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Promotion mix of coca cola


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Promotion mix of coca cola

  1. 1. Presented ByPraful S. Metange MBA Marketing – IMC MIT School of Management, Pune
  2. 2. Company Introduction  Coca-Cola was invented in May 1886 by Dr. John S. Pemberton in Atlanta, Georgia.  Name "Coca-Cola" was suggested by Dr. Pemberton’s bookkeeper, Frank Robinson.  Currently offers more than 500 brands in over 200 countries and serves over 1.6 billion servings each day.  Company operates a franchised distribution system dating from 1889
  3. 3. Evolution 1886 • Originated as a soda fountain beverage & sold for 5 cents/ glass 1899 • Signed the first bottling agreement 1916 • Birth of the first “contour” bottle 1920s • Expanded internationally out of United States 1970 • Exited from India – FEMA regulations 1993 • Re-launched in India & acquired local brands 2000s • Leading Cola brand in India (Thums Up & Sprite combined)
  4. 4. Open happiness
  5. 5. PEOPLE… Atul Singh Deputy President, Pacific Group, The Coca-Cola Company Venkatesh Kini Deputy Business Unit president, Coca-Cola India and South West Asia Anupama Ahluwalia VP Marketing, Coca-Cola India
  6. 6. Brands under Coca Cola
  7. 7. Promotion  Top line promotions  Includes the promotional activities intended towards mass consumers using mass media.  Designed and executed by the company's corporate office at Gurgaon and their office at Mumbai.  TV Ads, design of banners, and other mega event (like world cup cricket match and other) sponsorship initiatives taken up by the company simultaneously all around India with no difference in designs or execution fall in this category.  Below the line promotion  Includes the promotion schemes, publicity material, Point of Sale display  Done by the company from zonal, plant, sales manager and area sales manager level.  At the sales manager and area sales manager level promotion is done exclusively for the cities in their respective areas.  These activities can be categorized under sales promotions
  8. 8. Promotion • Creating Santa Claus • Associating with McDonald’s, etc • Associating with cricket, cinema & music • Endorsing through top celebrities • Building high brand visibility • Re-inventing itself  Making it a generic product – “thanda matlab coca cola” • Packaging it in an attractive & economical way
  9. 9. Coke Studio@MTV embarks on the third season of its musical voyage Tamil Actor & Fanta Brand Ambassador Tamanna Bhatia 'Meet and Greet with Kareena' contest in Chandigarh Coca-Cola India launches the 2012 edition of the Limca Book of Records Quiz Limca - do pal taazgi
  10. 10. Coca Cola India Marketing Strategy  Consistent effort on its part to align its product with the Indian Culture and tradition  Earliest of the ad campaigns shows the brand positioning itself as a relaxing drink, fighting off the hot weather and humidity of Indian weathers  Coca Cola adopted the dual strategy of Jingles and Celebrity endorsements  Popular coke Jingles in first decade of its existence ‘Always The Real Thing’, ‘Pee Le Coca-Cola’, ‘Jo Chahe Ho Jaye…Coca-Cola Enjoy.’
  11. 11. Coca Cola India Marketing Strategy  Year 2003 - “Thanda Matlab Coca cola ad”  Amir Khan was presented in 6 different looks, working on the simple philosophy of highlighting how Indian related to the brand as a cool relief.  If you meant refreshment you meant Coca Cola.  Instrumental in establishing Coca Cola as a brand in India.
  12. 12. Coca Cola India Marketing Strategy  Bollywood stars endorsing the brand - Karisma Kapoor, Aamir Khan, Hrithik Roshan and Aishwarya Rai  Post 2003, next 5 years - “Cola War” with rivals Pepsi aggressive marketing campaign - Coca Cola roped in 15 celebrities against 8 of Pepsi.  To counter all negative complaints coke Post 2009 - adopted the “Global happiness” campaign - experimented with different kinds of images •Ad campaigns like “Saath Khao Khushiyaan Badao” -projected as a beverage enjoyed by the entire family together
  13. 13. Coca Cola India Marketing Strategy  “Umeedon whale Dhoop, sunshine Wali Asha” ad launched in the year 2012  Sells hope for better tomorrow and shows that every and any dream is achievable .  Also roped in Sachin Tendulkar, as a “happiness brand ambassador” to support various CSR initiatives the brand is undertaking
  14. 14. Coca Cola India Marketing Strategy  Besides Flagship coke ad campaign, the brand has focused upon positioning other umbrella brands i.e Thumbs Up , Limca , sprite and Fanta etc.  Thumbs Up India  branded as ‘Manly drink‘ in India since year 1993  roped in Salman Khan as the brand ambassador  Coca Cola India has partnered with Salman Khan’s Charitable foundation “Being Human“ and would be involved in various philanthropic initiates of the brands  Brand Fanta  Zyada Fanta Zyada Fun’ tagline  Bollywood actress Asin currently endorses the brand  Projected as a fun youth brand and celebrities the energy of young individuals  Ads are usually humorous and perky  Fanta has occupied a strong market place  Is identified as the “The Fun Catalyst”.
  15. 15. Promotion in India  In order to add local flavour in its advertisements and     promotional activities, Coca Cola has collaborated with established Stars and Programmers (Daler Mehndi). Coca-Cola also connected with movies such as ‘Taal’, ‘Dil Ka Rishta’, ‘Yaadein’ etc The company has understood the importance of festivals in the Indian Culture and has taken lot of initiatives in this regard. Coca-Cola has an enduring affiliation with cricket which is the most beloved game for Indians. Hindi being the national language and the most spoken language in the country, most of the company’s advertisements are broadcasted in Hindi language.
  16. 16. Promotion in India – Ad Campaign Title: 'Come home this Diwali‘ Campaign Brief: Build a high impact, high intensity wide spread campaign. Deploy multiple innovations in conjunction with standard outdoor media formats. Create high visibility brand presence at ambient locations. Create an air of festivity & celebration through various lighting & format based execution.
  17. 17. Promotional Mix
  18. 18. Advertising  As a part of ‘pull strategy’ and also due to intense competition spends heavily on advertisements.  Concept of aggressive advertising to promote products used  Important tool to cater to mass markets  Mainly does national advertising  Introduce different themes and concepts to sell their product  Advertises mainly in electronic media and out of home advertising  Advertisements build brand image and create awareness  Use big names of Indian film industry as the brand ambassadors of the Company  Created memorable and catchy slogan since years E.g. Thanda Matlab Cola-Cola, Jo chaho ho jae Cola-Cola enjoy, Coca-Cola-Piyo sir utha ke, Brrrrrrr!!!
  19. 19. ADVERTISEMENT OBJECTIVE  Type of advertising it adopts is reminder type.  The reason behind this fact is that coke is such a product that is at the maturity level currently so for such a product companies mostly go for reminder type of advertisement so that they can penetrate more and more and same is the case with Coke.
  20. 20. SETTING OF ADVERTISING BUDGET  Sets its advertisement budget on the basis of competitor based budgeting.  Major competitor of Coca Cola is Pepsi and as Coke realizes that Pepsi has increased its advertising budget, straight away Coca-Cola management plans to do the same so that they can compete in advertising department as well.
  21. 21. ADVERTISING STRATEGY  Before creating advertising message the Coca-Cola Company gives lots of time to the factor that the message must gain customer attention.  This is basically called “Clutter Buster” means that only that advertisement will leave impact on customer mind that has some specialty or uniqueness in it.  For example in India Coke slogan “Thanda Matlab Coca-Cola” has gained reasonable customer attention.
  22. 22. Mediums of Advertising  Print Media:  Coca cola is said to have a different print media department.
  23. 23. Coca Cola advertisements all over the world are creative so as to appeal to the mass media.
  24. 24. Coca-cola: "REFRESHING WIND" Print Ad by Mccann Erickson India
  25. 25. Mediums of Advertising  Point of sale Materials:  Merchandising is essential to communicate to the consumer at the point of purchase.  Sales people and delivery personnel both take the additional responsibility of merchandising.  If required special teams are sent to specifically merchandise its products  Includes Posters and stickers displayed in different areas  Vizi coolers, freezers, Display Racks
  26. 26. Mediums of Advertising  TV Commercials:  Regular TV Commercials on different channels  focuses on both rural as well as urban crowd  feature diffrent brand ambassdors from time to time  Try to connect with the crowd  Examples   Reasons to Believe India Brrr Ad Campaign
  27. 27. Mediums of Advertising  Outdoor Advertising:  Very much conscious about their billboards and hoardings  Many sites in different locations for their billboards  Billboards are usually found at cross roads, buildings, shops  In India the Coca-cola can be seen painted on walls, bus stands, dhabas etc focusing in rural areas of India.
  28. 28. Coca-Cola splits advertising pie among Lowe Lintas, Weiden + Kennedy and McCann Erickson ET Bureau Apr 6, 2012, 04.50AM IST NEW DELHI: Brand Coca-Cola now has two of the country's best-known names in creative advertising, Prasoon Joshi and R Balki, to create its campaigns. Coca-Cola India has named Balki-led Lowe Lintas and V Sunil's Weiden + Kennedy as additional advertising agencies to work on the creatives of brand Coke along with its long-standing agency, Prasoon Joshi's McCann Erickson.
  29. 29. Direct Marketing  Uses direct marketing in many ways  It partners with various restaurants, movie theatres, etc. to carry its product  So when a customer orders a drink, the only brand they are offered is Coca-Cola, which forces them to consume that brand itself  Thus Coke forces out the competitors, and keeps the restaurants, or other businesses, purchasing their product over and over again Eg. Mc Donalds, Dominos
  30. 30. Direct Marketing  According to, Coke uses mobile graphics and texts to appeal to markets on a more personal level  Cola also sponsors various sporting events in India and around the world in events like Cricket, Football, and Motor Racing etc
  31. 31. Direct Marketing
  32. 32. Coca-Cola India now with its ecommerce presence  Latest online store,     to provide home delivery First of its kind venture by any FMCG company till date in India Initially services will be available only in Ahmedabad providing free home delivery at minimum order of Rs. 300 Same day delivery is available if ordered before 12 noon Can also make order with mobiles through
  33. 33. Internet Marketing  Uses the internet to promote its products  Company has its own website - simple to navigate  Website allows customers to become interactive through various games, contests, shopping, and through a special section of the website that enables consumers to find out how they can help their community.  Also company uses various social networking sites like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter to connect with the consumers.  Internet marketing helps to reach to those consumers who cant afford to spend time on T.V and are always online.
  34. 34. Internet Marketing
  35. 35. Coca-Cola – Happiness Machine around the world  The “Happiness Machine” video, the result of a collaboration between Coca-Cola and integrated interactive marketing agency Definition 6, features a Coca-Cola vending machine transformed to deliver surprising “doses” of happiness to unsuspecting college students.  In India – Delhi; Thapar University, Patiala; DAV College Chandigarh; colleges in Punjab  Interview with Creators  Goal:  To beef up its digital activation platform  Plan was to release seven different pieces of content, iPhone and social media applications, wallpaper screen savers and a video that would go viral  “The Happiness Machine” web video started out as just a piece of digital content, a dose of happiness
  36. 36. Coca-Cola – Happiness Machine around the world  Spent zero on promoting “The Happiness Machine.” One      status update was posted on Coke’s Facebook Page, one tweet and that was it Within a day the video was picked up by bloggers and it spread from there Coke uploaded the web video to Coke’s YouTube channel on day one In the first week there were one million visits. It hit the top of the viral video chart that week. It was all about the exercise of producing creative video for online distribution Aimed for something the audience would use and enjoy
  37. 37. Coca-Cola tries to bring India, Pakistan together via its new vending machines ET Bureau Mar 21, 2013, 03.09AM IST  Coca-Cola vending machine in upscale mall in South Delhi not only dispenses Coke but will very soon connect India and Pakistan.  Once a similar machine is installed in Karachi or another Pakistan city, users of the two vending machines can see and virtually touch each other  Coca-Cola has quietly launched an online campaign that seeks to connect people in not-so-friendly countries through vending machines, starting with India and Pakistan this year.  "This year, two countries will show that what unites us is stronger than what sets us apart and come together to share a Coca-Cola," says the commercial launched on YouTube.  This world peace initiative is part of the firm's happiness project. "A moment of happiness has the power to bring the world together," it says.
  38. 38. Coca-Cola’s vending machines  Coca-Cola set up a 'hug machine' in Singapore-a vending machine with     red and white message announcing the consumer to 'hug' it, after which the consumer would be given a free Coke. The 'hug machine' generated 112 million impressions within one day. In Istanbul, it had installed a vending machine that gave away free Coke if people could prove they were indeed a couple. Coca-Cola is spending heavily on social media globally, though the spends are still small compared to what it spends on traditional mass media. "Brands can't work remotely anymore so it is important to listen and engage to consumers," Wendy Clark, senior VP, integrated marketing communications and capabilities, at Coca-Cola had told ET last month. "We make consumers part of our marketing channel, sharing content and engaging with them all the time," Clark had said, adding that the company was looking at investing in innovative ways to connect on social media.
  39. 39. Sales Promotion  A sales promotion is an activity that is implemented to boost the sales of a product or service temporarily.  It allows price discounts and allowances to distributors and retailers in order to push more products into the market. It employs both push strategy through promotions and pull strategy through advertisements and campaigns.  Coca-Cola does sales promotion in two ways to quickly increase sales.  Consumer - Oriented sales promotion: Getting Shelves Eye Catching Position Under The Crown Scheme  Trade - Oriented sales promotion: Discounts to retailers and stores Return back allowances Merchandising assets Free goods or free tours
  40. 40. Contests  As a mark of the football frenzy that grips the city of Kolkata every four years announced COCA COLA FOOTBALLER HULLOR adding to the fervour of the FIFA World Cup 2010  Inviting paras to show off their passion by decorating their clubs/paras in the theme of their favoured team  Also inviting individuals to show their football mania by dressing up as their favourite footballer  Coca Cola celebration canter is touring the city - visiting paras, asking people to show their passion for football by participating in contests  Contest Winners were gratified with LCD Televisions & Cash Prizes
  41. 41. Publicity  Publicity refers to non personal communications regarding an organization, product, service or idea not directly paid or run under identified sponsorship.  For instance, when Coke produces a new product, and someone on their lunch break purchases that new product, and enjoys it, they will tell others in the office about how great the new product is.  Today, the company can still use word of mouth advantage.  This will cause others to purchase the product, and inturn increase sales.
  42. 42. Public Relations  Public relations is defined as “the management function which      evaluates public attitudes, identifies the policies and procedures of an individual and organization with public interest, and executes a program of action to earn public understanding and acceptance”. Coca-Cola can address law suits, rumors, stories, new products, and activities. There is also a section of the website devoted to investors. Here, current, or future, investors can access financial statements and up-tothe- minute stock information. The Coca-Cola India is also undertaking some projects as a part of their social cause and part of the corporate social responsibility. The support my school campaign along with NDTV has Sachin Tendulkar as the brand ambassador. The project Unnati focuses on more yield of mangoes to farmers. Coca Cola also Sponsors events in cricket and music.
  43. 43. Publicity & Public Relations Sanjay Dutt and Sachin Tendulkar at Coca-Cola India and NDTV 'SUPPORT MY SCHOOL' campaign event at Yash Raj Studios in Andheri, Mumbai
  44. 44. Coca Cola Market PositioningSustainable Community Model  Projects itself as a brand which wants to grow along with the society.  Has undertaken variety of community development projects in rural & urban areas.  One such example is Project Unnati. With a seed investment of $2 million, the project aims at training farmers and has has established about 100 demo farms in the pilot phase with plans to train 50,000 farmers over five years.  Coca Cola India’s Parvartan Program trains local Kirana store owners in good business practices. Similarly in another initiative, Coca cola has distributed Solar water cooler “ekocool” to female retailers in Interior regions of Uttar Pradesh.  According to group head Atul Singh, President and CEO, Coca-Cola India and South West Asia, the company calls it the golden triangle which involves the Government, civil society and the company, making it a win-win situation for all stakeholders.  Developing a highly respectable and trusted Brand In India . The focus of all marketing and branding initiatives of the brand over the year have been to build Consumer confidence and light friendly image .
  45. 45. Sponsorship  Coca-Cola India was the official beverage partner of The Commonwealth Games .  Launched an impactful outdoor campaign in Delhi NCR  45-day campaign rolled out on September 10  Is complemented by CocaCola India also launching its new visual identity system (VIS) and logo for the Games
  46. 46. Sponsorship  Associated with mega sporting events in its efforts to promote healthy, active living and promoting social cohesiveness.  Partnership with sporting events across the world provides an opportunity to enhance brand value, build capabilities and further build upon the employee and system pride in being associated with such sporting events.  By associating with the Commonwealth Games, will have the opportunity to refresh more than 8,000 athletes and delegates and more than 30,000 volunteers who will take part in the Games
  47. 47. Sponsorship
  48. 48. Personal Selling  Has many salespeople, who are individuals representing the company to communicate, sell, service, and build relationships with customers.  These salespeople promote their product to different customers within their regions, and once they sustain a customer, they sell their products to them and service them many times per week.  These individuals form close relationships with the customers in order to continue business with them.  Thus though minimum, the company also thus have many sales people for personal selling.
  49. 49. According to a Survey… Recall through images and taglines Fails to recall Coca Cola Able to recall Coca Cola Conclusion: Coca Cola has a high brand recall 13.33% 86.67 %
  50. 50. According to a Survey… Recall amongst the aerated drinks Pepsi 28% Coca Cola 72% Conclusion: Coca Cola has a large bouquet of offering like Thums Up, Sprite, Fanta, Maaza, Limca, etc which contribute to the aggregate recall of Coca Cola
  51. 51. According to a Survey… Ideal celebrity to endorse Coca Cola 4% 7% 13% 6% Hrithik Roshan Aamir Khan John Abraham Farhan Akhtar Katrina Kaif Mahendra Singh Dhoni No Celebrity 4% 6% 60% Conclusion: Aamir Khan scores far above other celebrities when it comes to endorsing Coca Cola
  52. 52. Celebrity Endorsers
  53. 53. Deductions  Coke has a high brand recall  Coke should not move away from a brand ambassador in India  Aamir Khan is a bigger brand than Coca Cola in India
  54. 54. Net take away Cola is an impulse buy It needs a top-of-the-mind recall Brand ambassadors enhances brand recall Promotion is the most vital driver for the sale of a cola
  55. 55. The Brrr Campaign…  Coca-Cola creates 'Igloos' in Indian malls  Innovative initiative to provide the Brrr....     experience to all their fans and consumers across 18 cities in India Latest communication is based on the Brrr... expression, an inexplicable and spontaneous feeling of upliftment one derives after sipping an icy cold Coca-Cola To further leverage the Brrr... experience among consumers, Coca-Cola India has set up igloo across key malls The activation started from 9th April, 2011 and continued across the country till mid May The temperature inside the igloo has been kept very low even in this unbearable Indian summer with the help of 9 tonnes of air conditioning
  56. 56. The Brrr… Campaign  Objective of this initiative  The epitome of the feeling of cold that Brrr... visually depicts.  giving its consumers a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to experience an icy-cold atmosphere in summer.  Part of integrated marketing communication.  On-ground activation across all key markets aims to connect with the consumer at the ground level and create a real Brrr.... experience for all.  A video booth has been setup in the igloos that record consumers going Brrr....  The consumer is handed over a bottle of ice cold Coca-Cola inside the igloo and his instant reaction (Brrr... expression) is captured on camera with the help of a video booth.  Special Brrr... troupes have been placed at each mall in each city to execute the activation  The key cities where the campaign has been executed are Mumbai, Delhi, Lucknow, Chennai, Chandigarh, Ahmedabad etc.
  57. 57. Conclusion  For any company to reach the peak in today’s competitive era, has to use each and every component of the promotional mix.  By understanding Coca-Cola we can say it the company is using its promotional mix in an effective and efficient manner.  That is the reason why Coca-Cola is the market leader and one of the most valuable brands in the whole world.  Apart from being the most valuable brand, it also gives importance to CSR activities.