Galatic People Editor: McKenzie Fritz PT Focus Editor: Amanda Moore Staff Writers: Layout Staff: Carly Beck Lexi Miller Melina Sopko Jessica Kleja Hardy Kern Valerie Kotar Madison Mincone Sean Sickmund Katie Shultz Matt Lison Julia Gauthier Kenzie Stepanik Jake Achenbach Katie Finn Greg Marsh Denee Renz Savanna Schweitzer Kurt Werner Steph Hammell Nikki Happe Allie Schlafman Mission Statement: Smoke Signals is produced five times a school year by the students of the Media II, III, and IV Journalism staff at Peters Township High School. Staff Advisor is Mrs. N. Sitler. Commentaries, reviews, and opinion columns are the express opinion of the author and not of Smoke Signals, its advisor, or the Peters Township School District. What is your biggest pet peeve? “When people walk slowly in front of you in the hallway”” “Jake Achenbach” “Answering a question with a question” -Matt Lison -Jake Achenbach -Steph Hammell
  4. 4. -Carly Beck 4-5 Table of Contents “When fast food people forget to give you a straw when you go through the drive thru” 6-7 8-9 10-11 “When people pick at their nails” 12-13 -Katie Finn 14-15 16-17 “Stupid People” -Madison Mincone 18-19 20-21 “Gossip” -Amanda Moore 22-23 24 PT Focus Lady Gaga Concert Sports Yinzer Yoga Blurring the Lines Bullying Life & Style Fashion Focus: Prom Special Features Teacher’s Prom People Features Media Dept. Wins Award Seasonal World Ending in 2012 Entertainment Twitter News Features Marcellus Shale Student Work Mixed Art Voices Best Joke
  5. 5. 4 April 2011 Which Side Are You On? KatieShultz.StaffWriter Are you a Jet or a Shark? As the PTHS musical West Side Story approaches, the line between the sides is drawn. Senior Sara Cavolo was cast as a Jet. Yet, which gang is the best? Cavolo describes her experience in the musical and what side she would choose. Q: Why did you decide to try out for the show? A: West Side Story has always been my favorite musical and when the opportunity came to learn more about it, I jumped at it. Q: What is your favorite part about being a Jet? A: My favorite part of being a Jet is learning all of the dance moves. I like being able to act out emotions with dance. Q: What's the most difficult part of being in the show? A: The most difficult part of being in the show is the commitment. It's a very time-consuming process, but it's all worth the work. Q: What is your favorite scene of the musical? A: My favorite scene is the “Mambo” because it's the biggest scene of the show. Everyone comes together and all sorts of dances combine. Q: If you weren’t cast as a Lady Gaga: The Monster Ball LexiMiller.StaffWriter When it comes to concerts in Pittsburgh, the pickings are slim. However, when a big name in music does decide to visit, tickets are sold out in seconds. Luckily, Lady Gaga has graced Consol Energy Center twice during the course of her Virgin Mobile Monster Ball Tour on September 5, 2010 and February 26, 2011. The controversial singer wowed audiences in flashy costumes and backdrops. Her set list was mainly composed of her top hits, such as “Just Dance”, “Poker Face”, and “Paparazzi”. It also included several of her lesser-known songs from her album titled “The Fame Monster”, such as “You and I” and “Money Honey”. Her encore performances were “Bad Romance” and her newest hit “Born This Way”. While Gaga definitely had her own share of crazi- Jet, which side would you rather be on? A: I would rather be a Jet because I like to learn new styles of American dance in that time period. It's so upbeat and fun! Cavolo is true to her side, but she supports all of her fellow thespians. “I know this is going to be a great show, and I'm so proud of everyone for all of their hard work,” she said. West Side Story is directed by Mr. Kuharcik and Mrs. Barefoot, with choreography by Mrs. Deliere, and musical direction ness during her performances, the audience was even crazier. Around 90 percent of her fans emulated her, copying her hair, makeup, and outfits from her music videos and award shows. She might be crazy and controversial, but Lady Gaga is definitely quite a performer. Her dancing made her stand out against her 25 backup dancers, as if her outfits hadn’t already. Her backdrops included a forest, a street car, and a city street. Gaga amazed audiences of all ages, and even called a member of the audience before performing her hit by Mrs. Fox and Mr. Perrotte. The show will be performed on April 7-9th at the high school. Tickets will be presold for the event. Which side are you on? Photo by Katie Shultz West Side Story is a modern interpretation of a Romeo and Juliet story. Directors Mr. Kuharcik and Mrs. Barefoot have been preparing since January for the show. Above, the Sharks and Jets are preparing their opening scene. single “Telephone” and invited the member and his family to join her backstage for pictures and autographs after the show. She may be notorious, but Lady Gaga has definitely made an impression on Pittsburgh. Photo By Lexi MIller What is the first sign of spring? Gage Fremer, 9 “Warm weather” Spring 2011 Alexa Kennedy, 10 “People wearing flip flops” Kyle Hutter, 11 Becca Lee, 12 “My tan” “Flip flops and shorts”
  6. 6. PT Focus 5 Simple Steps for Composting StephanieHammell.StaffWriter Instead of wasting your money on expensive gardening supplies, save money and the environment by using compost. Compost, a mixture of decayed plants and other organic materials, is used by gardeners to enrich the soil. It is also called “black gold” by gardeners since it is rich in nutrients. Numerous organic wastes in the kitchen that tend to be thrown away, can now be used to start an eco-friendly garden. While composting may seem complicated, it is a very simple process and can be fun to do to. First, a composter will either need to be purchased or built. Composters can be purchased from various websites, are inexpensive, and can be used year round. Before purchasing a composter, check to for this key feature: compost bins need to have good drainage. If water is not drained the compost bin, it can suffocate helpful bacteria and invites pests such as mosquitoes or raccoons. The compost bin should also have a lid to keep rain and snow out of the bin. Even if there is a drain at the bottom of the bin avoid putting too much water into it; water that trickles Photo By Steph Hammell through the compost can wash away useful nutrients. However, if you keep the lid on your com- post bin all the time, check and make sure that there is enough water. Without water, materials don’t break down easily if they are too dry or too wet. The general rule is that the materials in your composter or compost pile should be moist, like a rung-out sponge. The ingredients of your compost are also important. The compost will need plenty of cellulose-rich, carbon material along with nitrogen rich kitchen scraps. The ideal mix is 75% “brown” material and 25% “green” scraps by volume. Or if you are doing it by weight, its about a fifty- fifty mix of nitrogen rich and carbon rich materials. That means for every pound of kitchen scraps, it’s good to have a pound of leaves. Green or brown does not refer to the actual color of the items going in the composter; it is short for saying nitrogen rich or carbon rich. “Brown” material includes dried grass, leaves, and shredded newspaper, which take longer to break down than “green” vegetable peels, fruit rinds, and organic scraps from the kitchen. Photo By Steph Hammell With these simple steps, making compost for your garden can be done in a few weeks. Kick-Starting Good Vibrations MikeSchuck.ManagingEditor-in-Chief David’s Music House, neighbor to Subway and Donut Connection in Waterdam Plaza, offers a breath of fresh air to PT’s claustrophobic music scene. They offer music lessons, recording sessions, promotion workshops, and concerts. In other words, David’s spans just about every aspect of the music biz. As if that wasn’t enough, it doubles as a coffee shop. The entire set-up is brand new, having just opened in 2010, and the relaxed atmosphere is one that almost gives a feeling of relief. Mental to-do lists melt away as you settle in. Keep in mind that David’s isn’t just for the prodigies with perfect pitch who can play five to six instruments. Everyone enjoys listening to music, and that’s more than enough reason to stop by. If you suddenly feel the urge to become a one of those prodigies, simply walk across the room and sign up for lessons. “We are really trying to make more high school students aware that we are a safe, family friendly, local place for them to come anytime to hang out, have coffee, smoothies, other beverages, use the Free Wifi, and have a great place to come anytime,” said David Lindberg. Brooke Annibale, Judith Avers, and Vicky Andreis are just a few of the recent performers at David’s, but besides the professional concerts, one of the most appealing features is the Open Mic Nights. Anyone can perform at these events, which are usually held at 7:30 on Saturday nights, and admission is free. Open Mic Nights are a haven for musical purists. Each musician or group presents whatever they can give and nothing else -- no auto-tune, overdubbing, or pitch correction in sight. It’s a great opportunity to hear honest, unpredictable live music. the best news of all is that David’s has potential to become a Peters Township staple. Imagine a tight-knit group of all ages coming together to share music while simultaneously contributing to the community. That’s the premise of David’s. Check out their website at Photo by Mike Schuck The signature “house and clef ” logo displayed on the front of David’s Music House on Route 19. Their website is
  7. 7. 6 April 2011 Ready For the 2011 NFL Draft ConorJackson.EntertainmentEditor Looking toward the 2011 Draft, this is an in-depth analysis of the top NCAA college football players. These are my predictions for each player, why I think they deserve the spot that I gave them, and which team is going to choose who. 1. Carolina Panthers: Da’quan Bowers, DE, Clemson 2. Denver Broncos: Patrick Peterson, CB, LSU Bowers is just one of the top prospects expecting to be the #1 pick. The new head coach for the Panthers, Ron Rivera, is a defensive-minded guy and will most likely use his #1 pick on Bowers. He will immediately be an inevitable comparison to Julius Peppers if he is indeed the #1 pick. With athleticism and strength, Bowers will be a double-digit sack artist with years to come no matter where he ends up. Last season Denver had one of the worst defenses in the league. The Broncos have some serious issues in the secondary which would could be improved with the help of Patrick Peterson, who is the most talented prospect in the draft. Peterson is a rare physical who is 6’1 and weighs in at 222 pounds. If Hall of Famer Champ Bailey resigns and the Broncos select Peterson, The Broncos will have one of the best cornerback tandems in the league. 3. Buffalo Bills: Marcell Dareus, DL, Alabama The Bills desperately need to upgrade on both sides of the ball and there is no one else worthy of such an early pick. Everyone thinks the Bills need a player like Cam Newton for their offense, but the Bills seem content with Ryan Fitzpatrick. Alabama’s Dareus is a perfect lineman for their front. Dareus isn’t as flashy as Alabama’s Fairley, but he has proven that he can single handedly take over games. This is the type of player the Buffalo Bills need. 4. Cincinatti Bengals: Cam Newton, QB, Auburn With Carson Palmer demanding to be traded and saying “I will never set foot in Paul Brown Stadium again”, this would be a big hole to fill under center. Cam Newton is the obvious choice for the Bengals if Palmer leaves the team which I see him doing. Cam Newton is the best quarterback in the draft and arguably the most athletic prospect. The Bengals always seem to choose talented players with question marks and Newton definitely qualifies for that. He’s built like a tight end being 6’6 and 250 pounds. He ran a 4.5 at the combine and has a very strong arm. I can also see the Bengals taking A.J. Green if Ocho cinco and Terrell Owens leave. 5. Arizona Cardinals: Robert Quinn, OLB, North Carolina I can see The Cardinals choosing a quarterback with this spot, but I think they will choose Robert Quinn. He missed last season after a suspension in his role in the Chapel Hill agent scandal. People have forgotten how good Quinn actually is. They will go back and watch his sophomore film and workouts to see how dominant and great he really is. He is the most talented pass rusher in the draft and I think the cardinals will benefit from choosing him. They have an awful defense and he will really give them that spark they need on that side of the ball. Pre-Game Rituals Caitlin Relich Katie Cushma Ross Wickstrom Jimmy Brucker Pregame Meal Pasta Pasta Peanut Butter Crackers Snapple and Peanut Butter M&M’s Pasta Pump Up Song “Coming Home” “No Hands” “Your Love” “Black And Yellow” Superstition Lucky Sports Bra Lucky Parking Spot Good Luck Text From Dan Weyrick Same Undershirt Biggest Rival Spring 2011
  8. 8. Sports 7 Yinzers Yoga ChristineManganas.SpecialFeaturesEditor Terrible towels have stopped waving and Sunday is just another day. The blood wound of black and gold has been closed as Steelers fans put a Band-Aid on their tailgates and touchdowns. It’s not such a “great day for hockey” as the Penguins suffer through their biggest slump of the year. As Pittsburghers wake up to the bitter cold weather and dark dreary skies, it only reminds them of what was once the City of Champions. With a Steelers loss in the Super Bowl, all hope gone for the return of Geno and little for Sid, and not a thought for the Pirates, the Steel City needs a little relax ation and a little motivation to carry on. The jerseys must come out of the closet, as a new pastime for Pittsburgh has finally hit the city: Yinzers Yoga. When Fleury accidentally lets five goals in the net, just use the “ MCL Malkin” move. When the Pirates reach a new record for the number of consecutive losses, “Let’s Go Bucs” will help you cope. As Steelers fans anticipate the new season only to receive an NFL lockout, do the “We almost won the Super Bowl” pose. For every depression there’s an expression. Help Pittsburgh return to its rightful position as sports best fans. Pray For Championship Let’s Go Bucs Almost Won Malkin MCL Crosby Concussion Under Review McKenzieFritz.People Editor|JohnGalatic.SportsEditor JG: Due to the obvious recent struggles of the Pittsburgh Penguins, I do not think the team will enjoy much success without the contributions of star centers Sidney Crosby and Evgeni Malkin. Sure, they might make it to the playoffs. It is just terribly hard to have faith that this depleted squad can win even one best-out-of-seven playoff series. The Penguins simply do not have enough depth to compete with the likes of Philadelphia or Washington on a consistent basis. Who knows what kinds of injuries could occur in the upcoming months? Granted, the addition of Kovalev and Neal will be a helpful asset to an otherwise struggling hockey team. However, these players are part of the supporting cast. Pittsburgh needs a leader on the ice, and without Crosby or Malkin, the rest of the team is left in disarray. MF: Although the Penguins are currently struggling, I believe they can definitely come back, even without Crosby and Malkin. Even though the offense is riddled with injuries there are still numerous players that have a lot of talent and skill. These players, such as Max Talbot, Tyler Kennedy, Pascal Dupuis, and of course Jordan Staal, are usually out shined by the team’s “stars.” With so many injured, they have a chance to step up to the challenge. Also, the Penguins defense has stayed intact, with the only exception being Brooks Orpik, while both Marc- Andre Fleury and Brent Johnson have had decent games as of late. So even though it makes it more difficult to win without Crosby and Malkin, the team is in no way failing without them. Despite the numerous injuries, the Penguins are still second overall in the Atlantic division and fourth overall in the East- ern Conference. Though it may be an uphill battle, I have no doubt that the Penguins can come back stronger than ever. A little adversity never hurt; look at our last Stanley Cup season. JG: The question is not whether the Penguins can make it to the playoffs. They will probably limp into the playoffs and lose in the first round. However, if Crosby returns, that is a different discussion. But for now, there is not much hope for him to come back. As for Pittsburgh’s most recent Stanley Cup season, the team struggled immensely before the firing of Michel Therrien. There was a lack of leadership in terms of the head coach. When the organization hired Bylsma, that all changed. With the combination of Bylsma’s impressive coaching style and Crosby’s charisma, the 2009 Penguins were virtually unstoppable. It is the only reason this team enjoyed success. Now that Crosby is gone, the players seem to have lost the confidence he instilled in them while he was playing. Barring the miraculous, the 2010-2011 season will have a mediocre conclusion. MF: Sure, Crosby is definitely a driving personality on the team. However, he is not the only leader. Players like Pascal Dupuis, Chris Kunitz, and Matt Cooke are all powerful forces in the locker room and on the ice. They all possess wisdom and maturity that Crosby, being so young, could never be expected to have. With players coming back from injuries on a daily basis, I believe that by the time the playoffs roll around, the Penguins will have a team that is a force to be reckoned with.
  9. 9. Blurring the Lines: Bullying KatieDenning.Co-Editor-In-Chief Physical and verbal bullying have been around for ages, however, cyber bullying has recently shocked society with its tragic consequences. Before the age of computers, when most people thought of bullying they envisioned the cliché scenes from movies where students steal lunch money, shove others into lockers, and tease them about their appearance. But now, bullying has expanded beyond the confines of the school and follows the victims within the walls of their own homes. Locally, a cyber bullying event occurred in Beaver County when an unidentified person created a Facebook page called “Beaver County Hoez.” This site took photos of unsuspecting, under aged girls from their own Facebook pages and paired them with “fictitious bios of sexually explicit” material (wtae. com). The site has been removed numerous times, but continues to reappear. Each time the site returns with thousands of fans, consequently causing the girls to feel embarrassed over something they did not do and worried about how it will affect their futures. State troopers are currently investigating the problem and are prepared to prosecute the perpetrator. On the national level, another Facebook cyber bullying situation occurred in Florida. Two teenage girls got in a fight with their best friend and then created a Facebook page where they posted photoshopped pictures of their former friend’s head onto explicit images ( Additionally, doctored photos are not the only embarrassing images uploaded online; videos are also posted at the expense of the victim. Recently, a video emerged of a teenage boy in Philadelphia being bullied because of his race and that he was weaker than his harassers. His tormentors recorded the bullying incident as they pulled him through the snow, hung him from a tree, and suspended him from a fence ( Students are also bullied due to sexual orientation. When a gay Rutgers student’s private life was streamed live, he felt so victimized that he consequently ended his life by jumping off a bridge. His roommate thought uploading a video about his sexual orientation would be funny but is now facing charges. Cyber bullying usually starts in smaller doses and sometimes the bully does not even recognize that he is hurting others. Learn what you should do if you see someone being bullied or if you may even be a bully yourself. You may be a cyber bully if you… -Send nasty text messages, emails, or social networking comments -Post cruel pictures, videos, or comments online -Use someone else’s user name to spread ru mors about others You may physically or verbally abuse others if you… -Punch, shove, or hurt others -Spread rumors or tease others -Exclude others or even convince other people to “gang up” on others Why do people bully? -Because others do it -Because you want to hang out in a different crowd -Because it makes you feel better than another person -Because it keeps you from being the next bul lying victim If you do bully… -Imagine how it must feel to be the victim -Just stop bullying If you see bullying… -Stand up for the victim -Get help Bullying Facts: -15%-25% of students believe they are bullied. While, 15%-20% admit to bullying others. -Kids who bully are more likely to skip school, drop out, smoke, drink, and get into fights. -Up to 160,000 students stay home every day because they are afraid of being bullied. -“60% of boys who were bullies in middle school had at least one criminal conviction by the age of 24.” (Information courtesy of www.stopbullyingnow.
  10. 10. A Peters Township Focus on Bullying ValerieKotar.StaffWriter Everyone knows that girls can be catty and guys try to act tough, but when does the joking cross the line? There is a huge difference between joking and bullying that students don’t seem to understand. Cyber bullying has become a huge problem in Peters Township High School. Guidance counselor and bully prevention expert Mrs. Laux was able to shed some light on the issue by sharing her knowledge on the issue. She first pointed out how so much technology has forced a change in their approach to bullying. Before, the attacker was obvious and could be avoided with some effort. With the introduction of cyber bullying came the transition from a physical approach to a psychological one. “Students always have either their cell phones or computers with them, so there is no privacy. It’s as though the bully can enter inside the victims home,” said Laux. Knowing that someone can hurt you no matter where you are can begin to destroy a person’s mental stability. “There is no digital citizenship, or respect for each other,” said Mrs. Laux. When a victim is continuously cyber bullied, they experience increased anxiety and depression. “Victims are 1.9 times more likely to commit suicide when cyber bullied. It has become a huge problem because 30 percent of kids grade K-10 have experienced bullying,” stated Laux. People cyber bully because technology gives them two things: anonymity and disinhibition. This means that the bully or bullies have the ability to remain faceless and guilt free; they never have to see the victim’s reaction. Those who cyber bully are too cowardly to see the damage they are doing because they know it is awful. How can we stop it? Mrs. Laux is calling for a wholeschool approach. If students can learn the difference between tattling and telling, we could all be better off. “Tattling is just getting someone in trouble. Telling is protecting yourself,” she said.
  11. 11. 10 April 2011 Style Savvy Shopping: Prom 2011 MollyDoehring.StyleEditor ruffles, as well as strapless and sweetheart cuts, to complement its feminine undertone. The most important tip to remember about this trend is to find a color that is not too close to your skin tone; otherwise the dress will end up washing you out. This style is meant to emphasize your girly side, so don’t go too wild or dramatic with your makeup. Hair should be pulled back into a simple bun or an effortless half up-do in order to show off the shoulders and neckline. Keep jewelry to a minimum. Try one big piece, like a statement necklace. Add simple studs and possibly a bracelet to tie the look together. Re-emerging in the 2011 season, the one-shoulder dress is proving to be one of the most popular prom dress styles again. This high-fashion trend is sure to make a lasting impression while accenting your shoulders as well as your facial features. Styles range from cross-body straps to the classic one-shoulder design. If you choose the one-shoulder style, be sure to keep jewelry to a minimum. Try something dramatic, such as drop earrings. Also, be sure to shy away from any clunky jewels or shoes. As for hair, try a side ponytail or an up-do. The whole point of the one shoulder style is to show off your shoulders, so covering them up would defeat the purpose. Dresses courtesy of Sorelle Bridal Shop. When it comes to prom style, there’s only one way to look like a boss. Cufflinks are what will essentially set you apart from the other haters. There are many styles to choose from, engraved, tuxedo, or anything a stunner can imagine. Without cufflinks you cannot stunt in a tuxedo. Imagine trying to build a house without nails. Get real with yourself, and buy a pair of these stunner cufflinks. Spring 2011 The most dramatic style this season is definitely the high-low trend, which combines a short hem in the front of the dress, and the classic, floorlength evening gown hem in the back. This potentially solves your biggest problem: choosing between a short and long dress. With the high-low style you get the best of both worlds. Many of the dresses are made in the mermaid or drop waist styles, which add to the glamorous effect you’re going for. You can go a little more dramatic with makeup; try a smoky eye. Voluminous curls or waves tie in perfectly with this look. To complete the ensemble, a chunky pair of earrings and an oversized ring. Mermaid One Shoulder Nude Color Spring is in the air and prom will soon be here. Finding the perfect dress can be a stressful experience if you don’t know what you’re looking for. Surely you don’t want to regret your choice, either. Below are some of the hottest trends in dresses this year that you should keep in mind while shopping. One of the biggest trends this year is nude and pale pink dresses. This movement has taken Hollywood and its award show season by storm. Starlets such as Halle Berry, Mandy Moore, and Scarlett Johansson have flaunted this timeless look on the Red Carpet this year. This neutral trend features a lot of lace and
  12. 12. Life & Style 11 Eye Candy CarlyBeck.StaffWriter rally beautiful look only a few steps are needed. First, cover the lids in a creamy bronze shadow that compliments your skin tone. To keep this lasting all day layer a shimmery powder shadow over top. Next, on the inner corners of your eyes dab a peach colored cream shadow. This simple touch will really wake your eyes up even on those early mornings. Add a thin line of brown liner to the bottom inner lash line and coat lash with black mascara and you are ready to go. A Colorful Eye: Sometimes a pop of color is just what you need to have a little fun. What better place to put it than your eyes? The key to this look is keeping everything else simple. Start with a layer of moisturizer on your eyes for easy blending. Thinly line the top and bottom lash lines with black eyeliner. Go over top of this thin line with your favorite brightly colored eye liner. Cover lids with a shimmery champagne shadow to subtly brighten your eyes. Finish by coating top and bottom lashes with two coats of black mascara. The Colorful Eye prep lids with a creamy base, such as an eye cream or primer for easy blending. Continue by rimming the top and bottom lash lines with the same black pencil as before. Layer a navy colored pencil over top of the black liner and blend with a fluffy shadow brush for a smudged look. Dust a silver shadow on the lids, as well as a darker shade in the crease and corners of the eye. To complete this look, coat top and bottom lashes with two coats of black mascara. The Natural Eye: An everyday wearable look is vital. To accomplish this natu- The Natural Eye The Smokey Eye No matter what the occasion may be, there is always a perfect look for your eye makeup, and it can be the best accessory to your outfit. As makeup has become an art of self expression, these three wearable styles will never fail. The Smokey Eye: This look is a great compliment for a night out. Although the dark shades can be intimidating, it is easier than ever with a few quick steps. The first trick to getting the smokey look is coating your bottom inner lash line with a black pencil. Be sure not to use a sharp tip as this area can be sensitive. Next, The Spring Workout KatieFinn.StaffWriter These exercises are sure to tone you up for summer and give you the body you have always wanted. This first exercise is focused on toning your upper legs. To do this, flip an exercise ball upside down and step on top of it. Once you step on the ball, begin to do squats as you would on the floor. The ball Balancing Squats gives the exercise the element of balance. Make sure as you do the squats, you keep your chest up and sit back as you squat, not just down. To make this exercise more effective, you can hold weights in your hands and as you squat down keep the weights by your sides. As you stand up bring the weights up to your chest. Upper BodyTwists This next exercise focuses on your sides. To do this, sit on the floor and pick your feet up. Twist your body from one side to the other. This exercise is most effective if many repetitions are done at once. If you want to tone your sides more, a medicine ball can be used to make the exercise more difficult. This final exercise is to be done with a partner. Lay flat on your back and have your partner hold your feet above your head. The partner holding your feet throws them down, and while they do this you need to control and slow your legs down so that they do not touch the floor. There should be at least six inches between your feet and the floor at all times. Leg Throws
  13. 13. om Court eacher Pr 2011 T Teacher Prom Pictures Mrs. Boni Ms. Hamilton os Mr. Bast
  14. 14. Miss Sanders Mrs.Vollmer Mrs. Sitler Mr. Kuharcik Mrs. Frick Mrs. H ruby Mrs. Kocan Mrs. Deliere Mrs. Degnan Mrs. Bec kjord Mrs. Gearhar t Miss Ingam
  15. 15. 14 April 2011 Congratulations PTHS Media Students Mrs.Frick.GuestWriter The PTHS Media Department competed in the Teachers of Video and Television (TVT) 24-hour Film Challenge on February 5th and 6th.  At 3:00 pm on Saturday, all 21 teams from western PA logged on to YouTube and received a genre (mystery), a prop (gloves) and a quote (“things aren’t always as them seem”).  The challenge was to create a 3-5 minute movie that incorporated all three components.  The finished piece had to be planned, shot and edited in the 24-hour window. The Media Department is proud to announce that the PT team, Frick and Friends, placed 3rd in the event.  The team was: Melissa Clawges Kevin Corrigan Jenna Johnson Hardy Kern Mandy Nerone Kasey Norton Kyle Sossi Lauren Spinabelli Jessica Szymanski Eric Yeckley We are so proud of the kids for all of their hard work and dedication to “camp” here at PTHS overnight to produce this great finish product, “Discovery at Dinner.” Music Video Conference HardyKern.StaffWriter Photo by:Erin Masta Shown above are participants of the Mega Junior Conference, a musical collaboration between several US schools and one in Taiwan. Students from PTHS, North Carolina, Florida, Ohio, and Taiwan were all electronically connected to each other to share idea on music, and compose a song as a group. The purpose of the conference was to “widen the students’ perspective” said Mr. Barney. There are more conferences scheduled for later this year. Spring 2011 Photo by Mrs.Frick The Gallery AllieSchlafman.StaffWriter The annual Photography Gallery was held from February 24-March 10, 2011 at the Peters Township Public Library. On the opening night parents and students gathered to see the portfolios and meet the photographers. The event was a good opportunity for the students to showcase their talents and share them with the community.
  16. 16. People Features PTHS Seniors Sign National Letters of Intent 15 Science Competition Results MattLison.StaffWriter The following students competed and placed in the Junior Engineering Technical Society (JETS) Teams competition on Thursday, February 24th: 1st Place Junior Varsity (9th and 10th grade team) Josh Bowman, Josh Larimer, Karan Sharma, Cheng Wang, Jake Wilhelm, Matt Perryman On Wednesday, February 2, five students from Peters Township High School signed National Letters of Intent to play sports at the collegiate level next fall. There members of the state champion girls soccer team were on hand to declare their intentions to play at the next level along with two members of the varsity football team. The students and their colleges are Shelli Spamer,North Carolina State University, Shannon O’Connor, Long Island University, Karen Jackson, Slippery Rock University, Austin Hancock, Fordham University, Nevin Hagman, Bucknell University. Also, the following students competed and placed in the Pennsylvania Junior Academy of Science (PJAS) competition on Saturday, February 19th: 1st Place Jennifer Mikec (Perfect Score), Allison Cecelia (Perfect Score), Maple Chen (Perfect Score), Jen Cashman (Exemplary Award), 10 other students placed 1st Lend a Helping Hand JuliaGauthier.Staff Writer Since students have spent countless hours volunteering, the administration has introduced a new activity. Interact, a new club formed by Presidents Merissa McKnight and Melissa Bittner, is a club that focuses on volunteering. It was established with the idea that if just one person could do something to help, imagine how much a group of people could. Mrs. Laux is the guidance counselor that helped bring it all together. She lends the club the CRC room for meetings and even brings in bagels. These three people really built Interact from the ground up. “I wanted to have a club at our school solely based on volunteering,” said President Marisa McKnight. “There are so many kids in this school who want to help but don’t know where to start.” and their parents. “It was an amazing experience,” said sophomore Laura Purkey, “I don’t think that I have Since the group is relatively ever met such new, they have only had a few nice people, even chances to really put their skills though they have so little.” to the test. Interact organized After the event at The a charity drive where they colSchool for the Blind, every lected socks and oversized coats and donated them to a single member who attended homeless shelter. The club also the field trip felt that they had volunteered at the School for brought back something much the Blind in Pittsburgh. Each more than just volunteer hours member brought in arts and and they are all exciting for fucrafts and set up a huge card- ture trips to come. making table for the students Photo by: Julia Gauthier This club is a worthwhile time investment that is more than just something to put on your resume. As Laura Purkey said, “If you want to make a difference in the world, why not start now?”
  17. 17. 16 February 2011 It’s the End of rds? o Last W A Favori te Fashion 1 lston, 1 bbie Ra all!” Ro t you “Forge 11 checki, lea Pla , baby!” Mar la vista “Hasta ? A Favorite TV Show Lindsay D elcotto, 11 “My favor ite pair of shoes, Van s.” Taylor Young, 11 “The Simpsons” Trent McPherson, 10 “Sports Center” A Favorit e Movie? ipment? APiece of Sports Equ Harry Hunter, 12 “My protective cup.” Spring 2011 John Ma ckay, 12 “My All State band shirt. ” Item? Hannah Caso, 12 “My left soccer cleat.” Alyssa Ja cobs, 10 “Inception .” Griff Boga n, “V for Ven 12 detta.”
  18. 18. Blurring The Lines the World... Imagine the scenario; it’s Dec. 21, 2012 and catrastrophe strikes. The Mayans were right, it’s really the end of the world! But, never fear, PTHS is leaving a time capsule to preserve the legacy of the human race. So, How do you want to be remembered? What would you leave behind? A Favorite Book? , 12 Roxanne Chalifoux were “And then there None by Agatha Christie” A Christian Viau, 11 at “ The Cat in the H euss” by Dr. S Favorite Song? Your Lega cy? Alana Lo mis , 10 “Being a G inger” Piece of Park Bogan, 11 elieving” “Don’t Stop B Carlee Wic kstrom , 10 “Being a T rack Star” Technol ogy? 9 Christine Renz, e R” “We R Who W Dan Mi lavec “Tamoga , 12 tchi” Laura S troyne, 1 2 “iPad” 17
  19. 19. 18 April 2011 There’s an App for That ErinMasta.Editor-In-Chief Apple’s App Store contains an estimated 200,000 apps available for download, made by over 28,000 creators. With the release of the iPad and Verizon’s recent introduction of the iPhone, creators are coming out with new apps to make life easier every day. Whether it is designing your own personal drink from Starbucks, keeping up with the latest sports updates, or even using a flashlight, Apple has discovered a perfect app for every occasion. For those who are looking to kill some time during study hall or in the car, there are thousands of games and quizzes to keep you busy for hours. Top-selling apps such as Angry Birds, Jenga, Doodle Jump, and Skee- Ball are purchased almost every day and considered favorites among Apple users. When searching for the perfect restaurant or movie, Urbanspoon and IMDb (Internet Movie Database) can help book tickets and reservations online with the press of a button. “I love being able to get on my iPod and reserve a table and tickets at the same time. I never have to worry about missing out on the newest movie or waiting in line forever,” stated senior Alyssa Trier. Fitness enthusiasts are raving over the Nike+ running and GPS apps. When lacking motivation, these applications track your progress and even provide cheering and compliments Twitter Invasion SavannaSchweizer.StaffWriter Twitter is a social networking site that allows you to “follow” anybody from A- list stars and music artists to ordinary people. The main difference between Twitter and Facebook is that Twitter is based more on status updating rather than uploading pictures and chatting directly with friends. Twitter allows you to follow your favorite celebrities and get updated on what they’re currently doing. It’s a great way for them to keep in touch with their fans and give them a glimpse into their daily lives. Many high school students here have joined in the Twitter craze. It’s so appealing because teens enjoy following their favorite celebrities and they get to know them in a more laid back environment. Here is a list of the top ten most followed people on Twitter from Lady Gaga(ladygaga)-8,490,984 followers Justin Bieber(justinbieber)-7,721,775 followers Britney Spears(britneyspears)-6,991,441 followers Barrack Obama(BarrackObama)-6,795,810 followers Kim Kardashian(KimKardashian)-6,511,603 followers Ashton Kutcher(aplusk)-6,385,103 followers Katy Perry(katyperry)-5,981,685 followers Ellen DeGeneres(TheEllenShow)-5,978,579 followers Taylor Swift(taylorswift13)-5,451,450 followers Oprah Winfrey(Oprah)-5,168,999 followers Spring 2011 from friends to keep you going. Calorie Trackers and Fooducate can keep people on track with their diets and health plans. For those who are willing to endure a rigorous workout, a Biggest Loser app featuring trainer Jillian Michaels can be purchased. Many apps are geared toward making life a little easier. Yellow Pages, Google Earth, and even remote controls for your television can be accessed through your iPod, iPad, or iPhone. Scanlife is a highly popular application that allows you to snap a picture of any product, view prices on the Internet, and even bid on eBay or Craigslist for it. When looking for a deal, Coupon Sherpa is the app for you. This application does the work of searching, clipping and cutting coupons electronically and provides users with a barcode that can be used at various stores. Yowza!! is another app that permits people to plug in a zip code and receive coupons and deals for stores near you. From useless bubble wrap popping and voice synthesizers to Twitter and iBooks, Apple has provided consumers with thousands of entertaining applications that are truly giving Apple 200,000 ways to make the life better. Photo by Erin Masta “Pretty Little” Mysteries MadisonMincone.StaffWrit The ABC family hit television show Pretty Little Liars has captivated the minds of young teens everywhere working, to answer this the one burning question: who is “A”? The main storyline of the show is that the girls are trying to solve the murder of their best friend, Alison. The mysterious “A” texted them right after the funeral telling them that she was still here. “A” sends the liars texts, e-mails, letters, notes, writes on their mirrors, windows, and just seems to know where the liars are at all times. So the question is…who is “A”? ““A” is either Mona or Alison’s evil twin sister.” said Jillian Kovac, freshman. Sophomore Kelly Johnson stated, “I think “A” is Mona and I think it was Ian who killed Alison.” On the other side, junior, Danielle Steitz said, “I think “A” is Jenna because she has the most reason to hate the girls.” The show’s electric atmosphere keeps viewers glued to the television. Pretty Little Liars ended its season on March 21 st; if you missed this season you can check out all of the episodes on and see if you can decipher who “A” is.
  20. 20. Entertainment Test Drive Unlimited Limited: 2 19 Grant Taylor iPod List GregMarsh.StaffWriter Five years ago, the first Test Drive Unlimited was a highly ambitious game that placed players on the beautiful island of Oahu along with an abundance of highly desirable cars and the freedom to drive over 1000 mi of open roads. Coupled with this, there were hundreds of races and challenges to compete in, the ability to buy luxurious houses with grand garages to store cars, and a constantly-connected online experience in which players could cruise with or race against other people online. Now in 2011, TDU2 has aimed to stick to its roots, while adding more cars, a richer online experience, more challenge types, variable weather, a day/night cycle, and an entirely new island off the coast of Spain – Ibiza. On paper, this sounds very promising, but sadly it turns out to be less of a better-crafted sequel. Up f r o nt , the game is rather impressive. The graphics are terrific – much smoother than its p r e d e c e s s o r ’s . Also, the list of cars is droolworthy and the attention to detail is unprecedented. But there are just too many flaws and inconsistencies that prevent the game from really shining. Being a car game, the most crucial aspect is how well the controls feel in correlation to what Photo by Greg Marsh you see on screen. A g g r a v a t i n g l y, the steering sensitivity is pathetically touchy causing the slightest movements of the joystick to lurch your car left or right. Even worse, the cars have inconsistent handling. Rear-wheel-drive cars spin out far too easily, making them nearly impossible to drive. There is also an utter lack of options. In TDU1, you could adjust the steering sensitivity, change your seat position in the cockpit view, and assign alternate commands to the buttons on the controller. Yet, in the “improved” sequel, none of these options exist. The soundtrack is short, “Rocket Man” by Elton John “Don’t Go Chasing Waterfalls by TLC “Hit Me Baby One More Time” by Britney Spears “You Belong With Me” by Taylor Swift “Black And Yellow” by Wiz Khalifa online isn’t as seamless as it claims to be, and some cars have tinted windows, making driving in the cockpit view hard in the day and impossible at night. With TDU2, it ends up being a love/hate relationship. If you can get used to the quirks, and you love driving games, it’s worth a purchase. Otherwise, save your cash. That’s So Cliché As high school students, we are told to avoid the use of clichés in our writings. Despite the popular belief that this is because teachers desire originality, I have analyzed a few of the most popular clichés and found out the real reasons behind their discrimination by teachers. JakeAchenbach.StaffWriter watching paint dry. Using this of them with the same phrase to express boredom is over-exaggerating your current state of monotony. However, if you feel the need to experience paint drying but do not have any paint, feel free to read anything written by fellow staff writer Matt Lison. It’s like watching paint dry Killing two birds with one stone You cannot say this unless you have actually taken the time to watch paint dry. I can tell you, from experience, that there is nothing in the world as boring as actually Have you ever tried throwing a rock at a bird? If you can throw a rock at a bird in midflight, try out for the Pirates. It is next to impossible to hit an airborne bird, but to hit two exact stone? Yeah, that is not going to happen. If you really need to express how you performed two tasks at one time, use a phrase such as, “multitasking.” confusing phrase. You cannot dig yourself into a hole. If the hole is already there then you can only fall into it. You’re digging yourself into a hole Who is love? Is she pretty? My point is that love is not a person. It is more of an inanimate object, no, an inanimate idea that is only a figment of our imaginations. More so, if love was a person, the odds are that he or she would not be blind. Take it from Noah Calhoun in The Notebook, Allie Hamilton is not blind. This is a very controversial cliché. I know how people can just keep getting into more and more trouble. What I do not understand is why they would spend so much time digging a hole when they could be trying to fix their problems. Also, this can be a Love is blind
  21. 21. 20 April 2011 World news in the last several months has been marked by tensions throughout the Middle East and North Africa. Demonstrators have protested against the current functioning of their governments, mainly leadership. In countries such as Tunisia and Egypt, revolutions have occurred, and in Bahrain and Yemen protestors seek greater freedoms under the law. Many results could potentially arise from these conflicts, including the resignation of leaders, the formation of a new governments, and possibly international intervention. Currently one country under the spotlight of the world is Libya. Americans should pay close attention to the struggles of the Libyan people as they clash with Dictator Moammar Gadhafi, as this conflict could spark a major increase in the price of oil. Libya ranks 12th among the largest oil exporters, and anti-Gadhafi rebels are reporting that they control more than half of the nation’s refineries. protests have escalated to major on Gadhafi Losing Libya riots and attacksresultgovernments buildings. The of these ac- KurtWerner.StaffWriter Although these opposition forces continue to export and manage the refineries in the same manner, the safety of these refineries and other refineries throughout Middle Eastern and North African states facing socio-political tension cannot be assured. The current protests throughout North Africa and the Middle East will continue to be a major spectacle, as such widespread and large-scale opposition has not occurred over so many countries for several decades. Libya draws attention because leader Muammar Gadhafi refuses to meet the demands of his protesting nation. Beginning in mid-February, Libyans led by human rights activists demonstrated against government corruption and Gadhafi’s injustice. First gathering outside a police station in the city of Benghazi, tions is only a determination of Gadhafi to continue ruling (who has ruled the nation in a dictatorship since a coup takeover in 1969), the resignation of government officials, and the dissolving of many military units. Now, as the opposition in Libya slowly liberates cities, they fight against Gadhafi’s remaining forces and African mercenaries. This act is a strong symbol of Gadhafi’s injustice against his people, and clearly depicts that Gadhafi will not accept compromise or a peaceful resignation as an option in the country’s conflict. Although many observing nations had their criticisms of Gadhafi’s actions so far in the uprising, his turn to the use of mercenaries against his own people has drawn much more negative attention as his actions “violate international legal obligations and common decency” as stated by Hillary Clinton ( Should we Share The Shale? Marcellus shale drilling has become as much of a hot button issue as the health-care debate and legalization of gay marriage. However, unlike the other two, the drilling is an issue hitting close to home for residents of Peters Township. Marcellus shale is found in the Appalachian region of the northeastern United States. Pennsylvania happens to sit atop one of the largest deposits in the entire country, and therefore is highly coveted amongst energy companies. Our copious bounty may prove more of a curse than a blessing however, depending on what side of the “Great Shale Debate” you stand on. “There’s just no substitute for it,” says Ron Hallinger, a site supervisor for Range Resources, one drilling company for marcellus shale. “We stick to the laws set in place for us, provide an opportunity for work, and bring a lot of money into the areas we work in.” Many residents agree with Hallinger, including the Peters Township legislative council, Spring 2011 HardyKern.StaffWriter the board responsible for the perienced increased income, maintenance and development and now have more money to of the township. Marcellus spend, creating a better place shale drill sites on Peters’ prop- to live. erty would be a huge source of Making just as passionate a income for the case is the optownship. The position to the drilling comdrilling. panies pay rent “It’s awful to the township that we’re gofor the land ing to have they work on, to deal with pay any private this. I know property ownpeople who ers whose land live in places they use, and with well sites, a list of addiand it’s misertional fees conable. They’re tinues. Other kept awake all areas where hours of the drilling has day, deal with taken place terrible smells have shown a and noises, and huge change the work vehiin the quality cles are tearing of living. For up their roadexample, the ways,” stated c om mu n it i e s Pamela Robins, near Hickory, an anti-drilling Pennsylvaactivist here in Photo by Hardy Kern PT. nia have ex- For all of the necessary equipment to be brought into a site, large trucks must drive to and from the site almost constantly. There are issues with the smell of the excavation, the light given off by the machinery, the occasional flames shooting up from the exhaust piping, and the inherent pollution given off. Many informational meetings have been held in the municipal building and library, some in favor of the drilling, and some against it. The township meetings leading up to the decision were often volatile, with very involved and opinionated residents on both sides of the issues in attendance. Ultimately, the township has decided to allow drilling in Peters Township. Currently, ordinances are being reviewed and rewritten to further regulate drilling practices. All changes made are done with the best interests of the residents in mind. Though the drilling has yet to start, the issue of Marcellus shale drilling is sure to continually cause controversy. So, all things considered, should we share the shale?
  22. 22. News Features Got Cancer? MattLison.StaffWriter This article is not meant to scare people out of eating or drinking different foods, it is merely an attempt to raise awareness of what exactly is in the food we are eating. Cancer is the second leading cause of death in the United States. According to the American Cancer Society, there have been over 1.5 million new cases of it reported and over 500,000 cancer-related deaths. Is it preventable? As the search for the cure for cancer continues, numerous steps can be taken in order to decrease the risk of getting it. The problem is that most people do not know these steps or even the causes of cancer. The scary part is Americans eat many cancer-causing foods. One of the most controversial and common cancercausing foods is milk. According to the Central Statistics Office, around 500 million liters of milk are produced for human consumption each year. Thus, it’s a very important part of most Americans’ diets. The Cancer Prevention Coalition seems to have different opinions about milk. Through research, they have found that dairy farmers inject a genetically-engineered bovine growth hormone, rBGH, into cows in order to increase milk production. This injection causes cows to produce up to 20% more milk. However, the same injection also increases a growth factor linked to human cancer development called IGF1. Yet, dairy farmers are still allowed to inject cows with rBGH because the FDA says that it does not pose health risks. Additionally, the FDA also failed to investigate the long-term effects of the injection. (www. Furthermore, cancer researcher, Dr. Chad Stone, states that acrylamide, a hu- man carcinogen associated with ovarian and endometrial cancers, is being consumed every day and most people do not know it. It is a well-known tumor causing agent and a potent neurotoxin, which not only affects the brain, but on the reproductive system as well. When foods are heated to 248 F, they form this human carcinogen. For example, a bag of potato chips may contain as much as 500 times the amount of acrylamide than the World Health Organization allows. They also contain hydrogenated oils and trans fat, which both have been found to increase the risk of developing cancer. ( Also, Dr. Stone’s research reveals that doughnuts are even a cancer-risk. The fact that they are deep fried, contain high levels of sugars, and are based on heavily refined carbohydrates make them dangerous, for these are three major classes of cancer causing foods. (www. Cookouts on a warm sunny day should be concern free; enjoying some burgers, lemonade, and cancerous hot dogs. Nothing could be better. Wait, cancerous hot dogs? According to research done by the University of Minnesota, hot dogs have cured meat and are preserved with sodium nitrate, which are leading causes of stomach cancer. However, there are alternatives. For example, almond milk is a safe alternative to regular milk. It tastes a little different and does not have the potential risks that regular milk has. If you are still trying to get your hot dog fix, there are sodium-nitrate-free hot dogs available. Instead of doughnuts and potato chips, try sticking to the fruits and vegetables, which researchers found to have cancerfighting elements. 21 What In the World ValerieGobao.PhotographyEditor Why get a tattoo when you can add a useless organ? The Australian “artist” Stelarc has given new meaning to the term “body art” by growing an ear on his arm. After years of searching for a surgeon, he found someone to grow an ear using his own skin cells and then implant it on his left forearm. Since ears don’t exactly belong on arms, he almost lost the entire appendage after one of the surgeries. That’s a stupid risk, considering that the ear doesn’t even work. But don’t fret; Stelarc considers the entire process worth it. To enrich humanity further, he plans to “embed a tiny microphone in it to enable others to ‘hear’” what his arm hears. Sounds like the new internet rage! While some people have trouble maintaining a relationship with one spouse, Ziona Chana, an Indian man, has thirty-nine. He, along with the wives, their ninety-four children, and their thirty three grandchildren all live under one roof; talk about a long wait to use the bathroom. Chana, the head of a polygamous Christian sect creatively called “Chana,” will “go to any extent to marry” and once “married ten women in one year.” Also, he likes to have seven or eight wives by his side, attending to him at all times. American rappers take note—this guy is the master ‘playa.’ Some people can’t handle a splinter in a finger for a day, so imagine the discomfort of having a rusty piece of knife shrapnel embedded in your skull for four years. Until recently, Li Yuhan of China lived with this affliction, suffering from severe headaches, breathing issues, and bad breath. The knife piece broke off when a robber stabbed Yuan in the lower jaw; somehow, no one realized a four- inch piece of metal was left behind. Miraculously, it missed important arteries and spinal structures and lay for years without infection. Chinese surgeons removed the piece without further injury, their success being heavily lauded and promoted by the Chinese government. This reeks of Commie propaganda.
  23. 23. 22 April 2011 Mixed Art Becca Lee, 12 n, 12 Che Chelsea 2 am, 1 yle Ingr K Layout Design by Denée Renz Chad Mu schesko, 1 2 schl, 12 Nicole Pa Spring 2011 Matty Smith, 1 2
  24. 24. Student Work ps, 11 i Philip Samm Austin Chap pel, 23 10 n, 12 n Tatma Da Evan Wetzel, 1 2 kul Cory Pry l, 12 Jillian Eb y, 11 This month’s student work section features contributions from various types of art including Technology Education, Photography, Ceramics and Art. Thank you to all of these talented artists for sharing their work.
  25. 25. “Two peanuts walk into a bar. One was a salted.” “Two snowmen are standing in a field. One says to the other, ‘Funny, I smell carrots too.’” “Knock Knock. Who’s there? Owl’s. Owl’s who? That’s right owl’s hoohoo.” Connor Page Jimmy Brucker Beth Fecher Jessica Dupree SENIORS “What do you call a monkey in a mine field? A Baboom.” JUNIORS Lauren Dymond “Why was six afraid of seven? Because seven, eight, nine.” “Why did the house call the doctor? Because it had window pane.” “There is a blue house. Everything is blue. It’s only a one story house. What color are the stairs? There aren’t any stairs.” Nick Leech Park Bogan Annie Chess “Knock, Knock. Who’s there? You know. You know who? That’s right avada cadabra!” “What’s black and white and red all over? A newspaper.” “Why’d the cookie go the hospital? Because it was feeling crummy.” “Why did the football coach go to the bank? To get his quarter back.” Trent McPherson Craig Johnson “Why can’t dinosaurs talk? Because they’re dead.” Alana Lomis Haley Delaney SOPHOMORES FRESHMEN Rhea Papi “What do you call a fish with no eyes? A fsh.” “What’s the difference between chopped beef and pea soup? Everyone can chop beef, but not everyone can pea soup!” Shane Schmeltzer Chris Laster Brenna Sweeney “Where does the one legged waitress work? IHOP.” “What’s the range of a tuba? About 10 yards if you got a good arm.” Mr. Kuharcik Mr. Barney Ms. Hamilton Mrs. Groninger TEACHERS “Why did the chicken cross the road? To get to the other side.” “What did the man say when the picture fell on his head? I’ve been framed!” “My students.” “What do you call a deer with no eyes? I have no eye-deer.”