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Promotion strategy of cadbury


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Promotion strategies of cadbury and Nestle

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Promotion strategy of cadbury

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  3. 3. Pre 1994, Cadbury targeted kids aged 2- 15 and most of its advertisements were animated and appealed to the imagination of the kids Campaign 1: Kitna maza aaye Re( Early 90’s)
  4. 4. Campaign 2: Kuch Khas he Zindagi Mein (1994) Cadbury started targeting all age groups by showcasing the ‘kid in everyone’ with these series of Ads
  5. 5. This campaign was aimed at building social acceptance for consumption of Cadbury by all groups of people stimulating purchase intentions. It was the extension of the previous campaign with emphasis on fun and family. Cyrus Broacha was the brand ambassador for these ads Campaign 3: Khane Walon Ko Khane ka Bahana Chaiye (2002)
  6. 6. Campaign 4: Kuch Meetha ho Jaye This campaign aimed at substituting the traditional Indian sweets distributed during occasions with Cadbury, bringing in the trend of doing “Muh Meetha” with “Cadbury” rather than “Traditional Indian sweets”
  7. 7. Campaign 5: Shubh Aarambh(2010) It is auspicious in the Indian Culture to eat something sweet before “embarking on a new beginning”. It captures the Indian notion of “All’s well that begins well”. The positioning of the product was shifted from a sweet to something to be eaten before starting anything new.
  8. 8. The objective of this ad is to change the perception of Cadbury dairy milk from a chocolate to “A daily Indian Household Dessert” and increase the breadth of consumption Campaign 6: Meethe Mein Kuch Meetha Ho Jaye Campaign (2011):
  9. 9. PRINT ADS
  10. 10. So good that you want to lick the wrapper clean
  11. 11. Series of Amitabh Bachchan’s Ads in newspapers
  12. 12. Non- Traditional Marketing
  13. 13. Non- Traditional Marketing 2011- Cadbury collaborated with Mid- Day newspaper and the newspaper was delivered in a Cadbury envelop in Mumbai and Delhi. This innovation was beyond the normal promotion methods adopted. Non- Traditional Marketing
  14. 14. MESSAGE STRATEGY  Over the years, There is not any change in the positioning of KitKat.  It is positioned as a chocolate to be taken when you need a break or a chocolate that gives you a break  ‘Have a break, Have a kitkat’ has been the tag line since the 90s
  15. 15. Have a break, have a kit kat- 1996 Series of short 15 sec- 60 sec ads on similar theme of ‘Break’
  16. 16. Kit kat break banta hai: 2011 Modifying the previous ‘Have a break’ concept to ‘you deserve a break’
  17. 17. PRINT ADS
  18. 18. Message Strategy: When you are tired at work, you need a break
  19. 19. Chance to meet KKR Players during IPL 2011
  20. 20. Non Traditional marketing -Augmented reality on TOI 2013  First time in India Augmented reality was used by an FMCG brand in Print medium  The promo message published on TOI was to be scanned using an App on phone.  This would turn it into an interactive augmented reality animation  Winners were announced every hour and gifted free NEXUS 7 table Augmented Reality
  21. 21. Manil Punware pgp30031 IIM Lucknow THANK YOU