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pest control services and Bed bugs management to the complete residential and commercial premises with the best quality equipment provided by ISS HICARE advanced and scientific approach in pest control Mumbai, Pest Control Bangalore, India

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Pest Control Services | ISSHIcare

  1. 1. Our Services:INTELLIGEL (CMS) – Cockroaches, Ants, Silverfish, Spiders & PsocidsRODEX ( RMS) – Rats & MiceTERMIN – 8 (TMS) - TermitesBED BUG MANAGEMENT SERVICE (BBMS) – Bed BugsWOOD BORER MANAGEMENT SERVICE(WBMS ) – Wood BorerGENERAL PEST MANAGEMENT SERVICE (GPMS) – Vectors, Flies, Ants &Cockroaches
  2. 2. INTELLIGEL (COCKROACH MANAGEMENT SERVICE) COCKROACHES, ANTS, SILVERFISH, SPIDERS & PSOCIDS Target Hazards: Advantages: Pests: • Transmission of • Completely Odorless • Roaches diseases • Highly Effective • Ants • Food Contamination • Hassel Free Application • Silverfish • Asthma, diarrhea • Pest Protection • Spiders • Insanitary Condition • MSDS • PsocidsControl Method:• Gel Baiting – Long lasting & effective gel to control infestation for a longer period• Residual Spray – Reduces infestation immediately
  3. 3. TERMIN -8 (TERMITE MANAGEMENT SERVICE) – TERMITES Target Hazard: Advantages: Pest: • Creates Nuisance • Long Lasting Effect • Termite • Completely Odorless Value • Hassle Free • Damages Property & • MSDS FurniturePre–Construction Treatments Post Construction TreatmentsTreatment in and around the perimeter Treatment along the foundations wallsTreatment of top surface of Plinth filling Treatment at the junction of wall / FloorTreatment of soil surrounding Pipes / Ducts Treatment of voids in masonryTreatment for Expansion joints Treatments for Junction of Wall & Floor Treatment at points of contact of fixed woodwork
  4. 4. RODEX (RODENT MANAGEMENT SERVICE) – RATS & MICE Target Hazard: Advantages: Pest: • Infestation & • Completely Odorless • Rats Contamination treatment • Mice • Loss of Property • Reduces the infestation • Bandicoots • Creates Nuisance immediately ValueControl Method:• Baiting – For immediate control• Glue Boards – Line of control using Glue boards depending on the level ofinfestation
  5. 5. BBMS (BEDBUG MANAGEMENT SERVICE) – BED BUGS Target Hazards: Advantages: Pest: • Nuisance Value • Long Lasting Effect • Bed Bugs • Dermal Allergy • Completely Odorless • Restless Sleep • Hassle Free • Itching ProblemsControl Method:Water based treatment - For cloth materials like bed sheet, pillow cover, curtains and etc.Oil bound spray treatment - For wooden articles like cot, chairs, electric switchboards, equipments, metallic items
  6. 6. WBMS (WOOD BORER MANAGEMENT SERVICE) – WOOD BORER Target Hazards: Advantages: Pest: • Nuisance Value • Long Lasting Effect • Bed Bugs • Dermal Allergy on • Hassle Free contact • MSDS • Damages wooden furnitureControl Method:• Identification of the infestation areas with chalk• Injecting each hole with chemical till it becomes saturated• Then closing all the treated holes with wax
  7. 7. GPMS (GENERAL PEST MANAGEMENT SERVICE) VECTORS, FLIES, ANTS ,COCKROACHES & RATS Hazards: Advantages:Target Pest: • Hazardous work • Long Lasting Effect• Vectors environment • Hassle Free• Flies • Dermal Allergy • MSDS• Ants• Cockroaches • Damages furniture• RatsControl Method:• Spray of odorless water based infectants to control infestation• Various type of Pest can be controlled
  8. 8. Success storyDelhi Airport• One of the most satisfied customer..servingsince last 3 years without any major complaint• Got reward from GMR• Manpower deployment as per IPM strategyParliament• One of our prestigious client• Serving since last 4 years without any majorcomplaintRadisson Hotel• Serving since last 4 years• Getting referral• Best score during the HACCP audit
  9. 9. GMR Airport – Hyderabad l LSG Sky Chef India l Columbia Asia Hospital Taj Vivanta Hotel l Biocon, Bangalore l Taj Wellington Mews, MumbaiHP (Hewlett Packard) l British High Commission l Infosys Technologies Ltd.Renaissance Hotel l The Leela Kempinski l Torrent Power Ltd. l Hotel Hilton Asian Heart Hospital l UB Group l Ramee Group of Hotel l Taj Vivanta Taj Connemara l Hotel Imperial Palace l Hatsun Agro Products Ltd.
  10. 10. SMS HICARE to 58888 Call 3988 9988 www.isshicare.comEmail: Thanks!