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Charles worth


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Charles worth

  2. 2. INTRODUCTION Charles Frederick Worth: October 13,1825 – March 10, 1895 The Father of Haute Couture. He was thefounder of Paris Haute Couture. English-born fashion designer of the 19thcentury.
  3. 3.  Worth was a gifted designer. had a clear understanding of the times. dressed both royalty and high society Also designed dresses for actresses SarahBernhardt and Eleonora Duse.Sarah BernhardtEleonora Duse
  4. 4. HISTORY ANDEVOLUTION Charles Frederick Worth was born in Bourne, Lincolnshire,England in 1825 and from the age of 13 he worked in the dressgoods firm of Swan and Edgar. When not yet 20, he set out for Paris. He joined MaisonGagelin, making silk coats and shawls. There he met Marie Vernet, a young woman of eleganceand charm, fell in love and married.Marie Vernet
  5. 5.  Paris, at that time, was full offemale dressmakers whoindulged in random frivolity. Worth realized that aestheticperfection must be built on afoundation of technicalexcellence. He was the first to sign hiswork and the word"couturier" had to beinvented for him.
  6. 6.  made the Paris’ first true couture house. re-defined the nature of the relationship betweenthe garments purchaser and its maker. Before him, even the most skilled and talenteddressmakers were regarded as servants in circlesthat determined social prestige, placed much lowern the social ladder than painters or architects.
  7. 7. CHARACTERISTICS he was a man, a couturier, successfully imposinghimself on the hitherto female and low-prestige worldof the dressmaker he was able to get his clients to come to his house,rather than the other way around, just as a patronmight visit an artists studio. proved himself a master, not only of formal courtclothing but also of the more witty, fanciful and oftenhistorically-based show costumes, modelled on famouspaints or commissioned for masquerade balls. He wascatering for those who liked to be conspicuous.
  8. 8. HIS STYLEWorth used beautiful and luxurious fabricsfor his dresses, and he trimmed them withrich decoration, such as fringe, lace, braid,and tassels made of pearls.His many important contributions todesign included an ankle-length walkingskirt, shockingly short for its time, and theprincess gown, a waist-less dress that hungsimple and straight in the front whiledraping in full pleats in the back.
  9. 9. HIS CONTRIBUTION He enlisted the aid of the Princess de Metternich to launch anew shape. He flattened the skirt in front and swept thefullness around to the back, forming a bustle. This new shape caught on fast, and by the1880s became almost architectural.Princess de Metternich
  13. 13. HAUTECOUTURE!Worths ideas came at a time when clothing factories anddepartment stores were new developments, and they combinedwell to create a new concept in fashion called ready-to-wearclothing. For the first time, people could simply go to a storeand buy the latest fashions, and "haute couture" style was nolonger only available to the rich.
  14. 14. THE LEGACYCONTINUES……. He died in 1895 and passed Maison Worth on to hissons Gaston, who ran finances and Jean Philippe, whowas the designer
  15. 15. THANK YOU!