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Der 30u30-Wettbewerb. Rangajaran-Pluskota: alltours.

Präsentation zum Wettbewerb der Nachwuchsinitiative #30u30 im Jahre 2014. Gruppe 10: "Work-travel balance? Sorted with @alltours" - von Akshata Rangajaran und Alina Pluskota.

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Der 30u30-Wettbewerb. Rangajaran-Pluskota: alltours.

  1. 1. Employer Branding for PR (tourism sector) Akshata Rangarajan & Aina Pluskota Work-travel balance? Sorted! With @alltours.
  2. 2. The Task Employer Branding for alltours Develop an employer branding campaign that inspires young professionals to work in the PR sector for tourism (alltours)! Plan a campaign to help alltours win the "War for talent“! 2
  3. 3. Why alltours? Employer Branding for alltours alltours Biggest german travel operator with single ownership Well-known in North-Rhine- Westphalia Job security and development opportunities Work-life- balance Still a small company (490) employees Good chances for professional growth A well established history 3
  4. 4. SWOT-Analysis Strengths  Tourism is an exciting field  It holds the interests of the target group (travelling, exploring the world & getting to know cultures)  Working where others holiday, and combining work and leisure  Flexible working hours and mobile office  Development opportunities, participation and own projects  Flat hierarchies  Work-life balance  Interact with people from a wide variety of backgrounds Employer Branding for alltours 4
  5. 5. SWOT-Analysis Weakness  Low remuneration compared to other sectors (especially for job starters)  Promotion prospects are limited  Homesickness, barely at home  Not a 9-to-5-job  Hardly compatible with family planning  Requires more than 50% willingness to travel Employer Branding for alltours 5
  6. 6. SWOT-Analysis Opportunities  Work-life-balance, exciting tasks and a comfortable working atmosphere take precedence for Gen Y over monetary gains  Job starters usually don‘t want to settle right away, rather want to explore the world before they get settled  Family planning nowadays starts later  Less agencies do tourism PR, so companys need to expand their own PR teams  PR is a learning experience, not just professionally but also personally Employer Branding for alltours 6
  7. 7. SWOT-Analysis Threats  Tourism does not have the best reputation as an employer  Comparatively low payment in the whole PR sector, especially for job starters  Other sectors are in great demand and offer more respected careers Employer Branding for alltours 7
  8. 8. Objectives Employer Branding for alltours • Creating awareness for PR jobs at alltours among young professionals and students in the first three months of the campaign (via Social Media Interaction) Short-term • Receiving around 50 applications for PR Traineeships and PR Junior Roles in the first twelve months of the campaign Middle-term • Improving the image as an attractive employer for PR jobs among young professionals, students and employees in the first two years of the campaign • Boosting employee moral and motivation Long-term 8
  9. 9. Target groups  Main target group  Young professionals and students in the age group 20 to 30 years from the fields of communication, PR and similar branches  Intermediary target group  Motivated empoylees, who are very active on social networking channels and are well connected  The whole (alltours) team  Universities, othe educational institutions  Bloggers, who write about PR, HR and similiar subjects Employer Branding for alltours 9
  10. 10. Employee Value Proposition Employer Branding for alltours • You don't just help people with their holidays and experiences, you live each and every one of them. Be the adventure • Your voice and opinion is going to influence the thinking and decisions of so many people out there. Travel always brings changes in a person's life, whether it's a long planned trip or a spontaneous one, and you have the opportunity to make that change Be heard • You will be meeting photographers from South America one day and an adventure traveller from the Himalayan foothills the other. You now have an acquaintance is almost every part of the world. Be a world citizen 10
  11. 11. Positioning/Message Work-travel balance? Sorted! With @alltours. Employer Branding for alltours 11
  12. 12. Strategy  Multiplier strategy  Motivated employees are appointed to join the intern „alltours-network“ and act as amabassadors in public (encourage recommendation)  No active press communication from alltours about the campaign in order to be authentic (Let employees talk!)  Focusing on Social Media Measures to establish a viral effect Employer Branding for alltours 12
  13. 13. Measures  Kick-Off-Event  Internal Workshop to discover how the company is perceived by employees  Forming the “Alltours Network” with motivated employees  Follow-up meetings with the „Alltours-Network“  Vlogs  PR employees show their every day work in selfmade videos using a GoPro (authentic presentation of the atmosphere at work)  Employees spread their videos in their own social networks using the three EVPs as a tag.  Blogs  A "On the job Records" section where current PR trainees and professionals will blog about their experiences in working at exciting locations as well as with meeting some of the coolest photographers and travellers. Employer Branding for alltours 13
  14. 14. Measures Employer Branding for alltours  Twitter  Stories by PR employees in 140 characters by using the 3 EVPs as hashtags. e.g. Just had an amazing photoshoot with award winning photographer @AndyRouse at the Ranthambore national park! #betheadventure  Facebook  Selfmade videos by PR employees that show their every day work can be reposted by the Alltours Facebook page.  Instagram  PR employees post exciting pictures of their shoots, interviews using the three EVP as a tag.  Website-Relaunch  Special focus on the carrer site  Adaption of the look & feel to the new campaign 14
  15. 15. Measures Employer Branding for alltours  Traineeship Competition  Attract participants to work with the PR department at alltours  Firstly, attract the university students by partnering with their Universities and giving them a quirky task related to travel and PR  Next, a successful string of candidates move on to the next round where they are invited to the alltours office and must create an Instagram story, selling the alltours office as a tourist destination  The final selected candidates thus “Win” a traineeship with the PR department of alltours and begin their “journey” into the exciting world of PR 15
  16. 16. Key performance indicators Employer Branding for alltours  Number of applicants and hired applicants  Number of contacts via phone, mail and e-mail  Traffic on website and blog  Video views  Popularity and reach (follower, fans, likes)  Engagement (comments, retweets, menstions, shares ) 16
  17. 17. Timeline Employer Branding for alltours Internal kick-off- event / Building the „alltours- Network“ Viral sharing of videos in the social network by employees Video production by employees Go-Live Website Relaunch Website relaunch with special focus on the career site Blogs „On the job records“ / Stories on Twitter / Pictures on Instagram Trainee competition/ Evaluating KPIs 2015 January March May November 2016 177
  18. 18. Budgetplan  Website Relaunch 15.000€  Blog Microsite 7.000€  Video Production (GoPros for employees) 5.000€  Kick-Off-Event for Employees: 5.000€  Evaluation 5.000€  Setting up Social Media Accounts 4.000€  Social Media Monitoring 2.500 € Total 43.5000€ Employer Branding for alltours 18
  19. 19. Evaluation of KPIs  Evaluate HR indicators (applicants, contacts, job interviews)  Attitude surveys with employees to check the motivation and employee moral  Social Media Monitoring and reporting to check all Social Media Inidcators  Evaluate website statistics to check traffic  Media responses to check the reach and popularity of the camapign outside social media Employer Branding for alltours 19
  20. 20. Employer Branding for alltours We say… 20 Attracting talent to the PR sector is no Herculean task. If we can’t sell our own story…well who can?