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DANIEL M GILL RESUMEMost Recent Role:   VP of Operations (SEO, PPC, Social Media)
About Me Daniel Gill    VP of Operations (Digital Marketing Agency)    Operations Assistant (eCommerce Startup)    V. E...
Relevant Skills Career Overview                                          SEO for 5+ years      5+ Years SEO              ...
Employment Spark Internet Marketing                                                            VP of Operations for SEO, P...
Employment TimTechs LLC (eCommerce)                                                         Operations Assistant for Mobil...
Employment Journalistic Creative Writing               Cultural Commentator for Various Publications Since July 2003      ...
Study Bachelor of Arts (Media Studies)                                                        B Arts (1999-2002)          ...
Study Diploma of Business (Marketing)                                                        Diploma of Business (1998-199...
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SEO, Social Media & PPC Operations Management Resume | DanielMGill


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SEO, Social Media & PPC Operations Management Resume | DanielMGill

  1. 1. DANIEL M GILL RESUMEMost Recent Role: VP of Operations (SEO, PPC, Social Media)
  2. 2. About Me Daniel Gill  VP of Operations (Digital Marketing Agency)  Operations Assistant (eCommerce Startup)  V. Experienced in SEO & Social Media  Studied: B Arts (Media Studies) & Diploma of Business (Marketing)
  3. 3. Relevant Skills Career Overview   SEO for 5+ years 5+ Years SEO   Created a unified messaging system for holistic digitalLocal SEO Social Footprints Onsite marketing (SEO, PPC, Social Media)   Created a Combined All Digital Reporting StructureLinkbuilding Onclick Events Forums   Systemized workflow across 4 country delivery teamFacebook Wordpress Analytics   Launched and help run 2-person eCommerce StartupJournalism Pinterest Press Releases   Journalist for 8+ yearsCopywriting Keywords AdWords   Joined Facebook Day 1 of public access (July 2006)SEOMoz Content Strategy YouTube   Redditor for 5+CRO Article Syndication Twitter   Travelled to over 80 cities, across 5 continents.Rich Snippet Convergence Blogging   Cited as reference on Wikipedia   Avid reader of all developments in the Digital Marketing environment
  4. 4. Employment Spark Internet Marketing VP of Operations for SEO, PPC & Social Media Teams [October 2010 – August 2012] Role Description: As an agency with staff across 4 countries and as many time zones one of the risks faced by Spark was discontinuity of communication and disjointed workflow. Within this role I created and implemented wireframes for each service offering, creating a unifiedLinkedIn Recommendation: messaging framework for Sales, CRM and Delivery, and creating a shared reservoir for push tasks, and data.“One of the challenges we face in Digital Marketing is Beyond the operational and messaging requirements this role necessitated directcommunicating our product to clients of varying levels of communication with CEOs & client-side Marketing Managers both pre and post sale totech aptitude. Dan has a talent for articulating a highly articulate our approach, methodology and our passion.conceptual overview which he can connect to a clients At various touch points in a client campaign I was involved in Local SEO, On-site SEO,industry both through case studies, and analogy. This has Social Media Campaign & Link-building strategy.proven very valuable at selling to new clients, retaininglegacy clients and for creating an internal In this role I overhauled the reporting to an Integrated Marketing Model that moved fromcommunication "language" ensuring we focus on results- traffic-based to results-based ROI reporting. The result of which was at once morebased rather than tasked-based marketing . Under his detailed, and more clearly articulated.stewardship weve migrated to an integrated marketing Personal Reflection:model with shared "connective tissue" that makes our Writing experience proved invaluable in overhauling the messaging framework within thisoffering both scalable and intimate.” Digital Marketing environment. In this Operations role I interviewed internal stakeholders and articulated their passion for Marketing into repeatable processes that demystify ourPeter Reitano methodology, goals and ambitions to our clients. My ambition was to create frameworksDirector of Client Relations that allow for bespoke marketing strategies to coincide with scalability for SEO, PPC and Social Media teams. In this, I’m told, I succeeded.
  5. 5. Employment TimTechs LLC (eCommerce) Operations Assistant for Mobile Phone eCommerce Startup [October 2007 – July 2008] Role Description: Working as part of a two-man team to build, launch and market this online mobile phone retailer’s US and Canadian websites. Due to the small nature of the company, this roleLinkedIn Recommendation: incorporated an array of skill-sets, and was designed to help the company scale with demand. In this operational role I was responsible for creating training materials and how-“I have worked closely with Daniel on the TimTechs to’s for future hires, through to streamlining existing practices to increase ourProject, and he has demonstrated the ability to competitiveness with larger rivals.absorb new techniques quickly as well as the A To help drive the site we used a range of strategies. We leveraged social newsability to apply them efficiently. Aside from his aggregators, tech-blogging, video production, link-baiting as well as more traditional on-knowledge and experience that was developed site and off-site SEO practiceover his career, Daniel has proved that he is a self- The dynamic role incorporated everything from video editing, to troubleshooting customer’sstarter and dedicated professional. With the help technical difficulties to maintaining forum personas for link-building and trust-building.of Daniel, we implemented different marketingstrategies to reach 4,000 generic daily unique Personal Reflection:visitors with $600,000USD in annual gross This role allowed me to channel many of creative writing, video production and marketingrevenue.” skills into a single organization marketing objectives. When contrasting with an agency environment, TimTechs allowed me to understand the depth of knowledge, attention toYazen Altimimi detail and breadth of responsibility rewired of an in-house SEO in a lean start-upFounder & CEO environment.
  6. 6. Employment Journalistic Creative Writing Cultural Commentator for Various Publications Since July 2003 Role Description: Beginning with a music review in July 2003 for Tsunami magazine, my published writing career escalated quickly writing the cover article just 4 mths later. Three covers would follow including Jet. Since then my writing has covered all manner of events, cultural topics and been published in three countries, including New York, Toronto, Melbourne & Brisbane. In this role for various publications there was a heavy emphasis on self-motivated, initiative-driven research to identify topics, events and people of interest in a fast- paced and fashion-conscious environment. It was necessary to be able to locate and contextualize cultural changes and describe them in an original voice to educate and entertain readers. Personal Reflection: The generic skills honed through interviewing skills, research and professional communication have served me well in all employment settings hereafter. In a marketing environment my ability to follow and indentify social trends has allowed me to better target market niches in the authentic language of those subcultures.
  7. 7. Study Bachelor of Arts (Media Studies) B Arts (1999-2002) Seeded a passion for creative production, and the tools with which to understand and cultivate persuasion.Course Description: Why it matters: Humanities, at its heart, is really about learning how to question the world as it is,Since rebranded as a Bachelor of Creative and apply filters to analyze the world (and its media) from varying perspectives.Industries, this degree involves study of theoreticaland practical applications of media production, This degree was a combination of this highly conceptual media analysis, and thecriticism & philosophy. more practical and pragmatic reality of actual hands-on cultural production.In studying this major students edit, direct, script, The combination of contrasting the hegemonic phallocentrism and homo-eroticproduce & shoot short films. They write both overtones of Westerns, compared to the far less conceptual production of filmingcreative fiction and non-fiction. Beyond media one’s own Western, gives new insight into the limits of analysis in a real-worldproduction elements students study the cultural, environment.political and social framework that media arecreated, consumed and interact within. Students are Personal Reflection:provided the tools to intellectually analyze This course fed within me not only the creative yearning which had initially drivensemiotics, sociological impacts and apply cultural me to it, but to a larger extent it helped me identify an aptitude for turningfilters to media meaning and impacts. complex relationships into simplified conceptual frameworks: the ability to see patterns where others see only “noise” and confusion.
  8. 8. Study Diploma of Business (Marketing) Diploma of Business (1998-1999) Key to graduating this course was the managerial ability to direct individuals & teams to completion prior to deadlines, and the planning nous to formulate and execute on strategic business objectives.Course Description: Why it matters:This program is targeted toward two main While degree courses are heavily weighted toward concepts, theory and peripheryoutcomes: preparing entrepreneurs to start small attributes of commerce, this vocationally-focused Diploma forces students tobusinesses and training operational management perform in a real-world environment, managing unpredictable team members, andstaff. More specifically students gain high levels of accomplishing high-volume workload to tight deadlines. This course was a microcosmsupervisory, decision-making and problem solving of the reality of working within a corporate environment with staff of differing strengths, and directing their energies towards common or complimentary outcomes.skills and learn to work independently andresponsibly to achieve organizational outcomes. Personal Reflection:By studying this course, students develop an From this course I learnt the craft of persuasive business communication, that wouldunderstanding of the dynamics and principles morph later into copywriting (externally) and staff motivation (internally). Thisunderlying the effective functioning of business course gave me practical exposure to the emotive triggers that inhibit introvertsoperations. Within this course students gain from succeeding in big groups, and how best to channel different team membersknowledge and expertise in key business strategies, strengths. This role involved weekly public speaking, and was the where I was firstpeople management, human resources and business referred to as a “natural public speaker”marketing